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Winter 2016-17 - Act•ionLine

Child Actor Uses His Celebrity to Provide a Voice for Animals

Actor Mace Coronel, 12, plays Dicky on the hit Nickelodeon show “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” a show about quadruplets and the adventures that ensue in their lives. Dicky lives a charmed life, and if there's an easier way to do something, he'll find it. But Coronel doesn’t take the easy way out when it comes to being a role model to young fans—he takes his role seriously.

So when he was asked to compete in the network’s hit competition series “Paradise Run” and to pick a charity to support, he looked for an anti-hunting organization— and found Friends of Animals.

“I realize that people look to me for guidance, and I understand that part of my responsibility as an artist is to also be an activist for what I believe in—including organizations that inspire change, which is important to me, just as protecting animals and fighting for life is important to me. I have a platform to speak for those who don't have a voice.”

“We should value animals’ lives as much as we do human lives. There is no reason for hunting. To kill an animal for a trophy is despicable and inhumane....My mom always taught me; if you know the right choice, then make it.”

Coronel’s disdain for hunting stems from a connection with nature and wildlife that he developed early on. He grew up in Greenwich, Conn., not from far Friends of Animals headquarters, surrounded by nature. He spent a lot of time in the woods, enthralled by wild creatures. “Unfortunately, people would ask to hunt in our backyard arguing for ‘population control’ and my mom would chase them off our lawn,” Coronel recalls. “When the hunters would park their trucks and make their way towards our house with their bow and arrows and shotguns to ask us if they could hunt in our backyard, my mom and grandma would make as much noise as they could to scare off the animals who were possibly hanging around. They would use cowbells and my grandma’s loud whistle in hopes that the animals would run far away in case the hunters would be granted permission by our neighbors who we shared the woods with.”

We at Friends of Animals are moved that at a young age Coronel, who you might recognize for his recurring role on the “Bold and the Beautiful,” already recognizes the importance of advocating for animals and the environment, and will be cheering for him daily starting Monday, Jan. 2 at 7 p.m. eastern time.

Shot in Hawaii, “Paradise Run” features three teams of actors racing across a luxurious resort competing for charities of their choice, in a series adrenaline-pumping challenges. “I loved being active and I loved being in Hawaii,” Coronel said. “But I hated seeing captive dolphins.”


Act•ionLine Winter 2016-17

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