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Summer 2005 - Act•ionLine

by Priscilla Feral | Summer 2005

In My View

It’s an exhilarating year for Friends of Animals. I thank all of you for investing in a dynamic time of leadership in the animal advocacy community.

As you read this message, the printer has just issued our first cookbook, Dining with Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine.* We’ve had many more holidays this year than we usually do. My co-author, Lee Hall, and all the staff at Friends of Animals helped ensure that the book is as full of recipes as enjoyable to eat as they are to prepare, perfect for everyday cooking or for festive occasions. Photography and design were arranged by Jane Seymour and Mark Zuckerman. John Robbins contributed an uplifting Foreword. And we’re especially delighted to include samples we liked best from outstanding contributing chefs from all over the continent and beyond.

If you enjoy homemade breads and baked goods, but thought your schedule meant that pulling off exquisite dairy-free versions would be forever out of reach; if you are interested in adding some healthful, slimming raw foods but don’t have time to sprout; if you love a good salad; if you’re searching for a new soup that will impress the best cooks in your midst; if you appreciate heirloom recipes or are on a quest for the perfect cheesecake… Here’s the book for you.

John Robbins adds a note about the most celebrated ingredient of all:

It’s full of recipes that are indeed healthful, delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and sure to delight friends or family with wonderful memories for years to come. But what’s more, these excellent recipes are made entirely from plant foods … so you can prepare and serve these recipes, comfortable and happy in knowing that you have in your hand the key to bringing your meals into alignment with your sense of compassion.

Many of you are reading about (or buying your copy of) our début cookbook at “Foundations of a Movement: An Animal Rights Conference” (in New York City on Saturday and Sunday 9-10 July 2005). The outpouring of support for this conference has been greatly appreciated as we continue to steer our movement in its best path — through the ear waters of non-violent change.

We are delighted that Mark Potok, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, will address the audience. Located in Montgomery, Alabama — the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement — the Center confronts discrimination and works to protect society’s most vulnerable members, handling innovative cases that few lawyers will take. Recently, its educational film on the non-violent legacy of Rosa Parks, which revisits the Montgomery Bus Boycott while highlighting unsung heroes of the Movement, earned an Emmy nomination.

We at Friends of Animals respect the knowledge that Mark Potok brings from the broader justice movement, whose legacy we inherited and will bring us strength as the animal rights movement identifies itself as a progressive force for change.

Business will be mixed with pleasure as we enjoy a gourmet raw food demonstration from Pure Food & Wine of New York.

Jay Tutchton of the Environmental Law Clinical Partnership at the University of Denver, together with Peter Galvin of the Center for Biological Diversity, will talk about working for the interests of free-living animals in the midst of an unfriendly political climate.

Brad Miller, National Director of the Humane Farming Association, will talk about irresistible legislation that goes bad, and when activists should cut their legislative losses.

Dr. Richard Twine, a bioethicist joining us from the Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics in Britain, will inform us about the big issues in biotechnology, the importance of understanding an animal as a whole, not by parts, and what we can do to learn about genetic modification and develop an informed political opinion about it.

We look forward to meeting you for these and other presentations. And, if you happen to be at the conference as you are reading this… Enjoy!

*Dining with Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine © 2005 by Priscilla Feral, Lee Hall & Friends of Animals. Click here to order.

Priscilla Feral

Act•ionLine Summer 2005

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