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Stop the State-Sanctioned Killing of Connecticut's Monk Parakeets

November 17, 2005 | Monk Parakeet

Connecticut's United Illuminating Company in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture has started destroying Monk Parakeet nests and gassing the birds living there.

The bulk of the killings are currently being undertaken in West Haven, but will soon spread to Milford, Stratford, Bridgeport and beyond. The $125,000 program, supported by both Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection and Connecticut's Audubon Society, targets 103 nests throughout the state.


Friends of Animals condemns the program: "This should get people enraged," said President Priscilla Feral. "These bright green birds delight many people, should not be harmed, and should be considered as a replacement for our extinct Carolina Parakeet. The DEP has long wanted to kill any animals that are not native, as if we ourselves are natives."

Many of these South American birds, brought to the United States more three decades ago, escaped and settled along Connecticut's coast. Their large, intricate nests, which they often build on utility poles are said to be a hazard to public safety. Yet the electric company only notes two incidents where nests were found at the site of a fire.

The USDA's agents who kill birds and animals at taxpayer's expense for private industry, plan to use Connecticut's program as a test case. If successful, the agency may start using similar draconian measures in other states.

Please call for an end to the sanctioned extermination of these in birds that is being subsidized by taxpayers and customers of the utility company.


The United Illuminating Company
UIL Holdings Corporation
157 Church Street
P.O. Box 1564
New Haven, CT 06506

Nathaniel Woodson, Chairman of the Board and CEO
Phone: 203 926-4637
Fax: 203-499-3286

USDA, Massachusetts/ Rhode Island/ Connecticut
Monte Chandler
463 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002

The Connecticut Audubon Society
Milan Bull
2325 Burr Street
Fairfield, CT 06824
203-259-6305, ext 113

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Wildlife Division
Dale May
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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Julie C. was arrested tonight during the taking of the parakeets from a nest in West Haven. She was actually ARRESTED and taken to the police station. It was filmed and is on Channel 8 news. Good publicity for our cause but this doesn't help Julie who now has this arrest on her record and is in need of a lawyer. She had to post bail and has a court date. PLEASE - IS ANYONE OUT THERE A LAWYER OR KNOW OF ONE THAT WILL HELP HER? Will anyone stand by her during this time? Please help!

Let's not forget how these "pests" first "invaded" their "non native" land. Irresponsible pet traders and mass importation led to the feral populations. We brought them here--took them from their native habitats. They learn to adapt to the weather, work hard to survive here and now they are a "nuisance". Just when I think I can't read a story that outrages me than the one before, I read this. Makes me ill. Those beautiful birds have done nothing wrong but learn to survive.

Must I repeat myself? Thou shall not kill.

In regard to CT's monk parakeet eradication policy: TRY TO FIND AN ALTERNATIVE TO HEARTLESS MURDER. PLEASE.

The quaker has adapted to an urban environment, they are not in conflice with native species, they have limited colonies, and no detrimental impact at this point. I am confident they will outlast the power company. However, despite their resiliance, they do need our help. There have been no transformers blown due to quakers. Any nest that is too large is a result of neglect on the part of the power company over a long period of time - these nests are built cumulatively. So why is it that the power company can neglect responsibility when it suits them, then kill when they realize they have been irresponsible? BAD FORM. Stay focused on the task...the quakers will prevail in the end, many good people are there working on this, keep it up and THANK YOU to those helping. You will defeat these wrongdoers.

Monk Parakeets......immigrants from another country and climate that adapted and thrived in our polluted environment. Nature overcoming mankind's thoughtless raping of our planet only to be slaughtered for their effort. Shameful.

leave the poor birds alone!!!!!

Stop the unnecessary killing of this bird. If possible move the nests, if not there must be an alternative solution. This makes no sense in our society; we need a more humane approach.

find another way to take care of the monk problem. the ui has enough money to seek another way. find it.

I just read about this story. How utterly inhumane some of these Connecticut decision makers are! It makes me hate Connecticut all the more for this backward thinking and killing of living creatures who have done nothing wrong. Why can't they eradicate the nests and let the parrots move on, like was done in Brooklyn. Why kill with gas? How do these disgusting people sleep at night? Please let me know how else I can help. I have already written to the links provided on this website. We must stop this senseless killing. I once read a quote that said something like the way a people treat the lesser members of society...the children, the elders and the animals...shows their level of sophistication, compassion and humanity. Well, these Connecticut decision makers are showing themselves to be unsophisticated, uncaring swine. Wouldn't it be something if one of these UI workers stood up and refused to carry out the task assigned to trap these birds? Now that would be something to be proud of!


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