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Workshop #2 Nest Construction, New Haven

December 15, 2005 | Monk Parakeet

After helping to gas more 179 monk parakeets in the past month, the United Illuminating Company is continuing its eradication program by tearing down nests. Surviving parakeets will now have to endure frigid temperatures as their homes are systematically destroyed. More than 100 nests in West Haven, Milford, Stratford and Fairfield are under threat.

Build a Nest

Friends of Animals is helping to fund a nest-building project for the birds whose nests have been destroyed. We hope to have artificial nesting platforms erected in yards adjacent to where tear-downs will occur. If you live across from a nest which will be torn down and would be willing to have a platform constructed in your yard, please contact Friends of Animals. You can also help by donating to Operation Parakeet; all donations will fund the erection of platforms, as well as future litigation on behalf of these birds.

If you would be willing to build a platform yourself, please find blueprints and a list of materials below.

Whole Pole


Download Nesting Platform blueprints (pdf)

2 X 10 foot 4inch PVC
one 4 inch coupling
4 X 4 inch toilet flanges
2 X 10 foot 2inch PVC
one 2 inch coupling
PVC glue
3 X 2ft X 2ft 3/4 inch plywood pieces
1 roll X 2ft chicken wire (25 ft)
1 roll X 3ft chicken wire (25 ft)
8 X 5 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with LOCKING nuts
6 X 2 1/2 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with locking nuts
sm box 2 inch drywall screws (course thread)
3X 2 foot by 2 foot, 3/4 inch plywood
2X 6 foot boards, 1 X 8 inch
Hay/straw, sticks/twigs
Drill and extra long 5/16 inch drill bit, phillips head bit
Jig saw
hand saw
tin snips
wire bag ties

More Photos

Condo Construction, photo 1
Condo Construction, photo 2
Condo Construction, photo 3


The following alert of a nest removal was e-mailed this morning to Friends of Animals: "The UI has just torn down a nest in West Haven on FIRST AVE on the corner of EAST BROWN ST. Monday 9:30 am." Please stay watchful and keep us updated if you observe United Illuminating removing nests or capturing birds. Thank you, Daniel Hammer
Friends of Animals

I live in Shelton, but would like to know of anyone building platforms in the Stratford. I would like to donate 100 lbs of sunflower seeds to you or any neighboors that are hoping to attract the parakeets. Please email me at and I would like to help out in any way I can. Unfortunately, I live too far from the shore to have the birds in my yard, otherwise, I would put up a dozen platforms. Everyone, keep up the great work!

I guess im writting this to try to alert west haveners that the UI company lied about leaving the monk parkettes alone.within 2 days they have removed 4 nest on frist ,main st nest about a half dozen still remain nestless.with the cold weather coming not sure if they will survive.the ui company lied so we would not look out for them and they are still out in west haven.please be on the lookout and lets try to scare them away again ........thanks

I'm glad UI thinks no one is watching!! Well UI wait till January. It amazes me that they can still perform animal/wildlife cruelty and get away with it? Why is that? They failed to upkeep their lines and now they are taking it out on innocent Monk Parakeets. Try leaving your kids out all night in the cold or even your cat or dog! Probably these people who are responsible for doing this do just that!

Please, anyone willing to help these parakeets in the areas where they have been tearing down nests, please respond. There is a plan to erect platforms that hopefully, the displaced birds with inhabit. If you are in the areas, please contact to help. They are looking for people where the nests are being removed to put up platforms to attract the parrots to nest. They are really in need of help. These birds need to find places to nest to get out of the cold. PLEASE HELP!

There is going to be a building session on Wednesday, Dec 28 from 3-7 in Fairfield. Anyone interested in helping out the displaced surviving birds whose nests were torn down and their families gassed, please contact We will be gathering to make alternate nesting platforms for them. We have the use of a very generous homeowner willing to let us use their heated garage for the session. We need to get these up ASAP so the birds can survive the frigid temperatures.

These beautiful birds come to my bird feeder every morning. They are the gentlest, non-aggressive little creatures you have ever seen. As they gently eat one seed at a time and move over for each other, they begin and end my day in the most precious way. When I heard what the UI was doing I was outraged. All I could picture were these trusting souls rounded up while watching their homes being destroyed and their families separated. Sure reminded me of other times in American and world history. I want to build a nest for them in my backyard. I live in Milford but there are no nests here. If I build some will they come???

My husband and I live in Norwalk, and we see the Monks every day. We'd love to build a nest for them. We have a feeder that attracts lots of Native birds, but not the Monks. What do they eat? How high does the feeder have to be? Do they eat from platform feeders? Can someone who's built a nest and fill us in on the rest of the details of the construction of the bunker that we don't understand from the blueprint?

If I were you I would think about covering the plywood with something, possibly aluminum or roll roofing material. The pvc pipe should last pretty long but the exposed plywood will not hold up to well to the elements.

I live in Whitestone (Queens)and have following the progress of a group of monk parrots over the past 10 years. There are at least 15 nests within 15 blocks of my home (most on power lines), and I am worried that ConEd or the phone company will start removing them, as they did remove one last year. Between 2 and 24 parrots have been feeding in my yard and I am thinking of constructing a monk bunker in my yard. Has anyone built one, and have they had success? The nearest existing nest to my house is about 5 blocks away. I would love to hear from anyone who has built a bunker to help these little guys who soon may be homeless. Arlene


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