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Autumn 2006 - Act•ionLine

by Bill Dollinger | Autumn 2006

Cheers and Jeers


To the rock band Weezer, for announcing on their Web site that the wedding of their lead singer Rivers Cuomo to Kyoto Ito featured a menu of “delicious vegan fare.”

c/o Geffen Records
2220 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404

To Ringo Starr,for advocating on behalf of seals during an interview with the Toronto Sun. The musician said, “Yeah…why are you bashing those poor baby seals on the head for someone to wear a fur coat? Give me a break. I'm a vegetarian too..."

Ringo Starr
c/o Rocca Bella
24 Ave. Princess Grace,
Monte Carlo
(Postage rate from the United States is $0.84.)

To artist Bob Waldmire,for turning down a request from Pixar Studios to base a character on him in the animated film “Cars,” due to the likelihood that his name would be used as part of a merchandising deal with McDonalds. Waldmire told the Springfield, Illinois State Journal Register, “That made up my mind real quick. I couldn't have them selling a bus with my name at a McDonald's if I'm an ethical vegetarian."

To New York City Council Member Rosie Mendez (D-Manhattan), for introducing a bill to ban the use of exotic animals acts in New York City. We at Friends of Animals look forward to the day when no nonhuman animals will be used in circus acts.

Council Member Rosie Mendez
237 First Ave, Suite 504
New York, NY 10003

To the Salem Vegan Society,for organizing the 2006 Vegan Food Drive. The only vegan society in the northeast to use the word “vegan” in its name, the group called on volunteers to collect vegan food and deliver it to people temporarily housed at the Salem Mission. The Salem Vegan Food Drive is the first completely vegan food drive in the Boston-metro region

Salem Vegan Society
Web site:
Telephone: 978-745-3314

To the Whale Rescue Team, for their June 4 rescue and medical attention for a seal pup who had swallowed two fishing hooks that had been discarded on a pier. For more than 20 years, this team has provided aid to entangled, beached or injured animals along the California coast. And cheers for the Los Angeles County lifeguards who assisted with the August 14 rescue of a sea lion in El Segundo. The only way to provide support for a sick sea lion stranded on the rocks is to approach from the water and place a hoop net over the animal's head. The key is not to let the sea lion elude rescue by slipping into the water -- even if it's just inches deep. Thank goodness the concern of this team of lifeguards knew no species barrier.

Whale Rescue Team
415 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, Calif. 90290
Web site:
Steve Moseley, Lifeguard Chief
Lifeguard Center Headquarters
1201 The Strand
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

For the Dalai Lama’s plea,made in the January 2006 Kalachakra teachings in Amaravati, India, that people “neither use, sell, nor buy wild animals, their products or derivatives.”

The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling
P.O. McLeod Ganj
Dharamsala H.P. 176219
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To the Berks-Mont Business Association, for their event based on the television program “Fear Factor,” held during the Sidewalk Expo in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. According to the Pottstown Mercury, the contest involved competitors groping through tanks of goldfish for car keys and exploding balloons full of live crickets.

David Endy
President, BMBA
Post Office Box 862
Boyerstown, PA 19512

To the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment,for the killing of “Bruno,” the first free-living bear to be sighted in Germany in 170 years. Authorities targeted the bear because he failed to display fear of humans and was searching for food in and around Alpine villages. According to Washington Post reporter Craig Whitlock, the last straw was an encounter in which Bruno “stood up on his hind legs and snarled at three overly curious hikers who saw him in the woods and tried to follow him, but got too close.”

Werner Schnappauf
Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment
Rosenkavalierplatz 2
81925 München
(Postage rate from the United States is $0.84.)

Bill Dollinger

Act•ionLine Autumn 2006

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