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Update on Connecticut Alert

March 23, 2006 | Legislature / Take Action

This important update is on status of two bills before the Connecticut General Assembly, "An Act Concerning Monk Parakeets" and "An Act Concerning Limited Sunday Hunting."

The first bill, which would protect Monk Parakeets from being captured or killed, could be in trouble if it is not approved by the General Assembly's Judiciary Committee. H.B. 5804, "An Act Concerning Monk Parakeets and Hearings Prior to the Euthanization of Dogs," has been given the designation File No. 404. On March 20, the General Assembly's Environment Committee unanimously approved the bill, however, on April 11 the bill was sent to the Judiciary Committee.

Please contact the Judiciary Committee Co-Chairs Rep. Mike Lawlor ( and Senator Andrew McDonald ( and urge them to quickly vote yes on File 404 so it can be voted on the House floor. Please pass this urgent message along, especially to East Haven residents living in Rep. Lawlor's District, and Stamford and Darien residents living in Senator McDonald's District. Also, contact your own state legislators to support this bill.

Also on April 11, the second bill, which would allow bow-hunting on private land on Sunday, was passed by the Senate. S.B. 605, "An Act Concerning Limited Sunday Hunting," will now go to the House. The bill title implies the Sunday deer-killing will be limited to private land away from public view, but deer shot with arrows on private land will run up to two miles before they die. We already see wounded deer flee into residential roads and neighborhoods six days a week; Connecticut residents shouldn't be subjected to this harrowing scene any day of the week "“ let alone everyday of the week, five months out of the year.

Please urge your Representative to vote against S.B. 605. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has worked to continually liberalize state hunting laws each year since the passage of the Deer Management Act in 1974. Hunting in the state needs to be eliminated, not expanded. You can find your Representative by looking up your town at or locate your representative by zip code at


Anybody in this great State of Connecticut who has even a tiny bit of common sense and half a brain in their head knows that the deer population is out of control(especially in Fairfield County), so I think the hunters and Animal Rights activists should come to an agreement about controlling the deer population. Being a hunter myself, I suggest that we eliminate hunting and restore the deer's natural predators. I think we should reintroduce wolves and cougars back into Connecticut, starting in Greenwich. [Blog editors' note: Control yourself, Jon, and get some time away from those instructional "How to think like a nimrod" articles in NRA magazines. ]

To all the animal rights people who think they know more then the D E P bioligist think again ! We screwed up mother nature's plan by removing the preditors. It's do the job our selves or mother nature will find an even nastier way of keeping the natural balance, think about it, or prove me wrong!!

Anti-hunters are a great example of the misdirection this country has taken due to opinions of sheltered, ignorance. Anyway, If any of you eat meat or eggs... (I can't even continue this sentence; how do you talk sense to senseless people.) Keep sipping your lattes and shut your mouths. FoA comments: I suppose the reason why you can't finish that sentence is because you have your foot in your mouth and it is causing difficulty in talking and thinking as well. FoA is a vegan organization -- no meat, no eggs and no dairy lattes.

It seems that the comments made on this subject are made without research and knowledge of the subject at hand. The comments here show that there is a lack of acceptance to the fact that animals are not hunted for pure pleasure. The CT DEP has one of the hardest jobs in the state and not only do they have keep everyone safe but they have to make it possible that people in the state can hunt for food while keeping populations of wildlife at a certain level in order for they populations to be healthy in the wild. The CT DEP has to create a hunting season that allows hunters to harvest certain game wildlife but only in certain amounts while also making sure that the population will reproduce well enough to make it through the years at the harvest rate. So instead of sitting back saying that everyone that is a hunter is a big killing lunatic, people should start supporting the cause that CT DEP has taken because they clearly spend the most time and effort in the conservation of the states wildlife! Hunters contribute plenty of money to the conservations efforts in the state and so should the non-hunters. If anyone has any comments or even questions regarding this issue and maybe if anyone wants more information so that they can be educated in this subject please feel free to let me know. Thanks. FoA comments: If the DEP is providing such a valuable and essential service, why aren't its supporters willing to pay directly for it rather than forcing the taxpayers to pay? Check your facts -- until the CT DEP started to manipulate the deer population for the benefit of hunters, the deer population in Connecticut was quite low. People that choose to kill when there are alternatives to it probably do fall into that large catch-all category of "lunatics". In case anyone doesn't know this, "DEP" stands for the Department of Environmental Protection. Now take a look at the quality of the environment in Connecticut and tell me how well the DEP is protecting it? Seems they are spending too much of their time and too much of taxpayers' money on "clearly spend(ing) the most time and effort in the conservation of the states wildlife! "


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