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Spring 2012 - Act•ionLine

by Dustin Garrett Rhodes | Spring 2012

Cheers and Jeers

This issue’s Cheers and Jeers is devoted to the fur issue. Fur sales have been under assault by animal advocates for decades, but the industry’s multifaceted PR campaign leads many people to believe fur is chic, fashionable, even sustainable. Although celebrities aren’t solely responsible for bringing fur back, they play a role in keeping the industry alive. Whether you love or loathe them, celebrities, and more specifically our culture that remains obsessed with them, influence popular culture in significant ways. People emulate celebrities.

As economically developing countries continue to grow, prosper, and “Westernize,” the fur industry will proliferate. We encourage our readers and members to use every opportunity to talk back to the fur industry — people who make, market and wear fur. Write letters to the editor; place flyers in your local libraries, supermarkets, cafés and other places where people gather (flyers can be ordered from Friends of Animals); speak out. Keep the conversation going. And by all means, please write letters to influential public figures, designers, musicians, etc. who continue to perpetuate the myth that fur is anything but hideous and cruel.

--Dustin Rhodes


Cheers to Cindy Barshop, former “Real Housewives of New York” star, and her spa-chain Completely Bare for ditching the real fox fur in her new “foxy bikini.” The foxy bikini is thankfully now faux. You can thank Barshop, and ask her to ensure that no animals are used for anything every again by contacting Completely Bare customer service line: 855-366-6060.

Cheers to Melissa Rivers, the daughter of Joan Rivers, television host and producer, for publicly coming out against wearing fur. Melissa co-stars on the reality TV show Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best. Melissa’s mother is another story altogether, and we certainly hope Melissa will help encourage her mother to have a change of heart. You can thank Melissa Rivers through:

Melissa Rivers

c/o The Gersh Agency, Inc.
9465 Wilshire Blvd
6th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Phone: 310-274-6611
Fax: 310-278-6232



Jeers to legendary comedian, entrepreneur and reality TV star Joan Rivers — who, despite her obsession with furry canines, continues to purchase and wear fur. While we may find Joan Rivers incredibly funny and entertaining, her wanton love of fur is anything but. Rivers, who co-hosts “The Fashion Police,” also dotes on other fur-wearers — perpetuating the myth that fur is fashionable. We’re asking Joan to ditch the fur habit; we hope you will, too, through:

Joan Rivers

c/o William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Phone: 310-285-9000

Fax: 310-248-2020

Joan Rivers Worldwide
150 E 58th Street
Suite 2400
New York, NY 10155-2402

Phone: 212-751-2028

Jeers to Lady Gaga — whose new-found love of fur is nothing but a bad romance. Several years ago, Gaga was quoted on the gossip blog Perez Hilton as being against it. But now she’s posed in magazines and appeared on red carpets wearing fur and meat dresses — and we’re very disappointed. Gaga champions some important causes and issues; let’s remind Gaga that animal rights matter, too. You can contact Gaga through her publicist at:

Lady Gaga

c/o Avid Exposure, Llc.

8721 W. Sunset Blvd.

Penthouse 3

West Hollywood , CA 90069

 Phone: 310-358-9232

Fax: 310-358-9251



Jeers to Cee Lo Green — a musician, rapper, record producer and actor — who committed a major faux-pas when he performed in Times Square on New Year’s Eve by wearing a full-length fur. Green is a judge and mentor on “ The Voice ” — a wildly popular alternative to “ American Idol ” ; but Green needs to be reminded that fur is only beautiful when it’s on the living animal upon which it belongs. You can contact Green at:

Cee Lo Green

c/o Atlantic Records
1290 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10104




Dustin Garrett Rhodes

Act•ionLine Spring 2012

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