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"Don't Wait for the Olympics!" Friends of Animals Tells Tourists, "Boycott Canada Now, 'Til Seal Hunt Stops"

April 10, 2006 | Seals

For Immediate Release: 10 April 2006
Contact: Priscilla Feral, President
Tel: 203.656.1522

Darien, Conn., U.S.
"“ With Canada preparing to go full-speed ahead on its annual seal hunt, Friends of Animals today unveiled an international tourism boycott to press the Canadian government to stop the kill.

Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral states:

"We ask people everywhere to avoid travel to Canada until its government stops this miserable seal slaughter. The government sets the kill quotas. Government funds assist the kill. These resources must be redirected to build a real economic foundation for Canada's coastal residents.

"Don't wait for the Olympics: Stay away and end this now."

The Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment reports that over $20 million in Canadian federal dollars supported seal processing between 1995 and 2001. The funds also maintain plants, cover ice-breaking support, and sustain research and marketing for seal products. In short, the seal-killing industry is propped up.

The World Tourism Organization ranks Canada among the world's top dozen travel destinations. It attracted 20 million tourists in 2002, but by 2004 was down to about 19 million.[1] To boost the industry, Ottawa spent $78 million last year on the Canadian Tourism Bureau.[2] "Obviously," Priscilla Feral stated, "Tourism, which generates tens of billions each year, is vital in a way the heavily subsidized, $16.5 million seal-pelt business is not."

Adds Feral, "Effects on the Royal Canadian Pacific Railroad, cruise lines stopping in Canada, and hotels and attractions from Niagara Falls to Calgary will ripple throughout the economy."

The boycott will place emphasis on Canada's top visitor markets -- people from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Australia. As hundreds of thousands work in the travel sector, the boycott will impact the Canadian people. But Canada's populace, after all, must be moved to hold its own government accountable.

Friends of Animals called on environmentalists, students, animal advocacy groups, and people on the streets to support the boycott. Says Feral: "Groups have documented and monitored the kill for too long. Forget marine mammal regulations and pretending that enforcement can make it humane. No matter how many seals are killed, it's immoral. Dying is one by one."

Once this killing ends, the group will avidly support ecologically sound travel.

"Seal watching and ecotours, launched in the 1980s through businesses such as Habitat Adventures and Travel Wild Expeditions, are a much better bet to address the province's 15% jobless rate," said Feral. "That was proven when the whale- killing communities adjusted their economy. We have and will support careful, prudent ecotourism."

Likewise, the Green Party of Canada believes seal watching excursions would be better for the economy and the ecology of the East coast.[3]

The Green Party notes that Europeans arrived on the continent to find about 24 million harp seals living in balance with so many fish that their abundance could impede the passage of ships. Today, less than five million harp seals remain, and the cod are gone.

The Green Party has called for an end to federal support for the kill in no uncertain terms. Its leader, Jim Harris, stated it's high time to "develop sustainable jobs that will bring Newfoundland and Labrador international praise."

Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, has been a global leader in animal rights advocacy since 1957.


  1. Recent (2005) data available.
  2. Catherine Porter, "Big-Spending Tourists Shun Toronto," Toronto Star (2 Feb. 2006)
  3. Information on the Green Party of Canada and its opposition to the seal kill is available through:


i wish they would stop why do you have to kill them they arent harming you or anyone else how would you like it if they hunted you down YOU wouldnt would you LEAVE them alone

let me see if i have this right, newfoundland was offered 16 axe the seal hunt and rejected it. they only bring in 14 mill. from the hunt,thats a 2 mill. profit for doing nothing,what are they they say its conservation to justify the hunt. give me a break,i read tristans letter, i have stepped in less bull. first off,i wouldn't give them a cent,i would tell them to go get an education and a real job like the rest of the world. sounds more like they enjoy this satanic ritual and it has nothing to do with survival.maybe with some luck,global warming will do some good and take these sealers out to sea for good,never to be heard from again.if i believed that, i would go out and burn leaves,start my truck and smoke alot. i am sure if there so worried about there fish being eaten all up, they could come up with a better way than clubbing in a seals scull and skinning it.and as far as the fur is concerned, only ugly people wear fur,it would be cheaper just to put a bag on there head. as you can tell, they get no sympathy from me.if this act is so humane as some dummies would like us to believe,why do they keep the public and media away when they do it. and don't say its to windy and snowing, if a sealer can get in there,so can a camera.who cares how much money the sealers lose anyway,if this is the way you found to make a living,then you should be the one being clubbed.and just how much money are they taking away from the people of canada just so they can do this dumb hunt. why don't they just go join up with those knuckle heads in alaska who want to kill all the wolves and let them club each other, then everybody will be happy. yes, theer are real major problems going on in the world, but these two slaughters are easily solved by just leaving these animals alone and stop attracting national attention. the justifications for both hunts hold no merit.

