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Alaska Wolves Public Service Announcement

November 01, 2004 | Wolves

Friends of Animals would like to announce the release of a new public service announcement, now available. The name of the video is Alaska Wolves.

Alaska Wolves brings to viewers a dramatized scene of aerial wolf hunting. The practice was ended in Alaska in the 1970s, and the state’s residents have actually voted twice to end same-day use of aircraft for public wolf hunting and trapping. Yet pilots in search of prey have come back to haunt North American wolves under the Governor Frank Murkowski’s undemocratic leadership.



It is now clear that the Alaskans who want an end to the hunts need outside support. Alaska seems remote to many, but we believe that people will be motivated to intervene on behalf of the wolves once the world sees what is happening.

If you are a member of the media and are interested in airing this public service announcement copies can be made available upon request. Please email us at

Friends of Animals would like to thank the following individuals who contributed to the creation of this public service announcement: Chooi-Leng Tan, Todd Kuehnl, Arnold Gallardo, Scott Moran, Nathan Searles, Barbara LaRue, Leo Keeler, Dorothy Keeler, and Josh Schaerti.


I agree with Scott about the things Jeff said. I also think it is not right to take wolves' lives just for the sport of killing animals when it isn't needed. They're trying to make a problem -- for their entertainment.

I am outraged by the proposal to kill 500 wolves in Alaska - but what can one expect from a country that has already killed more than a hundred thousand people in Iraq? I feel as if I'm living in a medeival country where religion and violence rule - So many Gods, So many creeds, when kindness is all this sad world needs.

I am also outraged by the proposal to kill more wolves by arial hunting, and by the deaths that have already been incurred in that population through that means. Killing for thrills and pleasure is a disgusting practice. It starts with animals, and the lack of sensitivity to life extends to people. When I saw the video, I wished that there was a way for the wolves to fight back. To see any creature flea for its life with so little chance of survival is terribly sad. On another note, predator populations will correlate with prey populations to preserve a natural balance, and if wolves are killed off and ruminant populations do grow (which I doubt), another predator group (and likely not humans)will compensate. Nature knows what she is about and humans would do well not to interfere.

I was born in Puerto Rico and i still live there. I'm 16 yrs old and my only comment is that we dont give life to take it away from anyone stealing someones elses life even if its just from an animal (such as wolves) is a really sick thing to do. People that are practicing this kind of hunt should be more concious about what are they doing.

You know, I've lived here in Alaska for 13 years now. I happened to come across this page while doing an assignment on what should be done on wolf management for my ecology class. I think it's clear that I'm going to say that the wolfs should be preserved. Especially after watching that sad video. They're not even using the wolves as any kind of food for their families! They're just killing them off for the fun of it? It's BULL! My name is Jennifer C. I'm 17 years old and I believe that preserving wolfs is the way we should go!

The killing just has me sad with tears, why have that law that there arent enough moose , so theyre killing the wolves . There has to be a balance in the wilderness, and man should not be the extension of that balance. It would just happen naturally. The hunters are sport hunters and they are just taking advantage of the killing of wolves.Wolves are peaceful animals that would keep the wilderness in balance. There is plenty of moose for them and for those that survive on hunting for food, and clothes. There shouldnt be any other hunting of wolves, or moose except those that require them for food , clothes and other materials that they make out of the animals.

I am agree with the other jeff. Stay out of our states business. And to Donovan, its not the same as going to the grocery store to get grocery's. It is disgusting that you would hold a wild animals life higher than anouther human beings. And we are not poachers. Look up the definition before making cliams like that. Also wolves are not being killed because we think they are competition. They are being managed becuase the wolf to moose and caribou ratio is uneven. Management has to be done done for the wolves to have healthy pups next year so that wolf numbers can be strong. At the same time giving moose and caribou a chance to stablize in the areas targeted. It is idiotic that some people think alaskans want the wolves to be wiped out. That would cause a catastrophy for all of the the animals in which the wolves prey on. They would over populate and starve and get diseases. And that is what alaska fish and game is trying to stop from happening to the wolves. As for the lower 48's lack of wolves. That is due to poor managment. The exact opposite of what is going on up hear. The thing to do back in the day was to wipe out the wolves in the lower 48. Poor decision making on our part (humans). I know that mankind has learned their lesson from that and that is not what is happening up here.

Jeff's arguments above carry no weight. Jeff is most in need of a dictionary and evolution. I'll repeat one small cogent point: the free-living wolves, bears, moose and other nonhuman animals in Alaska are not his to destroy. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

Has anyone read "Thinking Like A Mountain" A Sand County Almanac By: A Leopold? Please do and consider. . . Peggy Quinn-Eck

It makes my body fill up with sorrow watching that short, but long horrifying clip of man trying to kill the wild. I believe the animals (non-human) were here FIRST! If anything, they should be ruling our world, they should be hunting us, NOT us "humans" hunting them. The wild deserves BETTER. We are taking over their home, with numerous and numerous buildings for our benefits.It's not fair. What about the innocent animals? Pretty soon, they will have no where to live and nothing to hunt. Its a distraut feeling. I want to be able to help out with the animals, including the wolves!! Let them live!! its their land too! Wolves have feelings and family too!


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