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A Good Friend Passed Away

The staff of Friends of Animals wish to express our condolences and deepest sympathy to the friends and family of our long-time director for our New York City office, Sandra Lewis, who passed away on Dec. 21, 2012. Sandy, who lived in Craryville, New York, was 74 and suffered from Parkinson's disease.

I remember the day in the late 1980s, when Sandy appeared in my office, then in South Norwalk, Connecticut, and a request that I consider her for the post at Friends of Animals. Sandy breezed through an impressive portfolio of ads she produced for high-profile companies, and told me she was tired of working for the companies that sell drugs, auto insurance or other commercial products, and wanted to take a cut in pay to work at Friends of Animals. What a deal! Then she told me how much she adored dogs and all animals. I hired her on the spot, and her extraordinary talents unfolded for Friends of Animals over the next two decades.

Sandy attracted all kinds of talented and eccentric people to our work. She had top-notch ad agencies producing eye-popping ads for free. For anti-fur demonstrations in New York City, she produced the Bread and Puppet Theater puppets, and re-wrote Christmas carols and notable slogans with catchy anti-fur messages. And when I wrote the first vegan cookbook in 2005, Sandy found me a hard-working agent in New York City.

Sandy 's abilities were brilliant; her loyalty and devotion to our advocacy work made her irreplaceable. There was no one else like her in our field, and never will be again. Sandy was generous, sweet, super-smart and remarkably funny. I enjoyed hearing her talking about the 45-minute trip from Greenwich Village to the office -- not because I enjoyed her ordeal, but because she had me in stitches with the stories.

Sandy 's twin, Susan Williams, said, "I know how loved Sandy was by all the people who have expressed sorrow and love at our loss of a special loving and dedicated life."

I loved Sandy; she was an angel.


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