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Update on Connecticut Alert

March 23, 2006 | Legislature / Take Action

This important update is on status of two bills before the Connecticut General Assembly, "An Act Concerning Monk Parakeets" and "An Act Concerning Limited Sunday Hunting."

The first bill, which would protect Monk Parakeets from being captured or killed, could be in trouble if it is not approved by the General Assembly's Judiciary Committee. H.B. 5804, "An Act Concerning Monk Parakeets and Hearings Prior to the Euthanization of Dogs," has been given the designation File No. 404. On March 20, the General Assembly's Environment Committee unanimously approved the bill, however, on April 11 the bill was sent to the Judiciary Committee.

Please contact the Judiciary Committee Co-Chairs Rep. Mike Lawlor ( and Senator Andrew McDonald ( and urge them to quickly vote yes on File 404 so it can be voted on the House floor. Please pass this urgent message along, especially to East Haven residents living in Rep. Lawlor's District, and Stamford and Darien residents living in Senator McDonald's District. Also, contact your own state legislators to support this bill.

Also on April 11, the second bill, which would allow bow-hunting on private land on Sunday, was passed by the Senate. S.B. 605, "An Act Concerning Limited Sunday Hunting," will now go to the House. The bill title implies the Sunday deer-killing will be limited to private land away from public view, but deer shot with arrows on private land will run up to two miles before they die. We already see wounded deer flee into residential roads and neighborhoods six days a week; Connecticut residents shouldn't be subjected to this harrowing scene any day of the week "“ let alone everyday of the week, five months out of the year.

Please urge your Representative to vote against S.B. 605. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has worked to continually liberalize state hunting laws each year since the passage of the Deer Management Act in 1974. Hunting in the state needs to be eliminated, not expanded. You can find your Representative by looking up your town at or locate your representative by zip code at


please eliminate hunting altogether. leave the poor animals alone. their life is worth as much as yours. and who knows, ever heard of reincarnation? give a thought, would you.

Have they lost thier minds?! I used to live in Alaska, I loved it there! But boycott? You bet I will! I know several of people I work with that are planning trips up north. Believe me, I'll do everything in my power to convince them otherwise! It's 2006! My god, people! WAKE UP!

I am sick and tired of people who hunt and kill animals for their own pleasure, the modern Christians believe in animal rights, traditional Christians believe otherwise, I know Jesus would not allow his creatures to be destroyed, I dedicate my life and work as a photographer (nature wildlife) to see an end to the slaughter of all animals, in a 21st-century there is no way we need to slaughter for food. We especially do not need to kill animals for sport like the big bad hunters, the majority of hunters are underachievers anyway, I'm guessing this makes them feel manly.

Once again some poor defenseless animal's fate lies in the hands of "the wrong people" Leave nature to be and let the good loving people who would love nothing more than to live in harmony with them decide what's best. It is the 21st century and one would thing by now humans would be civilized and learn how to do things right. The cave man days are over and there are humane ways to get clothing and food as there are to get along with each other.

I know that there has been the sport of hunting and before that they hunted for survival but in this century it is ashame for any animal to go extinct for the simple reason of people finding the joy in killing the beautiful animals of our world. I think we all need to stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking of the whole picture. Do we want to keep hunting for the sport or for the people who wear it until there aren't any animals left? We are not the only ones who have a right to survive.

I don't think it is our place to determine the worthiness of others lives. We're not God and we weren't given that job. We all have the right to survive and have a decent life. One would think that humans who are suppose to be the more intelligent (???) would set an example for all other living species. Greed somehow always gets in the way. We should learn to live peacefully with all that inhabit this world. The last time I checked we humans were doing a great job at destroying everything on the planet including the planet.

Well I agree leave the animals alone they are doing nothing wrong.

On April 11, The Sunday bow-hunting bill which extends the violence of bow-hunting to private lands on Sundays for five months out of the year, passed the State Senate in Connecticut with a vote of 27-8. Now is the time to call and write your State Representative in the House to defeat S.B. 605. Complain about the DEP's propaganda effort to pass this bill, and express your opposition to a bill that caters to several hundred bow-hunters who wound deer -- causing deer to flee for up to two miles before they bleed to death, or have their throats cut by the bow-hunter. Bow-hunters view this bloodletting as an exciting sport, while their apologists in the DEP wrap it in biological mumbo jumbo. Deer don't need to be controlled; hunters should control themselves. And, the Department of Environmental Protection needs a new mission -- one that isn't framed by acts of violence, and hunting license revenues that define the DEP's devotion to treating hunters as clients. Next, please write Gov. Rell and press her not to sign the bill into law if received from the House. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

What is Rells address? She recently in the Danbury News Times Commended the work of the DEP and wildlife people for saving a deer that had an arrow in the middle of its forehead. He would come to some ones house and feed. So he was eventually sedated and the arrow cut off. It was an ugly site and made i believe the front page of the Danbury News times a couple months back. Believe me I do not like the DEP at all they love to kill. I'm sure the others involved were the main help. I would like to point that out to Jodi Rell that we do not need more hunting. It seems no one listens to the people its all perfect dirty politics. The people should vote not just a group of hunters and DEP people who love to kill and obviously miss their target more than often or hit their target with the animal suffering afterwards as above!! [Blog Editors' Note: Please do contact Governor Rell and ask that the Sunday hunting bill not be signed should it pass the House.] Governor M. Jodi Rell Executive Office of the Governor State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut 06106 Greater Hartford Area: 860-566-4840 Toll Free: 800-406-1527 TDD: 860-524-7397 E-Mail:

Senator Nickerson voted "yes" on Sunday hunting, but I was told by his aide, Kimberly Anderson, that most calls/letters/emails were against this bill. So much for representing the views of his constituents - I hope everyone will remember this when it's time to vote for him again. I hope everyone expresses their displeasure and disappointment to their own senators who voted for SB 605, and remind them that constituents can make or break them! Now is the time to put pressure on the representatives,some of whom aren't very cooperative in disclosing how they will vote on this bill. Remind them that they must represent your views, which are in the majority! It is our right not to have to put up with Sunday bowhunting - six days a week ought to be enough for those bloody killers - they don't need Sundays, too, to get their jollies!


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