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Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual Now Available

November 02, 2005 | Geese

Friends of Animals, an international, non-profit animal advocacy organization based in Darien, Connecticut, is pleased to publish an afforable, new resource — the Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual — for persons seeking to resolve urbanites' and suburbanites' frustrations with Canada Geese without resorting to lethal methods.

The 16-page Manual was written by Donald S. Heintzelman, an ornithologist in southeastern Pennsylvania with 50 years field experience. It is illustrated with 15 black-and-white photos — many taken expressly for this publication — and two beautiful color photos on the covers. Also included are an introduction by Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral and the advocacy groups' Position Statement on Egg Addling. Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual The manual identifies resident and migratory Canada Geese, and frustrations which normally involve landscaping that didn't anticipate the birds' presence. Frequently implicated landscapes are parks, golf courses, athletic fields, and corporate campuses. Illustrated with examples of two actual habitat modification projects in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Manual discusses native trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers, a key to restoring native flora, and sources for special habitat and landscape modification supplies, including a new clean-up machine. The Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual will particularly interest landscape architects, people concerned about developing humane methods of dealing with wild geese, and grounds managers faced with the task of effectively and humanely addressing increasing numbers of Canada Geese in these landscapes. Single copies of the Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual are available for $4.00 each.  Now available free online.


I don,t know who to contact but here in boonvile mo. We are about to lose a stopping ground for canadanan geese. Wild turky,deer,and malerd ducks. Two buetaful ponds full of fish. A place were animals and people get along. We are going to lose them to a super Wal-Mart. Can we get some help?!

There are too many Walmart's in this country already and they are taking away a lot of our land not only in Boonville but here in Philadelphia Pa. "Where are these animals suppose to go. Then they say we are over populated. WE ALL NEED HELP CAN'T SOMEONE PLEASE HEAR OUR PLEA. CAN'T SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THESE ANIMALS WHO WILL SOON HAVE NO PLACE TO LIVE AND RAISE THERE YOUNG. The birds, mammals and all our wildlife friends are reaching out. HELP HELP HELP

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