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Workshop #2 Nest Construction, New Haven

December 15, 2005 | Monk Parakeet

After helping to gas more 179 monk parakeets in the past month, the United Illuminating Company is continuing its eradication program by tearing down nests. Surviving parakeets will now have to endure frigid temperatures as their homes are systematically destroyed. More than 100 nests in West Haven, Milford, Stratford and Fairfield are under threat.

Build a Nest

Friends of Animals is helping to fund a nest-building project for the birds whose nests have been destroyed. We hope to have artificial nesting platforms erected in yards adjacent to where tear-downs will occur. If you live across from a nest which will be torn down and would be willing to have a platform constructed in your yard, please contact Friends of Animals. You can also help by donating to Operation Parakeet; all donations will fund the erection of platforms, as well as future litigation on behalf of these birds.

If you would be willing to build a platform yourself, please find blueprints and a list of materials below.

Whole Pole


Download Nesting Platform blueprints (pdf)

2 X 10 foot 4inch PVC
one 4 inch coupling
4 X 4 inch toilet flanges
2 X 10 foot 2inch PVC
one 2 inch coupling
PVC glue
3 X 2ft X 2ft 3/4 inch plywood pieces
1 roll X 2ft chicken wire (25 ft)
1 roll X 3ft chicken wire (25 ft)
8 X 5 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with LOCKING nuts
6 X 2 1/2 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with locking nuts
sm box 2 inch drywall screws (course thread)
3X 2 foot by 2 foot, 3/4 inch plywood
2X 6 foot boards, 1 X 8 inch
Hay/straw, sticks/twigs
Drill and extra long 5/16 inch drill bit, phillips head bit
Jig saw
hand saw
tin snips
wire bag ties

More Photos

Condo Construction, photo 1
Condo Construction, photo 2
Condo Construction, photo 3


we MUST do all we can to protect ALL the animals turtles in FL. the cormorants who do not compete for nesting all they want to do all day is eat fish that no human will eat

For several people to band together on behalf of the quakers and go against a large conglomerate - there are no words to describe this. On one hand we see evil at its worst; and then goodness at its highest - both humans.

How I wish we had brought a lawsuit against UI. Seems as though they are still performing cruelty. How come they can get away with this?? They still are getting their way by making these birds freeze to death and have no homes. These are the most evil ,mean , heartless people I have ever come across. Anyone who is participating in this are animal and wildlife killers. We all know what they say about people whom are cruel to animals/wildlife or any living creature. Thankfully i do not know people like this nor would i want to be associated in any way with such mean people. I do not understand the urgency to do this during winter. UI should handle this like the other states that have done so humanely. Shame on UI and all the others involved in this. Blog editors' note: Shame on UI, indeed. Friends of Animals expects to be back in court in January.

I know you are trying your best FOA. But to say you'll be back in court in January gives UI enough time to take all the nests down before then! Thats their plan. I guess they said we will not gas them but we will take all the nests down,was that the agreement? Did they trick everyone and are they still lying?? Is the court aware of this new action? It seems they(UI,Courts,Others) have done absolutely NOTHING to rectify the situation in a humane way. THEY ARE STILL PERFORMING CRUELTY!!! Sure I'm glad they are not gassing them (i hope someone is watching over them) who knows maybe they probably are? They(UI) are liars and sneaks! We need to watch them VERY CAREFULLY!! Blog editors’ note: The company stopped taking nests down except for in its current phase of the eradications, where it plans to remove only the nests that have already been emptied. As you mention, if birds have repopulated there, such removal would likely be fatal to the birds and would thus defeat the spirit of the agreement to hold off on the killings. The reason for the platforms is to give the birds a better option. And the community must be vigilant. Keep up these communications so that the advocates and the media are informed. The agreement so far is far from perfect; but it’s drawing statements from lawmakers that it’s clear the community finds maltreatment of these birds unacceptable, and that the company must develop a policy that ensures respectful conduct.

hello again I live in South Texas and here we welcome the little Monk Parrot. If anyone can let UI Co. know that I would take these little guys in I would greatly appreciate it. I would even pay for the shipping and handling or if anyone would like to send them to me I will gladly pay for the over night postage and house them during the winter til spring when I could release them I have a portable car port converted into a barn/aviery to house them. If you do decide to send some to me try to send as many as possible so the postage won't be so much. Thanks Rick Blog editors say: If this is a spoof, it's pretty good.

It is incomprehensible that poor animals of all species have succumb to cruelty that requires our legal system to intervene. Is it not easier and definately less expensive to use compassion and understanding than to fight these acts of cruelty through our courts. It is becoming sickening that the almight dollar takes presedence over basic human kindness. Will it end when we become the ones being eradicated by a more intelligent and powerful being? It becomes more evident that people must band together for the rights of animals just so they may exist. How terribly sad is this? They have been here for millions of years, so who gives us the right to decide whether they live or die?

I Hate those that are cruel to animals. ..Yes they can be noisy, and damaging, but they are a beautiful animal. Are they doing the same thing to eagles that nest in the lightpoles or near them.. NO for if they do that is a federal law violation. We can not allow them to hurt or make homeless anymore of our feathered friends. I do on the other hand, believe if the nest is in a spot that can cause massive damage to remove it, but in the least replace it with adequeat substitution, that the birds can keep warm and thrive in or near. To gas them if they are doing that to the feathered friends, then lets give them a taste of their own medicine. Because to harm or even kill another friend is NOT acceptible to me and by the looks of it, other people that have posted here. Blog editors' note: Monk Parakeets deserve to live free and wild. If you are a customer of United Illuminating, keep your holiday lights off. That's a message they understand.

Just checked UIC's website and they specifically address the monk parakeet issue. They state that that before they remove a nest from a power line that the birds are captured and handed over to the USDA, which does the euthanizing or conducts research (which sounds even more scarier for the poor creatures). What is listed there seems to contradict the Editor's blog notes from 12/15. I am unclear as to whether this process of handing birds over to the USDA for "disposal" is still occurring. Is this a loophole- i.e. UIC is NOT killing the birds but instead the USDA is doing the dirty work for them with the end results being that the birds are still dying? Blog editors' note: Parakeets are no longer being captured, nor is the usda gassing them for the remainder of this year. Stay posted to our web site for updates. Don't count on ui for any reality checks.

Did anyone contact the USDA to try to negotiate with them to pick up the birds? I do bird rescue in IL and work with others in St. Louis and Iowa, and emailed the USDA to offer to come get the birds in their possession and remove them from the state. Haven't heard back. What is their stance on releasing the birds to rescues? This is not a spoof. Blog editors' note: We'd like to see Connecticut take the lead in permitting the birds to enjoy continued existence in the ecological system of which they've become a part here. The birds were doing just fine before the company decided all of the sudden that they had huge birds' nests, having apparently neglected to do the routine maintenance that would have prevented this sudden crisis they claim the birds have caused.

I live in Lordship and witnessed first hand the nest tear downs, it broke my heart. I am in the process of building a nesting platform for my yard. I am putting together a flyer to post on the community board in Lordship and distribute to neighbors telling them about the platform building. I have also contacted the 2 local newspapers asking them to write a short story about the nest building. I would ask everyone to pass the word along to friends and neighbors who do not know about the platforms. I think if more people knew about the plastforms they would build them.


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