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New York City Rally to End Canada's Seal Hunt

March 15, 2005 | Seals

In the coming days, Canadian seal hunters will proceed to club and kill more than 350,000 harp and hooded seal pups on the ice floes off Newfoundland’s coast. On March 15, more than two hundred activists rallied in front of the office of the Canadian Consulate General in midtown Manhattan to call for an end to this hunt.

Using three videotape monitors, leaflets and petition postcards, Friends of Animals members and supporters educated thousands of New York residents. We urged them to call upon Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Consulate General Pamela Wallin to end the hunt.

Seal Protest

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, stated, “The seal kill cannot be morally justified. Seals are not resources or commodities to be traded for convenience or profit; they’re entitled to be left alone. We deplore the seal hunt for the suffering and death it imposes on every single seal.”

We will continue to hold leafletings and protests at the Canadian Consulate General until the government of Canada puts an end to the hunt. If you would like to be informed of such events in New York, contact Edita Birnkrant at (212) 247-8120, or by email at .

Please urge Canadian Consulate General Pamela Wallin and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to end the seal hunt now:

**Pamela Wallin, Canadian Consulate General**
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY, United States 10020-1175
Telephone: 1-212-596-1628
Facsimile: 1-212-596-1790

**The Right Honourable Paul Martin Prime Minister**
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa Ontario Canada K1A 0A2
Facsimile: 1.613.941.6900


I am appalled at the citizens of Canada. How dare you!?? You people are past the barbaric stage. You have allowed your government to massacre innocents, and you continue to sit back and DO NOTHING. You can bet your life that I am spreading the word to my friends in the film industry, medical industry and I have emailed the large grocery chains. There are no words that I can speak to tell you how you appear to the rest of the civilized world. God help those innocent seals and oh yes, God help you. Irene R.

I am happy to know that every day more people are coming together to help stop the killings. Everything is part of an all too predictable cycle of "exploit, deplete, and move on" which has characterised human commercial hunts of wild animals. Nothing justifies the cruelty. I would think that a country like Canadá, civilized, modern, litterate and with vast natural resources and technologic and scientific research could fing a different way for the people in these communities to make a living without depending on the life of the seal pups. I think that the image of Canada and the Canadian people are changing due to traumatic observation of the seal hunting evidence, and not for the better. A lot of people in Mexico are against these actions and we certainly hope that each day more and more people will join us. Let´s get to work!!

Canada the hypocrite nation! Paul Martin the butcher!

I am so mortified! I will NEVER go to Canada and to that...I have cancelled a future fishing trip with my husband & kids for the summer. I cannot imagine how anyone could look at those helpless being & they are looking are you with big eyes not being scared at all just waiting to die. How cruel! This breaks my heart & I cry tons of tears everyday when I think about it. I hope that enough is being said to end this forever. I have emailed grocery stores, friends, newspapers & everything I can think of. Come on Canada!! Come together & stop this!

I have tried hard to stop the Seal Hunt. I have written to so many people and sent so many emails. Now I am boycotting all Canadian products, including seafood. I will no longer travel to Canada, until this hunt has stoppped. I find it so hard to understand the mentality of a people who would do this to so many beautiful animals. When I try to talk about this, people don't want to listen. They get angry with me for bringing it up. What's wrong with people. Why don't they care? Blog editor's note: Keep writing; we have to believe in the power of world opinion to stop this hunt. Also, if you want to do more, just don't eat sea animals at all. A temporary boycott is, at best, a temporary answer -- and it's not even that. We have to recall that humans eating up marine animals all along is exactly what has given the Canadian government a reason to kill off the seals. That's because seals were blamed for eating fish, when the fishing industry wanted those same fish to sell to grocers. So a temporary boycott sends the wrong message entirely. There's a big difference between a boycott and a lasting change in lifestyle, and the latter is needed to really keep the seals and all marine animals safe and sound in the long run. If you have any questions on that point, we'll be glad to discuss this further. Thanks for writing, Marcie.

Seal hunting is wrong. It's seals' world too. Canada should think twice about killing animals while I'm alive.

I am absolutely disgusted about the seal hunt. There is nothing humane about it, it is a massacre. Shame on you Canada!

I absolutley hate the idea of seal hunting and everyone who does it I think does not know how to pick jobs!

i think that seal hunting cruel and unusual and that it is a good idea that thes website has a petition and i hope that the madness stops. anyone who thinks seal hunting is good i think they are crazy. seals are so cute. i don't even know why people would even think of hunting seals



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