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Letter on Behalf of the Parakeets

November 18, 2005 | Monk Parakeet

Nathaniel Woodson, United Illuminating Co.
Dale May, Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection
Monte D. Chandler, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Milan Bull, Connecticut Audubon Society

I write to ask that you immediately discontinue the torment of the parakeets. It is immoral to take living and conscious birds for research and it is immoral to kill them.

Apparently, the location of their nests and the hazards this could possibly cause is the only problem that is being pinned on the parakeets (who apparently do not compete with native birds for habitat or food). Nesting complaints are fairly common with a wide variety of birds, regardless of the birds' origin. Train stations, for example, deal non-violently with nesting prevention as a matter of course.

These birds have built their nests over time and the physical structures that attracted them are the creations of human planners. If the planners did not anticipate birds' nests, then that is the planners' responsibility; it's unacceptable to take the easy way out and punish the birds for the a lack of planning on the part of United Illuminating. Human wisdom is now needed to devise a way to steer the birds to more natural settings. Please, redirect the resources from the tormenting of the birds to an enlightened response. If it's been managed in New York and New Jersey, surely it's possible in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Audubon Society's reasons for endorsing this torment are incomprehensible. The Society should consider the reality that animals have inherent value, as the legal community is now acknowleging.

In the preface to the casebook Wildlife Law, Professors Dale Goble and Eric Freyfogle observe that "[e]nvironmental law, once focused on direct threats to human health, now is concerned with assaults on non-human life." This suggests that law is poised to make room for a recognition of the value of nonhuman lives unto themselves. What about the Connecticut Audubon Society?

I should like to hear back from the decision-makers involved that a respectful response has been created, one that does not involve killing or experimenting on the birds or holding them in captivity. I think a growing community of concerned people would appreciate and respect it greatly.

Very truly yours,

Lee Hall
Legal Director,
Friends of Animals

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please save these birds..let me know if there is anything I can do.We have to keep this story in the news the more people know the better chance we have... thanks

This slaughter of the Monk Parakeet is outrageous. Not only has Mr. Nathaniel Woodson and United Illuminating chosen to eradicate the birds at night but also during the approach to winter so that the possibility that those lucky ones who do survive the cruel stealth attack will not have enough time to rebuild their lives and homes before the cold hits; thus ensuring even more slow and miserable deaths for the surviving birds. In my humble opinion, the decision makers at UI are nothing short of barbaric, heartless, cold people. This work could have been easily carried out in the summer. These nests, which I fully agree are dangerous when built on utility poles and transformers, could have easily been removed BEFORE they became lived in. These are huge nests that take some time to build. If UI did its job the nests would never have been built to begin with. But the bottom line here is the mean, nasty, cruel, human minds that thought up this method of solving the problem to one of Nature's lesser creatures. It is the season of love, Christmas, where the meaning of the message of love is to be spread. I don't recall that that message was designed for humans alone. Whoever came up with this method of removal, who ever signed the "go" order must have idolized the great minds of inhumanity to be able to do so. Shame on you. These creatures did not ask to come here. They did not buy tickets to get here. No they were captured and brought up for human amusement. Or they were bred for human amusement and sold for human amusement. But far too many humans cannot hold their amused attention for very long and out the window they went and so we have this problem and the innocent birds are left to suffer. Fifteen years ago I adopted one of these birds because the humans that "owned" it (Can one really own another living creature?) no longer wanted it and were going to have it "Euthanized". Is it euthanasia if the creature getting the death end of the stick has not been consulted, is quite healthy and hurting no one? No I think it is more like murder. Fifteen years ago I began to really understand the amazing sensitivity, forgiveness, resilience and love that these little creatures are capable of expressing even under the worst of circumstances. Barney has taught me so very much over the last years and I would prefer him messing my home as he flies around dropping seeds and whatever else birds drop wherever he flies rather than provide house room to any of those hateful "human" slobs that are committing this very needless "Holiday slaughter". Merry Christmas UI. Merry Christmas Mr. Woodson from God?s lesser creatures. I hope these innocent little souls haunt you for the rest of your lives. I hope you awake at night feeling their death pain. No one said that life was easy but where is your compassion? There are other ways to handle this problem that are far more humane and just as effective. Stop the cruel slaughter. Stop it now. I only wish there was another utility I could go to as an expression of my disgust. Peter Wien Norwalk, CT.

