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Wolves Win!

January 17, 2006 | Wolves
Today, the seventeenth of January, 2006, the Superior Court of Alaska decided that the state's aerial shooting of wolves is illegal. Friends of Animals initiated this lawsuit on behalf of free-living wolves in November, 2003.

The decision indicates that the state's Board of Game flouted its own regulations when it adopted the wolf control plans to boost caribou and moose populations for human hunters.

Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, said, "We're very pleased. I'm still taking this in right now. I just want to thank the people who have supported us steadfastly and believed in this intervention. Thank you."

Victor van Ballenberghe and Gordon Haber contributed to this success. Related articles can be found here.


Just when you think it will never happen: A MIRACLE OCCURS! I want to congratulate ALL who have worked on behalf of the wolves...I am sure "They Howl for You!" Many of us, myself included, have spent many years writing letters to all concerned regarding this situation, only to have fallen on deaf ears... Thank you Friends of Animals for helping us all. But most of all for saving the wolves.

Thanks for saving the wolves!!!! I am very happy when I read something like that. We are the voice of all the animals in the world. Thank you !!!! Good job guys.

How can you possibly say that it is wrong for us to kill any animals? By that logic, it's wrong for the wolves to kill other animals as well. Are we supposed to have special education classes to teach them the wonders of a vegan diet? It's absurd. As for "stopping this barbaric killing," which is more barbaric, a clean shot from a rifle, or being savagely mauled by a wolf? The facts are that these wolves are not in any way in danger of extinction. If fact, quite the opposite. And a judge has no authority to decide whether they can be shot or not. This is a matter for elected officials, representing their constituency. What business is it of a bunch of people in Connecticut? You certainly don't have to put up with wolves. Let the Alaskan people make up their own minds and keep your noses out of it. [Blog editors' note: Indeed, it is absurd to expect wolves to adopt a vegan diet, but we're not wolves. It is, nevertheless, rational to educate the human species about the progressive benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. And we fully support the Alaskan people's ability to make up their own minds. However, the exclusion of information, including information from beyond the borders of Alaska, disallows Alaskans the chance to make an informed decision.]

As a proud Canadian who has always loved wolves and advocated for their humane treatment and freedom from cruelty (ie. banning steel leghold traps, eliminating culling), I was thrilled to read about the success of your lawsuit in Alaska! Thank-you so much for all of your hard work on behalf of these beautiful animals, as well as your selfless dedication to the welfare of animals everywhere. Please accept my sincere congratulations and gratitude, as well as that of my fellow Canadians. We share in your love and concern for the animals with whom we share the world, and we thank-you for making it a better place.

Hi- I am an Alaskan. I live in Auke Bay Alaska. The people of Alaska have voted against the Aerial wolf shootings. It was our new Governor Frank Murkowski and the Board of Game that decided how they wanted things to be done and they started up the Aerial wolf hunts again, with total disregard of all the scientific recommendations that were reporting against the use of a predator control program. There is no data that supports the call for the aerial wolf hunts. The real reason the Board of Game wants the aerial wolf hunts is to artificially increase the moose populations for the sake of hunters, and the revenue that is generated for the State of Alaska by the hunters. These are horrible reasons to justify killing anything. I just hope the "Friends of Animals" group will keep on fighting this battle. I fear it's not over yet.

Many are concerned that the increase of the wolf population will jeopardize the lives of caribou and moose. Although this is a valid concern, I feel it is important to step back and see the situation for what it is and be creative with our options. Just as there are organizations to help save the lives of wolves, there are also sister organizations to help conserve and protect moose and carbiou. Murdering one species in order to preserve another is not only immoral but impractical. Nature is out of balnce due to our constant interference with the natural order of things. Thank you, Friends of Animals, for your dazzling tenacity and sparkling compassion.

I completely agree that there should be fewer hunters killing animals in Alaska (how about none?), but the idea that this will result in greater or fewer moose and caribou is less important than the fact that wolves will be able to live free of human persecution for a season, maybe more. I think we can place our trust in nature to provide "wildlife management" when necessary. If we spent as much time managing our own species, we wouldn't need to concern ourselves so much with others. Thanks so much for writing! Alexis Allen Friends of Animals

Score one for the wolves! There should be less hunting licenses issued and fewer hunters killing animals and then we would have plenty of moose and caribou wandering the plains.

Thanks FOA for your persistence. I just wish the world would open their eyes and make new laws to protect all the animals/birds.......There is way to much hunting and needlessly killing of animals/wildlife for reasons that have no basis. Its just to satisfy the hunters, the politicians and so money can be made off permits and building. They use reverse psychology and blame all the animals for everything,just so they can hunt and kill them !! Its the Animals world too!!! They belong here more than people.

My students and I are extremely happy!!! After reading White Fang this year my 8th graders have become obsessed with wolves, we have studied, tracked and adopted wolves ever since November... and we are in a city that does not have a trees.. so to our amazement.. anyone that does have wildlife still around and decides to destroy it.. is INSANE.. we are happy that the wolves have won today :)


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