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Spring 2013 - Act•ionLine


LETTER 1 - Montana's Fishtrap Wolves

The Fishtrap pack is eradicated for the pleasure of hunters!?!?! (I can’t imagine that having a bullet rip through your insides is a pleasurable experience for wolves. I just could not subject an animal to that frightening and painful experience.) . . . and because a single cow was allegedly killed? Unconscionable, barbaric, and infuriating. The only way I know of to gain the attention of beef producers is to hurt them financially. Nothing else is likely to work. They are obviously limited in cognitive processing capacity. I live in Ohio, a long way from  Montana of course, but I am quite prepared to give up beef entirely to gain the attention of beef producers. Perhaps if many of us do that the local producers will pressure their brethren in Montana. Anyone else interested in a boycott?

William P. Howell, PhD
Via E-Mail

Editors' Note:   A full throttle boycott of the meat industry and its products spares heaps of misery. Thank you!

LETTER 2 – Stories From Alaska

Just got the Autumn magazine and liked a lot about it (including the fur poster) but have to say the tale of the jays and squirrels and the hawk took the cake -- a true adventure story, really well written!

Pat Summers

Act•ionLine Spring 2013

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