In this day and age, where there are so many other resources, it's hard to believe that a major company would discredit themselves, and stoop to this level.There has to be other ways in which to rectify the situation. Remove them to another location,capture and or put them up for adoption. It's actually very distastful and down right sickening to think this is being done in our own backyard of Bridgeport.My only wish this holiday season would be to switch to another electric company.

I am so sorry I wasn't able to go to the protest today. I would have liked to go to express my anger towards the disgusting killing of these beautiful and hardy birds. They are smart enough to adapt to this cold weather and should be respected for it, not killed. If they want to remove them from the area, they could take them from their nests at night and let people familiar with birds, put them in safe containers and bring them to a warmer area in the country. There is no excuse for killing the monk parakeets and I would like media to report another side besides the utility company. A veterinarian that thinks that the killing of these birds is ok and the only option, is a very stupid and inhumane vet. I can't believe that the Audubon Society would be ok with this. Then again, the CT Audubon wants to sell off land that was willed to them by someone who had a beautiful sanctuary and wanted the Audubon to keep the land the way it was! Tell me when the next protest is and I hope I can make it.

Dear Friends of Our Beloved Parakeets: I find a need to express my sadness at the unnecessary killing of about 4,000 of the lovely green monk parakeets that I used to drive down to the shore to watch and hear. They would fly so happily from place to place with that distinctive sound all their own. I loved them. Their sounds have been quieted now due to the ignorance and omnipotence of United Illuminating. I equate it with the "Silence of the Lambs", in which Jody Foster's character speaks of the deafening, heart-breaking silence after the slaughter of the spring lambs. Now I, too, am horrified and stunned by the heinous act of this utility giant. When I watched the meeting between UI and some of our legislators on CT-N, I was concerned that Mr Carbone from UI refused to give the actual statistics involved regarding incidences of fires and actual power outages, which I believe he finally admitted was "3", but he never said for what period of years that "3" was for. I found him to be avasive and not entirely truthful, except when he admitted to being "in the power business and not the bird business". I wish to remind UI that we are not talking about a swarm of unwanted bees here. And the numbers of the birds they are killing makes me physically ill. I shudder to think what a pile of 4,000 dead lovely green monk parakeets looks like. It angers & sickens me to the depths of my soul to think of this. These are a beautiful if not an indiginous species of bird. While they are classified as not having originated in this country, might I remind all that the movement of species is what evolution is all about? And after we all have a bout with the bird flu, who knows what species we will have left? Maybe these wonderful birds would have been the successors of some that will not be with us after a pandemic of avian flu.I am not alone in having thought that they might be filling a niche of the now-extinct Carolina parakeet. We will never know if UI is allowed to run rough-shod over the wishes of so many bird lovers with their swift-moving late-night "eradications". Sounds like the Bird Nazis to me... Please allow someone with some expertise and a background in ornithology to wrestle with this issue and come up with a solution. We all use electricity, but we need not exterminate every living thing in order to do it. Perhaps the problem was already successfully solved in NJ and NY, which Mr Carbone pled total ignorance of. If he didn't even bother to make a few phone calls to our adjacent neighboring states, how can he even have the gall to suggest this heinous eradication of our beloved parakeets? Sincerely, Mary-Ann Ellison Meriden, CT

my friend kate is so conserned about killing monk parakeets please dont kill the find another thing to do with them

Please don't kill these little guys.

There has to be a better way to get the parakeets to leave without torturing them. It's inhumane. With a little thought and ingenuity, a better and less cruel way can be reached.

It might seem less than scientifically "enlightened" to take the humane course and to treat these creatures with some measure of respect and consideration. It might seem to be more potentially profitable and even more potentially "enlightening" to take the research route in a case like this where unbeknownst to themselves these creatures have fallen into circumstances beyond their control, where they may be brutalized, abused and victimized to the apparent benefit of a "higher" form of life. That benefit will most likely never take form in our lifetime. It will probably never materialize at all. Please reconsider the course you are taking, and think for a moment of the simple, uncomplicated lives that are being disrupted tragically and unnecessarily - those of the monk parakeets.

I recently wrote to the United Illuminating Co. This is what my letter said: I am a 10 yeAR OLD girl and I am very mad about you killing the Monk Parakeets. You have no right to kill them. THe way you kill them is also horrifying. Trapping them! I am simply outraged. IT tremendously disgusts me. THey have feelings to and if we keep killing them there won't be any left. THink about the horrible thing you're doing. THat is what Iwrote in my letter. I couldn't remember everthing I said since I don't have my letter with me but that's pretty much what I said.


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