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Autumn 2009 - Act•ionLine


LETTER 1 – Enthusiasm in Fast-Forward

Your name is truly accurate! I am writing to thank you for your wonderful magazine, full of information about important animal issues. As soon as it arrives each quarter, I find time to send out the timely e-mails, phone calls and snail mails requested.  It is a privilege to support your tireless efforts for the animals. 

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq. President
Arlington, Massachusetts

LETTER 2 – Alaska Needs More Than an Image Makeover

In a diatribe against Sarah Palin (Summer 2009), the writer author says "...Alaskans who truly do care about 'our animals' are discouraged, weary, and spread thin .  My own, limited experience with Alaska is that compassion for wildlife is most definitely spread thin among the general population.  

For nearly twenty years, I have been a resident of a small township with huge academic prestige, but absolutely no tolerance for wildlife.  Politically speaking, this town lies at the opposite end of the spectrum from the State of Alaska, but this fact means very little indeed for the animal world.  While the former mayor of this township instituted an intensive campaign of violence and cruelty against wildlife for more than an entire decade, she could have never accomplished her despicable goals without the overwhelming support of the folks who continued to re-elect her until she resigned this year. Neither the State of  Alaska nor the Township of Princeton, New Jersey are  Iran.  The policies of those who govern both of these jurisdictions clearly represent the will of the majority. Do we believe that  Alaska will instantly become kinder and gentler now that Sarah Palin is leaving office?  Don't bet on it.

Frank Wiener
Princeton Twp., NJ

LETTER 3 - Apt Critique

Marybeth Holleman is to be commended for her most excellent, well written article, Sarah Palin's Reign of Terror on Alaska's Wildlife.

    If Sarah Palin isn't stopped, there won't be any wildlife left for her grandchildren to slaughter. Palin's time would be better spent rearing her children.

    Before Caucasians arrived in Alaska, millions of Native Americans lived in harmony with nature and co-existed with all God's creatures.

Anita C. Ferguson
Sylvania , GA 

Act•ionLine Autumn 2009

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