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Alaska Kills 276 Wolves During Second Season of Wolf-Shooting

June 07, 2005 | Wolves

On April 30, 2005, the state of Alaska concluded its second aerial wolf-shooting program, killing 276 wolves between November 2004 and April, 2005. Since the program began in November, 2003, hunters have killed a total of 420 wolves.

Friends of Animals and our organizers across the country and around the world have held 231 Howl-In protest during the two seasons of wolf control. People have joined Friends of Animals and our organizers in 40 states, the District of Columbia, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, and South Africa to protest Alaska's disgraceful conduct.

Participants and supporters have signed postcards pledging to boycott Alaska's $2 billion-a-year tourism industry until the state calls off the aerial wolf-shooting scheme. To date, Friends of Animals has distributed more than 470,000 of these postcards.

To spread the word, Friends of Animals advertisements have appeared in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Mother Jones Magazine, The Nation, USA Today, the New Jersey Star Ledger, and other publications. We also have a compelling, 60-second TV spot that can be viewed on our website.

Persistence will be the key to ending aerial predator control programs. We continue to challenge the legality of Alaska's wolf-killing program in the Superior Court in Anchorage. Please write Gov. Murkowski and tell him you'll boycott travel to Alaska until his wolf control campaign ends.

Gov. Frank Murkowski
P.O. Box 11001
Juneau, AK 99811



Kindly support a tourism boycott of Alaska to put economic pressure on the people responsible for establishing the killing policy: the Murkowski administration. Your financial contributions to FoA strengthen our efforts to empower Alaska's wolves.


wolves have parents just like we do. wolves have children and babies just like we do. wolves have brothers and sisters just like we do. wolves are in families just like us. do not kill us we are just like you.

I believe in controlling a animal population if there is a problem of over population which leads to starvation, sufferring,death. Or if they are sick or diseased and can cause more damage to the rest of their pack or herd. Simply killing off a beautiful creature is unfair and unjust. It most come to an end. The wolf has to be saved. It is far to wonderful a creature to be extinct.

I believe wolves are the most wonderful creatures in the world!- They are clever, considerate to each other and most of all beautiful!- I do not know who hunters think they are killing poor innocent animals just to act like some big cheese!- They believe killing a poor defenseless animal is very manly!- I believe it is sicekning and makes me want to cry, hunters must have a big black hole where their heart is supposed to be!- Wolves were here before us and deserve to be treated with respect,kindness and consideration!- After all dogs descend from wolves!- So how would hunters like it if someone went up to their gun dog and just shot it!- It's basically the same thing as killing a wolf!- We have to remember we are all EQUALS on this planet and this INCLUDES THE ANIMALs!~


It's important to remember that absent human interference, non-human animals will stabilize their populations in keeping with their habitat, and achieve a natural balance between prey and predator. Although hunters claim certain free-living animals are overpopulated, close inspection often shows their statistics are exaggerated. In fact, hunting disrupts ecological balance, and leads to an unnatural increase in population. Every conscious being has interests that should be respected, regardless of species, intelligence, or appearance that we may or may not find appealing. Ellie Maldonado Friends of Animals in New York City

That's horrible!. Wolves are so important to this world. Having a season, just to Kill these magnificent creatures is doing the unthinkable. God put us on the earht for a reason. Humanity is destroying it! We have sooo many endangered spiecies that are rapidly disappearing. Has anyone elso noticed that it's all humanities fault?! I hate being human!

That is so sad that they kill wolves. Do you even know why they kill them. I mean they are such beautiful, graceful, and smart animals. ttfn sam!

I agree with you TRM it is s wrong to kill for ANY REASON ttfn sam!

wow why would people do this.thats really rude.they should put a stop to this.people dont think that the wolves are almost like humans.they need to eat sleep and live just like we do.why doesnt anyone understand that.they should put a stop.they dont need to kill them for their fur about if someone did that to them and used their skin for coats.well this needs to stop now!

We should do something like have more Howl-in protests or something we can't just sit around while animals are being killed! by doing so we might as well be helping them!!!! ttfn Sam!!


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