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Letter on Behalf of the Parakeets

November 18, 2005 | Monk Parakeet

Nathaniel Woodson, United Illuminating Co.
Dale May, Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection
Monte D. Chandler, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Milan Bull, Connecticut Audubon Society

I write to ask that you immediately discontinue the torment of the parakeets. It is immoral to take living and conscious birds for research and it is immoral to kill them.

Apparently, the location of their nests and the hazards this could possibly cause is the only problem that is being pinned on the parakeets (who apparently do not compete with native birds for habitat or food). Nesting complaints are fairly common with a wide variety of birds, regardless of the birds' origin. Train stations, for example, deal non-violently with nesting prevention as a matter of course.

These birds have built their nests over time and the physical structures that attracted them are the creations of human planners. If the planners did not anticipate birds' nests, then that is the planners' responsibility; it's unacceptable to take the easy way out and punish the birds for the a lack of planning on the part of United Illuminating. Human wisdom is now needed to devise a way to steer the birds to more natural settings. Please, redirect the resources from the tormenting of the birds to an enlightened response. If it's been managed in New York and New Jersey, surely it's possible in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Audubon Society's reasons for endorsing this torment are incomprehensible. The Society should consider the reality that animals have inherent value, as the legal community is now acknowleging.

In the preface to the casebook Wildlife Law, Professors Dale Goble and Eric Freyfogle observe that "[e]nvironmental law, once focused on direct threats to human health, now is concerned with assaults on non-human life." This suggests that law is poised to make room for a recognition of the value of nonhuman lives unto themselves. What about the Connecticut Audubon Society?

I should like to hear back from the decision-makers involved that a respectful response has been created, one that does not involve killing or experimenting on the birds or holding them in captivity. I think a growing community of concerned people would appreciate and respect it greatly.

Very truly yours,

Lee Hall
Legal Director,
Friends of Animals

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Yes, let's save the Monk birds. They are part of nature. Why kill them. Sincerely, L. T. Belovich

There has to be another solution to this "problem". We have many of these nests near our shoreline home and have never seen any fires or experienced power outages. The birds are actaully a nice addition to the neighborhood and I certainly you find another solution.

Pleas tell me how I can help in saving the parakeets. They have brought me much joy over the years, and it is absolutly criminal what they are doing! I haven't felt this strongly since seeing the pets in New Orleans, so putting my money where my mouth is, I am sending another small donation to help in this new fight. THanks - Fran.

It's a sad day when destroying a part of nature takes precedence over finding a peaceful resolve. It's true, the Monk Parakeet situation has been handled with success in other Connecticut on another planet? We can send people into space and we can't get a long with a peaceful little bird that is living the only life they know. It's a very sad day! There is definitely something wrong here...and it isn't the Monk Parakeets. Beautiful letter "Friends of Animals", I wholeheartedly support your action. L Erickson

I'm so disheartened to hear of such a cruel and insensitive solution to a minor animal "nuisance": the systematic destruction of an creature's nesting choices and the subsequent euthanizing of the associated animals. These non-native parakeets have survived amazingly well in Connecticut and we should admire their will to thrive, not destroy the homes they make in "inconvenient" locations. Relocate these birds, retrofit the utility poles.... do something HUMANE, United Ulluminating. YOU need to be enlightened..... E.Roberts, Southport

I agree explanation for the removal of the birds is due! They are God's creatures just as we are...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subject: NO TO THE KILLING OF BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. PLEASE, STOP THE KILLING OF OUR LITTLE BIRD FRIENDS BIRD LOVER AND LOVER OF ALL ANIMALS.... Sharon in Indiana

Can't we "fix" the real problems in this world? [Blog editors' note: What problems might those be: Dastardly influence from corporate interests, and the snuffing out of sentient life for the convenience of a public utility company ? What right does United Illuminating have to have the taxpayers foot the $125,000 bill for gassing thousands of Monk Parakeets? What kind of decadent society are we living in when USDA agents laugh and joke after they've destroyed families of birds that give pleasure to so many people? There's a huge problem when governments and corporations become so greedy and insensitive that acts of violence go unnoticed, and people stop organzing against particular revulsions.]

I have been terrible distraught over the killing of these beautiful birds. I want to thank Friends of Animals for trying to help save them. The letter was well written. I was in West Haven, CT Friday night. There was a rally, a small one but a rally none the less. I can still smell the gas that was left in the air when UI and USDA sped off after the latest slaughter. I'm not sure I will forget it. The nest they hit last night was one I've stood under before and watched the birds with pleasure. That area of West Haven is one I have often spent time in over the years watching the birds, making it even more heartbreaking. For anyone to call this "humane" is unthinkable. They are going in at night when the birds are sleeping, somehow immobilizing them in the nest(apparently gassing), netting them and then finishing them off only to then be sent to FL for research purposes further adding insult to injury. If this is "Humane" I can't imagine how they would do it cruelly.

Please post when and where the is going to be a protest. I am desperately trying to do whatever I can to stop this slaughter! EVERYONE, PLEASE WRITE, EMAIL, FAX AND CALL THESE MURDERERS. PLEASE POST WHEN THERE IS GOING TO BE A PROTEST, I WANT TO BE THERE!


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