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Spring 2017 - Act•ionLine

Call To Action




FoA believes the most important office in a democracy is citizen. And as US citizens, we have the responsibility to prevent African wildlife from going extinct. That’s why we drafted Cecil’s Law, which would ban the importation, possession, sale or transportation of African leopards, lions, elephants, black and white rhinos and their body parts—all threatened and endangered species. We are heartened that the legislation was assigned a bill number in Connecticut—S.B. No. 942—and in New York—S.B. No. 1883. We are grateful to state Sen. Bob Duff, Senate Majority Leader and state Rep. Fred Camillo for introducing the bill in Connecticut, and state Sens. Tony Avella, Phil Boyle, Jessie
Hamilton and George Latimer for introducing and supporting the legislation in New York.


The importance of Cecil's law is that it recognizes legal trophy hunting as one of the main reasons
that Africa’s Big Five face extinction. Cecil’s Law sends a strong message to Washington and the rest of the country that trophy hunting needs to be stopped, as these endangered species are already fighting for their lives because of poaching and habitat loss.


We are urging all our Connecticut members to call their state representatives and state senators and tell them to support S.B. 284, An Act Concerning Cecil’s Law. (Research shows that calling and speaking directly with legislators is most effective).

You can get contact info for your legislators by calling 860.240.0100. To find an online directory, use this web address cgafindleg.asp.

We are urging all our New York members to call their state assembly members and state senators and tell them to support S.B. 1883, Cecil’s Law. To find an online directory of assembly members, go here: Find your state senators here: nysenate. gov/find-my-senator.

We know there are more non-hunters in Connecticut and New York than hunters, and we need you to make your voices heard.


Do you occasionally visit wild horse herds in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah or Wyoming? If so, Friends of Animals would love to hear from you. We are creating a wild horse registry because our Wildlife Law Program is frequently filing interventions to stop roundups and sterilizations.


The registry will give us the ability use your experience to bolster our litigation. Please send an email to correspondent Nicole Rivard at with your name, address, and phone number and some details about the herd you spend time visiting.


Act•ionLine Spring 2017

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