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Wolves Win!

January 17, 2006 | Wolves
Today, the seventeenth of January, 2006, the Superior Court of Alaska decided that the state's aerial shooting of wolves is illegal. Friends of Animals initiated this lawsuit on behalf of free-living wolves in November, 2003.

The decision indicates that the state's Board of Game flouted its own regulations when it adopted the wolf control plans to boost caribou and moose populations for human hunters.

Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, said, "We're very pleased. I'm still taking this in right now. I just want to thank the people who have supported us steadfastly and believed in this intervention. Thank you."

Victor van Ballenberghe and Gordon Haber contributed to this success. Related articles can be found here.


To the FOA, you have won the battle but not the war!!!! arial wolf control will start again, and then back to court again and so on and so on, but the good news is that each time wolf control start with all good luck maybe one more dead wolf, and one moose gets to live, before FOA gets it stop again [Blog editor's note: Thanks, Gordon for these psychic revelations, however, we're not at war with the government in Alaska. Morever, change is inevitable, so it's best to get used to this evolutionary concept.]

Words could not describe how happy I am for the wolves who are the rightful hunters of Alaska now and forever!

yes! let them please free to roam their territory!

I am so glad the wolves won!! YAY!

YES! I am so glad they have finally stopped this senseless killing of wolves in Alaska! Now how can we get them to stop the killing of seals in Canada? I am also for outlawing the ability to sell wolf carcasses on Ebay. That is so disgusting! How Alaska can justify the killing of one animal to build up the numbers of another so they can kill them themselves for financial gain is just nuts.


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