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DFO request for public input regarding observer distance from seal kill

February 17, 2007 | Seals

Addressing Canada's seal regs from a vegan perspective

To the Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

On behalf of Friends of Animals, an international organization with offices in Canada and the U.S., I hereby respond to your call for comments on the suitability of increasing the space legally allowed between observers and the government-sanctioned seal killing off the Newfoundland and surrounding coastal areas.

Our view is this: The distance is irrelevant. We want it to be known that there is nothing left to document. Little if anything has ever been accomplished from efforts to document this killing event. We do not need more degrading footage of people killing seals. The time has come to support residents of a depressed economy in ways that acknowledge both the inherent worth of human beings and the lives of sea animals.

The question is not if the killing is cruel, or how cruel the killing is. The question is when the government of Canada will stop issuing quotas and rules and using the seals as substitutes for a real economic solution to the situation of coastal residents. Filming the kill and issuing penalties against the people engaged to carry it out does not address the root problem but instead exacerbates it.

This pointless deliberation over rules and regulations is another waste of Canadian resources that would be better directed into the provisions of real economic and social solutions.

Dave Shiskoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals


The horribly inhumane slaughter of seals is Canada's most disgraceful shame to this day. People in every country are disgusted and revulsed by this needless animal cruelty. Put an end to it now. I will continue to support all boycotts of Canadian products and refrain from travel to Canada so long as the seal slaughter is allowed to continue.

Human beings created the messes and hardships that our planet (and it's wild residents) face today. Therefore, it has to be the "human" beings that fix them. There has got to be a better way to help the economic growth of the canadian people instead of this senseless, inhumane murdering of pup seals. It is time for a change folks and change does not come easy......but in the end it is what we all must to do preserve all living species and habitats.

All nations must strive toward an economy that recognizes the dignity of peoples and the sanctity of life. Please end this cruel and unnecessary practice. No further documentation is required to see what must end.

Shame on you Canada!! I too will not be visiting you anytime soon. Nor will I or my family be buying anything Canadian. Time for you to make some changes. J.Kelly

For the Canadian Government to spend, apparently direly needed, money ...and tie up funds... just to keep witnesses a bit further away from the atrocity of bludgeoning defenseless seal pups - makes their argument disingenuous. If a government is using the excuse of needing to boost their economy by this reprehensible slaughter then they shouldn't be wasting money ...for such a frivolous technicality.

What will it take for 'human' beings to realize that ALL of life is sacred & learn once and for all to stop the senseless slaughter of vulnerable animal souls. We MUST respect other forms of life and live together in harmony for the betterment of this planet, otherwise what you give out, my dear CANADA, will definitely return to you - in one negative way or another.

As human beings it is our responsibility to nuture the planet and all living creatures that live here. WE are not doing that. We claim to be much more advanced than other animals, yet we continue to slaughter other animals for our benefit. It's time to wake up and do the job that God has called us to do. Wake up this point, you are a real disappointment!

I like the position taken by FOA. The information has been gathered and disseminated, now the informed must consider it and act. I wonder if Canadians are ready yet to put this to a vote. I'd like to see them pursue legislative remedies, both to protect seals from slaughter, and to stimulate economic growth - possibly also to subsidize until the economy can sustain its population, while evolving away from such early-human survival tactics.

stop the slaughter of these beautiful creatures ..enough is enough...end it (canada) should be ashamed of yourselves

The FOA letter makes some valid points. We know the killings are brutal, but they won't stop if they don't have another source of income. I don't know much about their economy, or opportunities to change it, but I wish they would work on finding other means of support. Or if and when they do hunt seals, that it's done in a humane manner.


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