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The seal hunt is not just despicably cruel. It's also immoral.

April 01, 2005 | Seals

Animal welfare advocates have, for several years now, reported that seal hunters do not comply with Canadian regulations for what they call humane slaughter.

Advocates have videotaped hundreds of instances in which hunters failed to apply the now-mandated eye blinking test that, veterinarians say, prove the animal is dead.

Even if such measures could be enforced, should they be? The seal hunt is not just despicably cruel. It's also immoral.

The point of abolishing the hunt is animated by the idea that human beings ought to be able to respect the interest of seals to freely experience their lives.

The boycott on Canadian seafood attests to the failure of trying only to reduce the suffering. Instead of respecting any animals, it uses the profit of one animal commodity against another. This is destined for a cyclical pattern: Once the hunt stops, the boycott stops; people then return to depleting Canadian waters and killing other animals, presumably the less cute.

The time has come to support residents of a depressed economy in ways that acknowledge the importance of the biocommunity as an interconnected whole, and the inherent worth of other feeling beings.


Anthony, you will find that the same types of people who are trying to end the seal hunt, are also very much against the nonsense in Iraq. The issue here is a blatant disregard for life - all life, human and nonhuman. There is no overpopulation of seals; they seem so great in number now in contrast to their numbers in the 1970's - when they were almost hunted to extinction. As for the hunt being tightly controlled - try telling that to each seal who is left to suffer a long, drawn out death on the ice as it drowns in its own blood, or is skinned while still conscious. The way we treat this planet with such blatant disregard for the future or the balance of nature is shameful.

I would just like to bring a bit of attention to this line stated earlier as it really rubbed me the wrong way. "He assaulted someone with a club, and now he wants to waste tax dollars by using the services of the RCMP." I know that confrontation on the ice got ugly, and nobody really knows who started what or who said what, It could have been some extreme action on the part of an protector in order to get more negative publicity against the hunt, it could have been a sealer crossing the line of his own accord, The only thing that anybody can say for sure about what happened there was what is seen in the picture, Any stories you hear from either side of this issue will be tainting the story to make their side look good so anything you hear on that should be taken with a big grain of salt. That being said, there is no place for placing death treats against this man and his family. I'm not saying he should have been hitting or threatening to hit somebody with a gaff, but what possible use is there in threatening to skin this man and his children going to accomplish? And then to see somebody have the nerve to say that he doesn't deserve the protection of the RCMP??? Despite what you probably think of me from the previous post, I am not for the seal hunt, nor am I defending it. Also I am not against this hunt either. Rather I am very much against the massive flood of dis-information, and information being spun to suit one side or the others needs. I live on the east coast of Canada, and I simply get tired of all the hype year after year. Just one year I would like to see both sides just put aside all the emotion and actually discuss this civilly, instead we get images of sealers attacking protectors who may have incited it or may have been innocent. We get sealers having the lives of their children threatened. These types of behaviors are what sickens me, not the hunt.

Mike, Out here, I find the majority of people are either for the hunt, or like myself, neutral to it. Most will agree that it is rather violent, however so are slaughter houses for beef, pork and chicken. One thing to keep in mind here is that there's a reason the sealers are out there. The price of pelts are around $100 each this year. If there wasn't so much commercial demend for these, the hunt would have no use, rather than put pressure on the industry to stop it, Would your energy not be better spent stopping the demand for these? If people don't want them, would it not make sence that nobody would bother hunting them? Just an outside perspective for you.

Several years ago the skins were quite less valuable, and seal penises were the main source of profit.. Even then, they were heavily subsidized. Money doesn't matter for sealing for some reason. The Canadian Gov't is pushing this forward for some reason other than the commonly regarded economics. There's something else at work here methinks.....

The government is crazy! We need some good animal-loving senators out there. I think America has become so spoiled that all it does is think about what I want or what would be good for me! Nobody stops to consider how the enviroment is effected by its plans. We need to stop this. God made these creatures for us to take care of, not destroy!!!!! SAVE THE SEALS!!!

I think that killing animals that having even done anything to you! People that do this kind of stuff should be ashamed!!Of killing these animals!!So please save these animals!!!!!!! Thank You!

Hunting animals is cruel because hunters do it for mostly entertainment. This creatures not only feel but fear us of what we are doing to them to entertain ourselves. As the creatures see us killing them for our own pleasure there going to turn against us and attack no matter what happens beacuse their angry of what we are doing.Creatures are like humans but mostly no one could realize that. For example, if you fall and scrape your knee it hurts. Imagine a poor cub getting his paw stuck in a trap and the more the cub moves the more the trap goes in.Humans and animals are one but different and doesn't mean they can't feel the pain. You dont have to realize it but think about what the consequences may be.Animals are pretty much smarter than humans because they know when danger is coming by trusting their instings and not like us that we get it by surprise or rely on something else.

I have been an advocate of saving the seals for many years, and I totally approve of what you are trying to do. I think the slaughtering of these animals or any animals should be abolished. How would humans feel if we could go out and start hunting them down and killing them? I'm sure the government would NOT approve such a law, but let's think about it for a moment. How about if we could go out and slaughter one million humans because there are too many of us? Animals have feelings too and do feel pain just as we do. Let's stop the killing and start saving these wonderful animals.

I remember many years ago in grade school hearing about this at a nearby toronto museum and seeing videos showing what took place. I was told by the museum person, that seal hunting had been stopped. He clearly did not want me or my classmates to know the truth about the issue. Recently, I hear that the SOB's are still doing it and I just discovered something like 325,000 will be killed this year alone. Combined with the DRASTIC increase in the northeast coast(and world's) temperature, I was overwhelmed with emotions of first complete sorrow for the poor creatures sentenced to death and now, anger at my shameful government and the people who hunt these innocent seals so terribly, and profit from this. Today was the first day of the '06 hunt and I have to tell you something. I have lost pretty much all faith in my government and this country. If Canada lived up to its supposed reputation, more people would speak out against this act like I am. My fellow countrymates just turn a blind eye to it though. Very very unsettling and disturbing. Today is the first day of the hunt and each day I find it harder and harder to defend the country when people talk about it.

How many of you have had to dig worms in the night so you could fish in the morning just so you could eat breakfast, pick berries, tend gardens & check trap lines all to provide food for your family? Not a damn one! Those days are behind me as is Newfoundland but unlike you I'm well aware of how some have to toil from daylight to dark just to survive. Have you ever heard your children cry at night because they are hungry? I'd sell my soul for my family and to never hear those sounds again. Your Governments slaughter people over gas, oil & revenge and yet we are the barbarians! [The blog editors have feeling that isn't the writer's real name; writers, please remember the request that blog writers use valid accounts. Friends of Animals will not justify revenge killings, or the killing of people for oil. Humans and seals can and should be respected. Acknowledging the interests of other conscious beings does not diminish the interests of humans. Best wishes to you.]


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