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Spring 2012 - Act•ionLine

by Lee Hall | Spring 2012

What’s Cooking: New Public Television Show Sponsored by Friends of Animals

Do the cooking shows now on television inspire people with a healthful, sustainable way of eating? Can they do so and succeed? These are the questions that motivate Delicious TV, which has set out to offer great animal-free cooking demonstrations to millions of television and online viewers.

We at Friends of Animals are delighted to have been invited by Miyoko Schinner to sponsor the outlet’s latest public-television project: the “Vegan Mashup” series. Schinner is one of three chefs — along with Toni Fiore, star of Totally Vegetarian, and Terry Hope Romero, who will be sharing the stage each week in introducing fun and easy vegan recipes from their own kitchens.

A six-episode season will be ready to air in September 2012, and will be available for broadcast on U.S. public television stations for at least one year.  

“Vegan Mashup” will show viewers how to prepare good, inexpensive meals by watching the chefs prepare dishes at home. A guest cook will also appear in every episode, exploring ideas such as cooking for teens, holiday meals, and cooking well on impossible budgets.

Delicious TV' s last show, “Totally Vegetarian,” was available in 270 million homes. Can “Vegan Mashup” go even farther? Schinner, a chef and vegan cookbook author who created the vegan “unbird” meal that was served on American Airlines, said, “ Please support this all-new vegan TV show to air on public television and help make this a reality!”

We are doing our part to fund this well, and to provide the animal-rights connection to the vegetarian cause. Can you help us help the chefs? Your extra support for Friends of Animals this year will empower us to continue sponsoring this innovative series.

Here's a link to the website where you can watch the trailer:

Lee Hall

Act•ionLine Spring 2012

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