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Friends of Animals: BOYCOTT IS BACK

February 15, 2006 | Alaska Boycott / Wolves

Darien, Conn -- Friends of Animals just renewed a call to the public to avoid Alaska this travel season.

The recharged boycott follows a ruling by the Superior Court of Alaska that the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme is invalid. Rather than stop the gunning, the state's Board of Game hastily made up new rules and started offering permits again.

Supporters worldwide can endorse the Alaska tourism boycott by joining the "I'd Rather Be Here Than in Alaska" campaign. Photographs of boycott supporters holding signs reading "Boycott Alaska," "I'd Rather Be Here Than in Alaska," and similar statements will be featured on the webpage (to be activated on 17 February 2006).

The idea, brought to the Friends of Animals' blog by Francis Murray of Juneau, Alaska, follows a lawsuit brought by Friends of Animals and individual plaintiffs which temporarily halted Alaska wolf control in January.

On the 17th of January, the airborne hunting permits were recalled following the Superior Court ruling that the Board of Game failed to follow its own regulations. With the permits withdrawn and the hunter-pilot teams grounded, the boycott on travel to Alaska was suspended.

Needless to say, the Board did not appreciate being told "No." On the 29th of January, the Board called an "emergency" meeting. In addition to repealing all requirements and limitations that apply generally to wolf control -- the basis for the Court ruling that the aerial wolf control scheme was invalid -- the Board also barred related public notice and input.

One-hundred fifty-seven gunners and pilots may now get back in the air, chase wolves to exhaustion, and then shoot them. Having already killed nearly 450 wolves under the airborne hunting permits since 2003, Alaska officials want 400 more dead this season.

Friends of Animals' new webpage will unveil the highs and lows where folks would rather be than in Alaska. Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here Than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically on the web site.

Or submit photos by mail to:

Friends of Animals
777 Post Road
Darien, CT U.S. 06820


I applaud you for your work. That animal, the eyes, the heart, the spirit, who in their right minds would want to destroy them. Is there an estimate of how many are left in Alaska? Humans are the ones that need to be controlled. [Blog editors' note: There are several thousand or more wolves who eke out a living in Alaska. Alaska's wildlife agency commonly refers to 7,000 - 10,000 wolves, but they are not counted, deaths are not subtracted, and the population guess comes from trapping extrapolations. ]

On Sunday the Anchorage Daily News posted your planned Boycott, with mention, that in their opinion it did not affect the tourism trade last time....So, maybe if we Boycott all goods coming FROM Alaska...including seafood, hides, bear skulls, soap etc...this might get their attention! Each of these is BIG industry, and maybe they would then get involved. [Blog editors' note: Heavens, yes. Ramona Coyote, you'd better not be touching those skulls and hides. That boycott should be eternal. By the way, one of the moves the Board of Game made in response to the Court's decision of 17 January (that the aerial shooting plans were illegal) was to open up the selling of bear hides!]

I will never set step in Alaska even if my life depended on it. Nor will I ever go to or support Canada. Slaughtering of the seals is just as cruel as the wolf slaughter that Alaska is allowing. What heartless ,gutless people who do this. This is animal cruelty in the extreme. That's all these people are doing is killing for the thrill. They are not helping ANYTHING by doing this except to feed their own EGOS. What ....less men. Thats all they are!! What makes me laugh the most is the excuses they use to kill and why they have to do it. ITS ALL LIES and WE ALL KNOW IT!!!

I participated in "howl-ins" 2 years ago and was overjoyed with this temporary "victory"! It's absolutely heartbreaking that it was so shortlived! My husband and I starting thinking we could plan a cruise to Alaska. BUMMER. Until the aerial hunting stops permanently, my family won't step foot in Alaska! I hope that by the time Murkowski's term(s)is/are completed, his Game buddies haven't destroyed the wolf population! At this point, I'd rather be ANYWHERE than Alaska! (I just wish the wolves had the same choice!!)

I think that is just not right to do! love, ellie age,11

Why do Alaskan's continue to vote these idiots back into office? The people of ALaska have voted TWICE (through people's initiative) to STOP SLAUGHTERING WOLVES and disrupting nature's delicate balance. Yet the people on the GAME BOARD OF ALASKA with their incredible ARROGANCE continue to DEFY the PEOPLE and actually encourage the destruction of their WILDLIFE. Wildlife is the main reason tourists go!! WAKE UP ALASKANs!!! VOTE THESE (unmentionables) OUT!!! THEY DON'T REPRESENT YOUR BEST INTERESTS!!!!

Alaska is not on my vacation list.

I will not be visiting Alaska or taking an Alaskan cruise until this horrible wolf massacre stops.

How dare the Alaskans try and control their own state by protecting a natural resource that provides food for their residents. They are a bunch of doodoo heads. Bainbridge Is. , WA [Blog editors' note: Some years ago, the federal government acted to end Alaska's aerial hunting, in the wake of a national public outcry. Alaska’s aerial gunning permits put Alaska back into a situation similar to the one that caused that outcry. The New York Times recently characterized Alaska's airborne killing plan as "deploying an air force" to kill wolves. But we'd like to remind the readers that not all Alaskans are engaged in, or supportive of, this particular doodoo-headedness. Most, in fact, are not.]

What's this "seal killing" business??? Other than a few Eskimos killing seals for food (it is illegal for " white-eyes" to harvest marine mammals), there is no such thing. Methinks you confuse us with the harp seal harvest over in eastern Canada, several thousand Arctic miles away... Alaskan wolves are in no danger of eradication. 53% ( of so) of Alaska is Federally controlled, on which NO predator culling may take place. Of the rest, only a few areas are subject to "intensive management" where prey populations are so reduced as to justify predator control measures. A tempest in a teapot indeed.... Boycott away- there's too damned many tourists in Alaska in the summer anyway, IMHO.


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