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Are They Out of Their Minds in Alaska?

March 08, 2006 | Wolves / Alaska Boycott

You've probably heard about it: They hunt wolves from the air in Alaska. Friends of Animals sued on behalf of the wolves, and in the interest of bringing sanity to Alaska. And the Superior Court said the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme was breaking the law. But within days, the Board of Game concocted new rules. Hunters are back up in the air -- and out of their minds.

That's why, beginning in the 13 March edition of USA Today, the world will see advertisements reading "If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose, you're either out of your mind or in Alaska."

Advertisements will also run in other high-profile publications, including The Nation (3 April), The Progressive (May), and Harper's (May).

wolf ad by Friends of Animals
Boycott Alaska ad, appearing in USA Today on Monday, March 13, 2006

"Aerial wolf-shooting has long been a thrill-seeking opportunity," said Priscilla Feral, Friends of Animals president. "But Board of Game members insist that there's a reason for what they enable."

And here it is: Wolves must be gunned down to stop them from killing moose. That way, later on, other hunters can kill the moose. And this is why they're aiming for 400 more wolves this spring.

You can help. Stay in your right mind, and pledge to avoid travel to Alaska.

A gallery of wolf supporters have converged at So far, a hundred people have posted their photos, and more are coming each day to declare: "We'd rather be here than in Alaska." Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically at the Boycott Alaska web site.


It is so sickening that you people have no idea about what is going on here in Alaska. Caribou and moose populations in some areas have dropped by 65% because of wolf predation. If you don't live here, stay the hell out of our business. [Blog editors' note: Alaska's treatment of wolves is, indeed, our business; free-living wolves don't belong to Alaska or any other state. The world community has something to say about Alaska's draconinan measures known as predator control. As The New York Times editorialized: "There's nothing sporting about deploying an air force to hunt animals." ]

i can not believe what is going on in alaska. killing innocent animals as one person said they are gods creatures. he put them on earth just like humans.i cannot understand how a person can aim a gun at an animal who just looks for food like we do. they are mean mean people, can they sleep at night i hope not. alaska is a mean state that allows this to go on. you need a lot of petitions and the governor of alaska is a person who should do kindly deeds instead of thinking about killing innocent creatures. it makes me sick at heart. i have a cat who i adore and is better than a lot of people.

Have a heart Governor Murkowski. The animals belong to God, not you.

My son-in-law and daughter wanted to take a cruise to Alaska but my granddaughter and I convinced them that we would rather be ANYWHERE BUT ALASKA until they stop shooting wolves.

a good place to post them would be vancouver, b.c. the cruise ships head out of here to go to alaska. but, you know, i do not think there is much respect in alaska or the yukon for animals. there never has been and there never will be. people have a certain romantic notion about alaska and the yukon. in canada, our romantic notion is newfoundland. however, that might be about to change drastically.

Listen Up. Fur is evil! Used to people HAD to wear fur coats to keep warm same with meat now they do it for fashion! You know you sit down with your little kid watching 101 Dalmatians and feeling all bad for those puppies then you go out to eat later with your fur coat on. HELLO -- Anyone that wears fur needs some help because it is not right! Animals have feelings Recently me and my best friend were at the mall this crazy woman walked by advertising a fur shop and wearing fur herself. She asked my mom if she wanted a brochure my mom was about to say NO! because she is against fur too but me and my friend told her to get lost! Then we put on a play about how mean fur is!

I just hope this can be stop.I Don't like to see Animals made into coats.I would Never wear a coat made out an Animal.

If we boycott Alaska, we wont be accomplishing much. What we need to do is go to Alaska and have the laws changed. Through petitions, advertisements, assemblies, and boycotts of the individual outlets. [ Blog editors' note: A tourism boycott of Alaska in 1992 prompted the governor to halt the wolf control program. The next governor may be inclined to bag it, too. The tourism industry is worth $2 billion to Alaska and tourists travel there to see live, not dead free-living animals. Meanwhile, legal challenges, ads and other interventions are ongoing, and we're also not inclined to reward the state with sitting on our laurels while the Arctic Refuge is plundered for oil.]

As an animal lover and protector, I think this attack on wildlife is disgusting. They may walk on all fours but they can see, hear, and HURT the same way we do. Believe it or not they have feelings. They love, nurture, and care the same way that a human cares for their mate or young.

It has always amazed me how the Sacred Wild Life, brings out the best and the WORST in we 2 legged humans. I once again join the Boycott, as do my friends and associates. We do not wish to support: March Madness in Alaska!!! Thank You for the full page ad, and the legal hours put in on behalf of all wildlife...but especially these wolves. One HOWL is heard around the globe. I hope the voice of sanity wins!!! [Blog editors' note: Abundant thanks to you, Ramona, in return.]


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