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Alaska Wolves Public Service Announcement

November 01, 2004 | Wolves

Friends of Animals would like to announce the release of a new public service announcement, now available. The name of the video is Alaska Wolves.

Alaska Wolves brings to viewers a dramatized scene of aerial wolf hunting. The practice was ended in Alaska in the 1970s, and the state’s residents have actually voted twice to end same-day use of aircraft for public wolf hunting and trapping. Yet pilots in search of prey have come back to haunt North American wolves under the Governor Frank Murkowski’s undemocratic leadership.



It is now clear that the Alaskans who want an end to the hunts need outside support. Alaska seems remote to many, but we believe that people will be motivated to intervene on behalf of the wolves once the world sees what is happening.

If you are a member of the media and are interested in airing this public service announcement copies can be made available upon request. Please email us at

Friends of Animals would like to thank the following individuals who contributed to the creation of this public service announcement: Chooi-Leng Tan, Todd Kuehnl, Arnold Gallardo, Scott Moran, Nathan Searles, Barbara LaRue, Leo Keeler, Dorothy Keeler, and Josh Schaerti.


I came to this site because someone had sent me this FoA to make a donation. And send a complaint to the Governor of Alaska. I am a friend to animals. I must be on some kind of a list. Yes, I have been planning a trip to Alaska, but now I'm not sure when. I marvel in the beauty of Alaska. BUT, killing Wolves or any other animal so something else becomes easier for hunters sounds sick to me!

I am a University of Alaska Student and am writing an analytical report on wolf management in Alaska. I have plenty of information on the department of Fish and Game but I would like some information from animal rights activists on their take on the issue. I see a lot of "you murderers!" and "you people are sick for killing wolves that are killing off all the moose that PEOPLE live off of" but I was curious if there was more of a WHY is it bad to kill the wolves if it means better food supplies for people in rural villages? Thanks!

Dear Lisa, If you are truly writing an analytical report, you might first ask the Department of Fish and Game if they have any scientific research showing that killing the wolves will increase the number of moose or caribou in the killing area, or increase the food supply for the villagers. But given that the villagers have many modern conveniences and are not dependent on hunting, the answer from Fish & Game would be largely irrelevant. And it would be far more economical to spend the money being wasted on wolf-control on programs that would directly address any food shortages (are there any?) in the villages. We do know that the villagers have a choice as to where they live and what they eat, but the wolves do not. And we know that wolves and humans have for centuries been able to successfully co-exist without the aerial-gunning of the wolves. There then seems no point to the wolf-control -- especially the type which is opposed by the majority of Alaskans.

I am truly astonished by the way people are. It is SO idiotic to kill these wolves, and for what reason? so there are enough animals for US to kill for fun. people are always getting in a rave when somebody is shot, well, i am in a rave about these wolves getting shot. people dont understand, they are heartless and foolish, they just dont care. I, and hopefully many of you will join me to SAVE THE WOLVES!!

Yes, I was amazed at how much contradiction I have found in the Department of Fish and Game, and also found it interesting that the Board of Game up here is completely in charge of wildlife management. I am not finding anything that says they can prove how they get their numbers of wolves OR moose. I find it hard to believe, that people can actually SEE wolf or moose tracks in the snow while flying from an airplane. I can understand now what all the fuss is about. You are right, there doesn't really seem to be a point to the wolf management. One source I read said that wolves were largely adaptable but are now only found in large numbers in Alaska and northern Canada. I find myself getting irritated that the ADF&G and the Board of Game sit there and say the public influences their decisions, when ultimately its the six predator control advocates that Murkowski chose who decide everything despite a public outcry. True, I still see extremity from both sides of the issue, in that hunters are frantic over low moose numbers (I think they said 580 in 5200 square miles in Unit 19Deast) and roughly 500 wolves. I see this to be a somewhat scary issue for all involved. Not enough moose, too many wolves to feed here, and also the rural area of McGrath has people to support as well. Indeed these people do choose where they live, as anyone does, and if you live in Alaska its gorgeous here, and perhaps they really like it there in McGrath. They have no roads there and must come and go by plane, and food at their local market is said to be very expensive, to the tune of $5 a pound for hamburger. (YIKES!!)This area does seem to have areal problem. They say between wolves and bears 2/3 of all moose calves are taken as prey. The moose population is stable they say but very low. The wolves are in trouble, the moose are in trouble, and the people are in trouble. The smart thing to do would be to relocate more moose IN to the area maybe? Thanks Bob for your input!!Anyone else have something to add please let me know, I have two weeks to fine tune this report so I am all ears! Thanks!

I have been interested in wolves since i was a child and i understand both points of view but what i still dont understand is why we continue to destroy one of the most majestic creatures on our planet. What i hate the most is the same cries aboyt cattle and about the game in the area. How long can you go on with the same stories each time. Let's come up with hard based facts and then come up with a real solution that will benefit everyone!!! I also am a soldier in our army and i have seen what war is and what man does to there fellow ma, i can only imagine what they do to animals. I majored in bio-chemistry and now have my B.S. and even with all the knowledge i have obtained from college i cannot see why we are destroying our world. There are other solutions to the problems in alaska and telling other to worry about there own state is dumb. ok i will use the word cause it describes the issue. This is everyone's world and every person needs to worry about every issue on our planet before we destroy the wild life and all those who live on this planet. We are all tied together in a very delicate chain. We need each other to continue to live on our world. If we continue to destroy this planet we will be destroying ourselves and our future generations!!!

I also live in Alaska, and like many others, feel helpless with the deaf ear our supposed "leaders" are turning! We need all of the help we can get to stop this disgusting massacre that's going on!! Many thanks to Priscilla and her crew, for the many hours and dedication to this worthy cause. Sharon

killing wolfs like THAT is just disgusting it sickens me to even think about shooting a poor innocent creature like that and sled dogs oh my god they have to pull at least 500lbs for miles on end so just think when you watch a sled dog movie or a sled race what are those dogs going through dude save the alaska wolves

I am college girl from China, and I am an animal-lover.This announcement shocked me a lot!How the hunters could do that!There's no big difference between people and animals.We are the same-we need to be loved,so do the animals!We need the environment to survive,and so do the animals!We have no right to deprive what the animals have owned.The wolves in Alaska need the public attentions.The ability alone can't make it.So,I hopefully the world could pay close attention to this matter!

My heart is crying for the senseless loss of my relatives' lives. I do not understand how someone can be so heartless. The wolf did nothing wrong to deserve the treatment that is being given them. The Governor of Alaska needs to have his head examined.


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