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Autumn 2008 - Act•ionLine

Animal Advocacy Above the 49th Parallel

Report from Friends of Animals’ Canadian Correspondent

Miscarriages of Justice

We have a busy campaign here, in my home town of Victoria, British Columbia, to end the horse-drawn carriage business.

Last year, we educated through vigils held directly across from the carriage companies’ pick-up spot. We distributed thousands of leaflets and collected signatures from residents and tourists alike.

Next stop: City Hall. We’re bringing the signed petitions, and seeking a legal end to the custom.

KFC Canada: The Victory That Wasn’t

Recently, an animal advocacy group claimed a victory against KFC.

“All we want is for KFC worldwide to do what KFC Canada has done” says the organization, referring primarily to the use of gas instead of electricity to kill chickens.

But the only way to ensure birds are not maltreated is to stop consuming them. Which brings us to…

The Victoria Vegan

Now in its 13 th issue, The Victoria Vegan newsletteroffers Victoria and Vancouver vegans and other interested people fresh and informative articles written by local activists. We also offer recipes, product and restaurant reviews, and listings of local resources and vegan activities.

We print 900 copies on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, then distribute them to dozens of locations. The newsletter can also be read online:

Vegetarian in Toronto

Friends of Animals will appear at the 24th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair from Sept. 5 th through 7 th in Toronto. With over 100 exhibitors, it’s billed as the largest event of its kind in North America, and we’ll be looking forward to sharing the animal-rights message with the thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the presentations, information, and, of course, much delicious food.

Vegans on Wheels

Vegan advocacy group OrganicAthlete, with an active chapter and cycling team in Victoria, did well at the 2008 British Columbia Provincial Track Cycling Championships. I won four bronze medals in both sprint and endurance events. And that’s not all. Our group members also won gold and silver medals, demonstrating that athletes can cut out animal products and match the fastest riders anywhere in the province.

“I’ve lost weight; I’m as light as I was when I was 18, and am faster now than I was younger,” says 4km Pursuit Gold Medalist Emile de Rosnay, crediting a vegetarian diet for the success.

Act•ionLine Autumn 2008

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