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Stop the State-Sanctioned Killing of Connecticut's Monk Parakeets

November 17, 2005 | Monk Parakeet

Connecticut's United Illuminating Company in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture has started destroying Monk Parakeet nests and gassing the birds living there.

The bulk of the killings are currently being undertaken in West Haven, but will soon spread to Milford, Stratford, Bridgeport and beyond. The $125,000 program, supported by both Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection and Connecticut's Audubon Society, targets 103 nests throughout the state.


Friends of Animals condemns the program: "This should get people enraged," said President Priscilla Feral. "These bright green birds delight many people, should not be harmed, and should be considered as a replacement for our extinct Carolina Parakeet. The DEP has long wanted to kill any animals that are not native, as if we ourselves are natives."

Many of these South American birds, brought to the United States more three decades ago, escaped and settled along Connecticut's coast. Their large, intricate nests, which they often build on utility poles are said to be a hazard to public safety. Yet the electric company only notes two incidents where nests were found at the site of a fire.

The USDA's agents who kill birds and animals at taxpayer's expense for private industry, plan to use Connecticut's program as a test case. If successful, the agency may start using similar draconian measures in other states.

Please call for an end to the sanctioned extermination of these in birds that is being subsidized by taxpayers and customers of the utility company.


The United Illuminating Company
UIL Holdings Corporation
157 Church Street
P.O. Box 1564
New Haven, CT 06506

Nathaniel Woodson, Chairman of the Board and CEO
Phone: 203 926-4637
Fax: 203-499-3286

USDA, Massachusetts/ Rhode Island/ Connecticut
Monte Chandler
463 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002

The Connecticut Audubon Society
Milan Bull
2325 Burr Street
Fairfield, CT 06824
203-259-6305, ext 113

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Wildlife Division
Dale May
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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Does it occur to anyone how intelligent these birds are,just to know to build a nest next to the transformers attests to the fact these birds are smart, you dont see any other animals taking advantage of this heat sorce. Also it has been said they can't destroy there nests because they will come back to them, another testiment as to there intelligence

please lets protest this we can find out wher there doing this and protest get a news crew on the scene and put pressure on them to stop this. i'm sure people are willing to adopt thes birds and take good care of them.

I am not an activist, but a wildlife lover and observer. I broke into tears yesterday after reading the CT post about the parakeets! It then turned into outrage! It makes me sick! I proceeded to rapidly find fax numbers and Emails for all of the DEP, UI, and Audubon Society. Immediatle I sent my outrage to them, basically stating that they are murderers and have no right to destroy these beautiful birds. If they must remove the nests, ok, but don't DESTROY THE BIRDS. NY and NJ have decides that they will wait until spring and remove the nests before breeding season, and the birds will build nests elsewhere. NOT KILL THE BIRDS! I live in Shelton, and only a couple of years ago discovered the parakeets. My family and I take drives and walks along the shoreline specifically to visit the birds. They are so fascinating and beautiful. I wish I had them in my yard. Please do what ever you can to stop this. The more people who voice their opinions, the better.

I am attaching a copy of the letter I faxed to the U.I. as well as Senator Christopher Dodd and Senator Joe Lieberman on November 17th. If I had known prior to that date I certainly would have done so sooner. To Whom It May Concern: I want to strongly oppose the destruction of the tropical birds, which I understand your company is currently practicing. This is totally unacceptable and should be discontinued immediately. I cannot think of one good reason why this is being done. There must be many other alternatives that you can use to protect your telephone and utility poles from any wildlife. If anything, squirrels would seem to be a more viable threat than birds. I believe that this practice should be discontinued immediately and hopefully your company will find an alternative way to protect the utility and telephone poles and cease this inhumane killing of very beautiful tropical birds.

The killing of the birds show the inhumanity of big corporations who feel they must dominate. The killings are senseless. There are alternatives. Use them.

LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE ! i wake up to one of intelligent birds every morning for the past 13 yrs. take down the nests that are truly neccesary and let the birds go. how could they do this ! wait till early summer after the babies are born and off on their own. don't kill them !!

if you need to spend our tax dollars then why not build them a habitat so desirable they would want to live there instead!! there are so many alternatives I'm surprised our states politicians aren't getting involved, if for no other reason, than to raise public opinion of themselves to secure a re-election or as a campaign strategy for the next upcoming election!!!

Hi Everyone!: I've done lots of research about the birds over the last few days-about both the monks themselves and what we can do to help. I've found a great site that makes it very simple: I realize that we are all busy, especially at this time of the year but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out this site and send an email to those listed. They make it very simple. Even if you only have time to send a quick few lines to 1 or 2 of them-it will be better than none at all. The only way we can stop this is by voicing our concerns. Already, we are getting lots of attention but the killing has not yet stopped so we need to bombard them with as many emails as possible. We realize that something needs to be done about the situation but there are other ways to handle it. Please, someone, post when any meetings will be so that we can attend. I could not find the date or time of the last. Did anyone mention anything about finding out where the capturing will be and staging a protest during that time? Be peaceful but be heard! Get the media involved as well. I'm sure they'd cover it. If so, I will be there!

I just wrote to Mr. Woodson regarding these birds. I pointed out that in Florida they had a similar problem but instead of killing the birds, they teamed up with bird breeders and rescuers who gave them excellent homes (these parakeets tame very easily and adapt very well to being kept in captivity). I told him what great PR he would get if he did the same thing- hit him right in the wallet!, instead of the negative PR that he's currently getting. If more people said similar things, maybe he'd get the idea. I'm also writing Bird Talk magazine about this. [Blog editor's note: The Monk Parakeets should remain free. There's no reason to take them into captivity, and Connecticut has room enough for these birds. The problem is the attitude of UI, the DEP, the USDA's animal killing agents, and Conn. Audubon. United Illuminating should call off the bird-killing effort, and their customers might decide to not have holiday lights this year in an effort to get that message across. One poster suggested UI customers turn off their lights for a period of time each evening to drive the point home. Let's say 8:00 pm when the birds are being tormented?]

I don't understand who's brilliant idea this was as it is only a temporary solution. These birds are extremely intelligent and they will build again. This is completely useless and inhumane. What is wrong with these people. I am so upset that this is permitted. I live on the West Haven coast line and have many of these beautiful birds in my area. This has to be stopped at all cost. I have written the UI, Governor Rell and the EPA in hopes this can be terminated. Does anybody know when during the night they capture the birds? I need to do everything I can to stop this even if it means waking up my neighbors in the middle of the night.


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