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Autumn 2008 - Act•ionLine

by Dustin Garrett Rhodes| | Autumn 2008

Cheers and Jeers


Cheers to the BellaVita School of in Longmont, Colorado. At this pre-school, which serves vegan meals, students planted their own community garden with the hopes of raising 5% of their own food – and two apple trees on the school’s front lawn! This story was covered in the Longmont Times-Call by Melanie M. Sidwell. Please thank the journalist and encourage more such life-affirming news coverage:

Melanie M. Sidwell
Phone: 303-684-5274

The students can be encouraged by writing to:
The BellaVita School
641 Terry Street
Longmont, CO 80501, United States
Phone: 303-772-3228

Cheers to Glascott Farm , located near Markdale, Ontario ( Canada) for transitioning to vegan-organic agriculture – growing vegetables without the use of animal manure or blood. Owners Cam and Rebecca, according to a profile on the Veganic Agriculture Network website, were inspired to make the transition after having developed a relationship with pigs once used to fertilize the fields. The pigs now live at a sanctuary.

The mission of the Vegan Agriculture Network is to promote the “production of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals without the use of artificial substances nor the use of animal products” and “sustainable, low-impact, plant-based farming and gardening.” To learn more, please visit their website at

Cheers to Chicago Soy Dairy and its new creation, Teese — a meltable vegan cheese replicating mozzarella, so it’s perfect for a homemade vegan pizza. Other cheese products are currently in the works as well. Chicago Soy Dairy is a vegan-run business that uses dedicated vegan equipment.

Teese is available online, in some grocery stores and restaurants throughout North America. For a complete listing of stores and restaurants that sell Teese, visit:
Phone: 630-629-9667   

Write to:
We Love Soy, Inc.
P.O. Box 666
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138-0666,  United States

Cheers to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for pulling out of the ANWR Coalition – because, said a July Teamsters press release, the coalition lines the pockets of big oil tycoons.

Rejecting offshore drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Jim Hoffa stated at an Oakland, California summit on good jobs and clean air; “We are not going to drill our way out of the energy problems we are facing…We must find a long-term approach that breaks our dependence on foreign oil by investing in the development of alternate energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal power.”

The press release is called “ Hoffa Rejects 'Drilling Our Way Out' of Energy Crisis, Demands Long-Term Policy Solutions.”

Jim Hoffa, General President
Contact person: Leigh Strope
Office:  202-624-6911 
Mobile:  202-497-7766


Jeers to Williams Sonoma Home for its new product which features Damselflies — an insect similar to the Dragonfly. The product, designed by Christopher Marley, is a shadowbox containing the Damselfly — marketed as artwork. Marley, on his website, claims that “insect collecting can actually aid in the preservation of insect species by offering an economic incentive to preserve the habitat in which this ‘sustainable rainforest crop’ thrives.” Please let Williams Sonoma Home and Christopher Marley know that insects, like other living beings who inhabit the planet, should be left free in nature.

Williams Sonoma Home, customer service: 888-922-4108
A customer feedback form is available online at

Christopher Marley:
c/o Form and Pheromone
P.O. Box 4451
Salem, OR 97302 United States
Phone: 503-990-8132

Jeers to Cirque du Soleil for featuring live birds in their Las Vegas show starring magician Criss Angel. While Cirque du Soleil is a world-renowned, artistically acclaimed circus troupe that features jaw-dropping human acts, they have no written policy against animals, such as birds or serpents, being featured in acts. Please send polite letters and e-mails expressing a desire to see such a policy instituted.

Contact: Renée-Claude Ménard, Director
Chantal Côté, Corporate PR Manager

Write to:
Cirque du Soleil
International Headquarters
8400 2nd Avenue
Montreal, Qc  H1Z 4M6 

Jeers to the 10th Annual Trout Rodeo of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. This event, held at Anson B. Nixon Park, is advertised as a “great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while participating in a sport” to “enjoy for a lifetime.” Five hundred fish are stocked in two ponds for this event.

Humans can learn to both appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors by respecting the animals with which we share the planet — and observing them in their natural habitats. Suggest to the two sponsors a more respectful event. Kite-making and kite-flying, for example, would avoid the use of animals as amusements.

Red Clay Valley Association
1760 Unionville-Wawaset Road
West Chester, PA 19382-6751 United States
Phone: 610-793-1090

Kennett Area Park Authority
P.O. Box 1121
Kennett Square , PA 19348 United States
Phone: 610-444-1416

Cheers and Jeers to Austin, Texas for its Veggie Hot Dog Contest — a competitive eating competition that highlighted vegan hot dogs and ice cream. Promoting veganism is a noble activity, but highlighting gluttony by treating food as a contest is the wrong avenue.

While this event is a mixed bag and we’re not suggesting you contact the facilitators, we do recommend sharing the gift of peaceful food by preparing delicious meals for and with others, hosting vegan potlucks, or donating your time and vegan foods to those who need it in your area.

Jeers to the South Philadelphia Tap Room for including African lion on their appetizer menu. While US law allows “exotic animals” to be bred and slaughtered to eat, the habitat of African lions is continuously diminishing, and so are the numbers of lions living in their natural habitat. No animal need be included on a restaurant menu in the first place, and introducing people to lion flesh is preposterous. Let the South Philadelphia Tap Room know that lions do not belong on a restaurant menu -- no matter how they’re raised or procured.

South Philadelphia Tap Room
1509 Mifflin Street ,
Philadelphia, PA 19145 United States
Phone: 215-271-7787

Dustin Garrett Rhodes|

Act•ionLine Autumn 2008

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