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Finally, the wolves won. Then Alaska's Board of Game changed the rules.

February 01, 2006 | Wolves

On the 17th of January, Alaska's Superior Court declared that the aerial wolf control scheme, in which people in aircraft chase wolves to exhaustion and then shoot them, is invalid. The airborne hunting permits, issued to boost moose populations for human hunters, flew in the face of the Board of Game's own regulations. Since 2003, 445 wolves have been gunned down using those permits that were wrongly issued. The state wants to wipe out 400 more wolves under the scheme this season, but the permits were recalled. So Alaska's Board of Game called an emergency meeting -- as though its lack of competence in adhering to its own rules is properly called an emergency.

Sunday, the 29th of January, the Board just flat-out repealed requirements for public notice and input regarding wolf and bear control. It also repealed all requirements and limitations that apply generally to wolf control -- the very bases for the Court's initial January ruling that existing wolf control plans are invalid! For the first time in history, Alaska's officials are allowing the sale of bear hides and skulls. The Board of Game decided to apply this rule in a part of northeastern Alaska, and the interior areas where aerial wolf hunting has been allowed. Bruce Bartley, a Fish and Game spokesperson, said that when Alaska gained statehood, many residents thought federal laws had targeted wolves and bears too ruthlessly, and the new state "wanted to treat them as animals worthy of respect in their own right." As Bartley told the Anchorage Daily News: Things are different now. Animals aren't worthy of respect these days in Alaska. Their fate lies with a capricious Game Board, or game-playing board. When caught in their games, they try, like peeved children, to change the rules. Friends of Animals' goal is to stop the entire scheme. Last Friday -- ten days after the wolves prevailed in Court -- we returned, seeking a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the Game Board's "emergency" circumvention. Yesterday, the judge turned down our Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against the emergency regulations adopted by the Board last week. So predator control can go forth, under the new regulations we've just challenged. We're now considering our legal options. Please consider making a donation to our efforts on behalf of Alaska's wolves.


I am from Texas and am so against what your Governor and the Alaska Board of Game is doing to wolves. Now I understand the new proposals before them right now, mean to step up the brutal, unwarranted aerial killing, bagging and harvesting of wolves and bears for sport and for fur. And, they are including snow machines to this aerial assault, so hunters can get even closer into dense habitat. I am appalled. The so called emergency issue of declining moose populations is bunk. All this amounts to is the hunting and trapping lobby having their way in the name of big dollars to the State of Alaska. More hunters and trappers means more money. What a bloodsport. The Board should be ashamed. Their website talks about preserving the ecosystem, flora, fauna and wolf habitat. Yet now they want to increase the killings. Am I the only one who thinks this is nuts? I am right now faxing letters every hour to the hotel in Fairbanks where the Board is meeting in hopes there will be some hope for the wolves and bears.

I'm shocked that hunting wolves is permitted. I read "Never Cry Wolf," in high school and I remember that the main point the author made was that wolves mostly eat rodents and when they hunt in a pack and kill a large animal- such as a moose- it was usually one of the herd which was old or diseased. The wolves were actually keeping the herds healthy this way. If you eliminate the wolves you'll destroy the herds by the spreading of diesase. So how foolish are these hunters? Do they want entire herds to fall apart? Or is man's greed to always step in and mess everything up? I don't get it...what imbeciles. My family was going to visit Alaska and Canada this year, but I'll be boycotting both. Keep up the good work!

I am outraged that aerial gunning has been make legal in Alaska and it is tourture to the wolves. The wolves just want to survive

*WHAT DO WE WANT? "WOLF FREEDOM!" WHEN DO WE WANT IT? "NOW!" Save those little cuties. And !!!!!SAVE WOLVES!!!!!* I think that's what a group of wolf lovers should do. And on an episode of Ed, Edd, en' Eddy (I told you I was still young) the dumb one got a wolf pelt from his pen-pall and it sickened me! And one of the dudes had a wolf head for a mask... *(Barfing and crieing at the same time)* Is it fair for such a beautiful and innocent creature to have a bad reputation for living it's life? I mean humans hunt alot more then wolves and we don't eat it all. We also use animal skins to show off about it. Also we're more violent then wolves. I mean we have wars! We kill for the fun of it. I think humans should have their reputation! I just wanna march over to the Gov. of Alaska and beat 'em up!!! Then cry to make 'em feel guilty ('cause I'm a kid!). Then have a tempure tantrum. And if I must... *START A WAR!* Just kidding...only about the war... But that's how I feel. I've got all my class and teacher on the good side of wolves. And I'll never quit! Maybe (if you already aren't) do the same. !!!!SAVE WOLVES!!!!

That's NOT a game, it'a a SHAME !!!! I was planning a trip to Alaska, but ... I changed my mind. ( I AM VERY SORRY, VERY SORRY FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE LIVING THERE BUT GO AGAINST YOUR GOV.) Alessia from Italy

People think that wolves are safe...BUT THEY'RE STILL IN DANGER! I saw the territory of Mexican Gray Wolves, and on a map, it is smaller than my pinkey nail! I'll be back with more info.

I'm Alaskan and also believe in animal rights. Thanks for helping some of our most vulnerable AK friends!