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Wolf control effort fails to hit target

May 03, 2006 | Wolves / Alaska Boycott
By Tim Mowry, published in Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on May 3, 2006

The high price of fuel is just one reason the number of wolves taken in the state's aerial wolf-control program this winter was lower than expected, according to state wildlife officials.

While they still have two days to report wolves taken before the program ended on April 30, aerial gunners had reported taking 153 wolves in five areas of the state this winter as of Tuesday. State wildlife officials were aiming for a harvest of up to 400 wolves.

Bad weather, a court ruling that halted the entire program for a week in January and a closure in Game Management Unit 16B west of Anchorage during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race also conspired against aerial wolf hunters.


It didn't help that hunters lost two prime weeks to suspensions in the program in Unit 16B. The program was shut down for a week in January as a result of a court ruling in a lawsuit by Connecticut-based animal rights group Friends of Animals and it was halted for another week in early March for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, which runs through Unit 16B.


Friends of Animals, which has led the attack against the state's predator control program, will keep up the fight, executive director Priscilla Feral said.

The group is considering another lawsuit depending on what the state Board of Game does in a special meeting May 12-14 in Anchorage. The Game Board will be taking up several proposals it tabled during a March meeting in Fairbanks that would expand or add areas to its current wolf-control program.

"We will continue to intervene," Feral said.

Friends of Animals has been running ads in several major magazines, as well as the nation's largest newspaper, USA Today, to bring attention to Alaska's wolf-killing program, Feral said.

"If you shoot wolves to save moose and then you shoot the moose, you're either out of your mind or in Alaska," the ad says above a pack of wolves in a snowfield.

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What is wrong with you people gunning down wolves?? What or shall I say who's next? I thought Alaska was the place to go to see the wildlife. If you don't want them around, MOVE!!! They were put on this earth just like we were. ...Friends of animals, thank you for fighting for these beautiful creatures. Bless you, Kristy

[Blog editor's note: Alaska's wolf-killing pundit, Mike Dubo has returned with bravado and advice for any would-be tourists. We'll be sure to apprise them of Mike's contempt for their inclinations to spend money in Alaska. Lucid point. Folks don't travel to Alaska to view dead wolves anyway. ] hey what's wrong with you guys? your alaska boycott is not working!!! it's only may and we are already up to our eyeballs in tourists!!! my guess is that nobody listens to you. maybe you could show up in person and straighten out all those tourists. we locals could use the laughs as we are sewing our new wolf hats and parkas

I just don't get people!!! How can someone find pleasure in killing helpless animals. We invaild their lives with all the construction. Friends of animals keep up the good work. I will spread the word too.

While visiting my daughter, I came across your ad about Alaska. Please remember that Alaska is a state that has a lot subsistance hunters. They will eat Moose, not wolves. If a higher moose population results in more out of state hunters, the locals still end up with a lot of the meat. They don't have a Safeway down the block to shop in. They need to have a sufficent supply of meat to get them through the winter. I will enjoy my two visits to Alaska this year. Remember that the sportsman was the original conservationist. My fishing license fees in Calif., Oregon, and Alaska will benifit the wildlife of these states. As well as my contributions to Trout Unlimited. Thanks for hearing my viewpoint. Jim Young, Napa, CA Friends of Animals comments: "A sufficient quantity of meat to get through the winter" is equal to zero. And certainly, no wildlife caught on a hook benefits from the experience. If the "sportsman" is the "original conservationist", then they have done a terrible job.

Its complete arrogance to kill innocent animals, we aren't the only creatures on this planet but at the rate we are going we are going to be. its not worth it !it makes me soo sad that sooo many animals are being killed needlessly. Human's cruelty knows no bounds.

Alaska and Alaskans are sick. Wolves are the highest expression of God's love in the world. Not second highest: highest. God is a dog. Love dogs? Dogs and wolves are the same. Farley Mowat proved decades ago that wolves don't hurt moose etc. They're good for them: unlike hunters they cull the weak sick and slow. Alaskans kill wolves only for love of killing period.

I just submitted a picture to the Boycott Alaska article and then I took its advice by emailing the head fish and game division of Alaska telling them that I am ashamed and until they stop the aerial wolf control program, I will not consider them as a part of our country. Keep it up and some day we will succeed in protecting the most beautiful creature on this planet. Thank you so much!!!!! emily

What city do you live in? Who/what was there before you? Where did it go? Wolves don't hurt moose? What about the calves that are killed each year by wolves and bears? I've seen a black bear take a moose calf away from its mother. Dont forget that domestic animals were not domestic at one point in time. We made them that way. Just like other animals can be made to not fear humans. I can tell that some of you put no common sense into anything you say. A dog on a chain watches as the world goes by. How many here own cats or dogs? How many here kill fly's if they are in your house? What hypocrisy!! Friends of Animals comments: The earlier comment that "wolves don’t hurt moose" is from Farley's research showing that wolves don't hurt moose populations, but strengthen the moose herd though the process of natural selection. It is then absurd to kill wolves to save moose only to kill moose. The wolf and moose are carefully matched predator and prey -- matched through the process of natural selection over thousands of years. Neither is a match for the modern human hunter. The natural coexistence between wolf and moose is being disrupted by the unnatural interference of human hunters.

Friends of Animals, I notice you didn't address my entire post, wonder why? Did Farley take into account the bears and cougars that kill moose every year? Or are, according to Farley, the only thing that hunts moose, elk or deer just wolves? Natural Coexistence? Ok, lets look at natural coexistence. What did Mr. Darwin have to say about all that? Hmmm, wasn't it something about the strong surviving? How about squishing a bug if its in your house? Aren't you the strong surviving? Again I say, what hypocrisy! Whats worse, the fool or the fool that follows him? And before anyone trys to out me, guess what? I'm a PETA member! I just don't let someone think for me. Friends of Animals comments: Actually, my first guess was that you were a Peta member. Second guess, a deranged hunter. Who else would dare offer such a foolish summation of Darwin's evolutionary theory as "the strong survive"? Take insects, certainly not "strong", but one of the most successful families of species on Earth. Think twice before you squish that "weak" bug -- it is your evolutionary superior -- perhaps your intellectual superior as well. Bob Orabona Operations Director

Well, gee whiz...I have never shot an animal in my life and I'm an Alaskan!! I find it quite interesting that the host of this site finds it suitable to [expletive deleted] on those who speak out against the common thread here, but says nothing when people say crap like " Alaska and Alaskans are sick"...what the heck? I understand why there is a wolf hunt, that doesnt mean I or many others condone it. Wolves truly do impact the moose population which is a valuable food resource for many people here, why are people so upset? On the other hand, bears also impact the moose population in Alaska...they are routinely killed and eaten too..did you know that? tell me ...are all of us meat eaters just pond scum in your view? [Blog editors' note: Many Alaskans want a regime change in the governor's office, an end to aerial wolf control, and violence that passes as bear control. Others are vegetarian. Some tire of moose being referred to as "food resources" for residents who have access to grocery stores, restaurants and modern conveniences. And some think that hunter- residents are chronic complainers, who spend too much time defending bad behavior.]


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