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Photos from the 2006 International Day of Protest Against Canada's Seal Hunt

March 16, 2006 | Seals

The protest was a great success! We had a huge turnout, with over 200 supporters who came out today-handing out all our flyers and getting all the postcards filled out by passerby. I was interviewed on camera by an AP reporter, so be on the lookout for coverage on TV. Nellie Mckay, the singer/songwriter/animal activist came to the protest and she was leading chants on the megaphone, and Joan (FoA staff) also led chants in five languages to represent the International support for the seals.

Photos by Edita Birnkrant.

Seal protest takes up entire NYC block
2006 seal protest, NYC
Nellie Mckay at the 2006 protest, NYC.
2006 seal protest, NYC
2006 seal protest, NYC
2006 protest, NYC. Nellie Mckay on megahorn.
2006 seal protest, NYC
Nellie Mckay and others at the 2006 protest, NYC.
2006 seal protest, Vancouver
A protest held in Vancouver, Canada, 2006.

Foreign tourism brought in $18 billion in revenue to Canada in 2004, with a large portion coming from New England visitors. 78 million dollars was spent to boost the tourism industry—a figure far larger than the annual revenues from dead seals ($16.5 million). A foreign-tourism boycott supported by national animal advocacy groups would put pressure where it belongs—on the Canadian government—to end the seal hunt and the federal subsidies that support it.

People throughout the world - especially Canadians - should insist that the Canadian government stop the hunt subsidies immediately. Use the funds to build a real economic foundation for Newfoundlanders. Canada banned whale killing, and the economy adjusted. It's long past time to end the seal hunt. Respect marine life, and Newfoundland's human residents.

Pamela Wallin, Canadian Consulate General
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY, United States 10020-1175
Telephone: 1.212.596.1628
Facsimile: 1.212.596.1790

The Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0A2
Facsimile: 1.613.941.6900


I live in Canada and I'm embarrassed to be a Canadian. What right do we have to act so cruely toward seals or any other creature who live here? what example are we setting to people of other Nations?to children? what are we teaching our children? we are demonstrating that Canadians lack respect, compassion and intelligence toward our country and all living creatures who call Canada their home. If we were intelligent, we would preserve our valuable wildlife and not destroy the beautiful nature and creatures that surrounds us.

I think the seal hunt should be banned and why is Canada which is supposed to be a civilized country, going for this horrendous CRIME???? Please see that this is stopped and NOW!!!!

It is hard for me to even read anything about this. The pictures are the worst!! I just see the mother seals screaming and trying to save they're little babies to no avail!! The government is to blame!! I will not ever go to Canada and I will always make sure my opinion of the government is known!! Imagine a human mother standing over her baby while a hoodlum beats it do death with a club!! How can people do this!! Maybe the higher authority will help like last year and bring on a blizzard so no one can do harm to these precious little lives!!

Regarding the turn-out of several hundred persons at the offices of the Canadian Consulate General in New York City: It was my honor to be in the company of so many selfless people, who gave up lunch breaks, time, energy, to brave cold & wind. Some were seasoned activists. Some were "newbies". All put forth great personal efforts to let Canada know that the annihilation of the seals is simply not acceptable & will not be tolerated, tacitly or otherwise. Not today! Not tomorrow! Never! All who came should give themselves a terrific round of applause. I know I do. Joan Cameron Friends of Animals

I wish that there were words in the English language that I could use to express my fury, frustration, and overwheling sadness that these innocent baby animals are being killed in the most horrific manner all in the name of money and vanity. All I can say is that when I see the images from the seal hunt I get that same gut-in-throat feeling that I do after hearing accounts of the Holocaust. I will do all I can to make people aware of this sickening slaughter. As we all know, apathy will get us nowhere. Melissa Weinhaus

What a horrifying sight to see one of those beautiful creatures having their heads bashed in !!! The image repulses me.. It's amazing how quickly greed and money can turn a human being into a thoughtless killer. Have we not come up with enough less destructive ways to make money??!!! It's frightening to think of just how long before everything beautiful and precious in this world is destroyed. I will do whatever I can to support this cause and help stop these senseless killings. One person can make a small difference, but together we can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

I was at the protest on March 15th in New York. Yes, many came to support the cause but sadly many of the volunteers who tried valiantly to rally the cause were met with ignorance and indifference. In fact, I saw several women who passed in front of me wearing fur coats who did not even flinch at the message volunteers were trying to broadcast. Protesting is not enough. We must ban all things Canadian - no products, no tourism, no using their airlines...nothing that will bolster their economy until this insanity stops. NO ONE should be able to put their head down on a pillow to sleep at night during these hunting days when these poor souls are victimized so mercilessly. Talk to whomever you know, email anyone you know, spread the word any way you can. These little creatures have no voice other than ours to protect them...

I cannot help but just shake my head at you people. It is clearly obvious to me that you are misinformed. Do you realize the great majority of seals are shot? You want to believe that archaic and savage hunters are out there blindly clubbing them at will, and that is not the case. I wonder why you people aren't outraged with all the sportfishing...clubbing fish over the head, hooking them in the eye and later having it ripped out, and returning the fish to the it because they're not "cute and cuddly?" Were you also aware that the majority of "trophy" hunters that go to Northern Canada are Americans and that most often, those animals are injured before they die? You better get on the bandwagon about that too!! You armchair warriors need to give your heads a shake. [ Blog editors' note: We're aware that you, Patty from Alaska, have a lot of fuzz in your head. For starters, shooting seals damages their skins which are sold for fur, so seal-killers club the seal pups on the ice floes when they can not swim away. Your view of trophy hunters is also bizarre. And then you imagine Friends of Animals advances fishing tournaments, or some such thing. Wrong on all accounts. ]

Bravo to each of you who have chosen to fight this horrible injustice to hummanity. Each of us will face GOD one day for our judgement, and may our FATHER in heaven have mercy on those who allow this criminal act to continue. Until that day comes for each of us, we are all EXPECTED to do what is right in the eyes of GOD. It must pain HIM to witness this shameful act on his animals. Boycott tourism and other products in Canada,.Don't buy any seal products of any kind. Most of all, boycott the imports from Norway, Russia and China. Get ready to embarass Canada in 2010 as the world can witness what aweful leaders they have. Keep up the fight!

Alaskan's that care need help! The Game Management here wants to expand the wolf kill program into the Mat-Su area. They would allow "hunters" to chase down wolves using snow machines. The wolf population in this area is only estimated to be about 30-40 wolves. This is an etremely low population in contrast in the size of the area and the wolves are already under stress by loss of habitat. The reason they want to kill more wolves is for the sole purpose of making it easier for hunters to kill more moose. A wolf population that low would have virtually no impact on the moose population. The moose population is down due to overhunting by humans, illegal hunting, loss of habitat and being hit by cars (over 200 moose are killed each year by vehicles in this area). Alaskans voted "No" twice to these wolf kill programs, but our government (like so many others) seems to no longer work for "The People" and only listens to those businesses that give the most money to their campaigns. The fact that there are so many other truly bad things happening here and around the county has put this issue pretty low on the list of things to worry about. Over 200 wolves have been shot this winter. {Blog editors' note: Aerial hunters have shot more than 100 wolves. Others are blasted on the ground and trapped. It's deplorable and then a glut of Alaskans who represent a minority press for more violence, and get a Board of Game to deliver it all. What a culture; what a disgrace.