I just can’t imagine how these human beings can kill something as helpless and innocent as a baby seal, it makes me sick to think of it. please stop this barbaric and senseless hunt.

It is hard to imagine that as advanced and superior as the human race is supposed to be, that it still continues to practice such barbaric acts. The fact that this has been done for hundreds of years does not make it a valid reason to continue. It is disgusting, immoral, inhumane and just plain cruel. How can anyone call this a hunt? Walking up to an animal that has no way to escape and clubbing it to death. That must take a real man!! These rednecks need to go back to their double-wide trailers and have another beer and leave these creatures alone. And yes, I feel the same way about the deer, wolves, minks, foxes etc. We do not have the right to destroy just because we can. The only good I can see about any of this is that there are other good people in the world that feel the same sadness and compassion. May each and every one of those who are fighting for these precious creatures be blessed. We must stand together and boycott everything Canadian. We need to let the restaurants, grocery stores, department stores etc. know that we will not only boycott Canadian products but we will boycott the establishments who continue to buy Canadian while the seals die. It is amazing how many others feel the same once you let them know what is happening. Somehow, Canada has managed to keep the seal hunts out of the spotlight for a long time. I think their time has come. I, for one, may never buy Canadian again. We can make a difference if we continue to stand together and not forget when the hunts end this year. I would like to know what the boycott has cost the Canadian government so far. I know as of a few weeks before the start of the seal hunts that Canada had already lost about 150 million. Compare that to the 16 million the pelts bring it. Are they just trying to prove a point? I guess they don't mind destroying their economy in the process. Thanks to all for what you are doing for the seals.

The Canadian government constantly whines about how the poor hunters need food for their children,this is their livelihood.Go to Iraq and build up their country...You really have to be mentally ill to harm any precious animal.. It is disturbing,I have no idea how they sleep at night as the shut their eyes to go to sleep and see the blood and the suffering of those seal pups.This is unbelievable and sickening..In this day and age we should be one with the planet not harming the children and animals that live on it..The Canadian governement and other governments as well,STOP OVER FISHING!!! ...I have been on the ice with the Seals in 1990,and it was awesome beauty and the Canadian turns this into a blood bath

The only mentally ill one is you gail if you fail see whats right in front of you. I am more offended by some of the comments that are being thrown around here, then the seal hunt itself. The seal hunt isn't anything new and it is here to stay. The main reason you hate the seal hunt so much is because innocent animals die. I've got news for you, animals kill innocent seals all the time. Nature kills innocent seals all the time, do me a favour and boycott nature for its cruel treatment of seals. Stop overfishing....are you crazy, who do you think you are telling fisherman how to do there job. [Blog editors' note: Violence isn't new, it's a ritual and nothing about which to boast. Leave nature out of it, JJ, there are no moral distinctions to impose on polar bears, and stop defending a ghastly fur industry that should be buried.

Find it very interesting but i have been seeing alot of advertisements on Canada. Come visit Canada type ads. Air Canada may be behind it but still it seems like they are trying to get people there. I hope people stay away from Canada forever if the seal hunt continues.

Norway and Canada have a new kind of tourism. Killing baby seals. They call it a Sport. How can I help to stop the sport? I have a myspace account, and a lot of people would like to know what is going on. I hope you can help. I didn't know who to ask for help. Thank you I'm a big animal lover, and so are my friends, but a lot of my friends and there friend are posting bulletins about the baby seals, but do not know how to help stop the sport.

im sorry to say i live in Canada... and i am sorry to say i do buy canadian products. but please be thankful that im trying to stop this i was reading the notes u have put and it brings me to tears!how poeple can go out there and hurt baby seals i am doing a purswasive essay for school on clubbing of baby seals . I WANT IT TO STOP NOW! but i will need more info so if u no any important facts plz lv them and i will use them in my debates i hope in the future wen i am older or even naw i will debate a profesional even tho im not even 16. i hope that u all support me in this my teacher supports me so much and i thank him he is a vegitarian and my class mates also think this is wrong. to all the people who do go out and club seals and hook them to boats and dragg them along and skin them without even checking to see if they are alive shame on you that is crule u should stop now you are all just greedy find something eles to do they are helpless seals dnt think i mean just babyseals but also any seal big or small plz just stop for the youths sake you are supose to be setting an example not by going out and showing us that hurting animals is ok because it isnt. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! Aml

Get a life people! It is only 1 province in Canada that participates in the whole seal hunt....not all of them.....if one of your states did something you didn't like, would you boycott everything in the US?


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