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Are They Out of Their Minds in Alaska?

March 08, 2006 | Wolves / Alaska Boycott

You've probably heard about it: They hunt wolves from the air in Alaska. Friends of Animals sued on behalf of the wolves, and in the interest of bringing sanity to Alaska. And the Superior Court said the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme was breaking the law. But within days, the Board of Game concocted new rules. Hunters are back up in the air -- and out of their minds.

That's why, beginning in the 13 March edition of USA Today, the world will see advertisements reading "If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose, you're either out of your mind or in Alaska."

Advertisements will also run in other high-profile publications, including The Nation (3 April), The Progressive (May), and Harper's (May).

wolf ad by Friends of Animals
Boycott Alaska ad, appearing in USA Today on Monday, March 13, 2006

"Aerial wolf-shooting has long been a thrill-seeking opportunity," said Priscilla Feral, Friends of Animals president. "But Board of Game members insist that there's a reason for what they enable."

And here it is: Wolves must be gunned down to stop them from killing moose. That way, later on, other hunters can kill the moose. And this is why they're aiming for 400 more wolves this spring.

You can help. Stay in your right mind, and pledge to avoid travel to Alaska.

A gallery of wolf supporters have converged at So far, a hundred people have posted their photos, and more are coming each day to declare: "We'd rather be here than in Alaska." Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically at the Boycott Alaska web site.


I've always planned a trip to Alaska but I will go ANYWHERE ELSE (well, not Canada) to avoid supporting such insanity! This is as evil as the Canadian Seal "Hunts".

I'm living in Belgium but I care of the wolfs in Alaska, We need them , don't shoot them for nothing. It's a evil sport,If you are a man fight with them with equal weapons. Danny

Has the world gone crazy???? I think all people that hurt or kill animals, should be treated the same way as they did to animals!!!!! The world would be a so much better place to live in!

Please stop this cruel practice. Animals are not just there for us to go around needlessy killing them. It is a barbaric practice to kill animals for sport. For survial, I understand. But it is not sport when the animal has no chance. It is so cruel. Moira

I'm living in Denmark but I care of the wolfs and baby seals in Alaska. We need them, why shoot them for nothing?

I just hope this can be stop!!! Don't like to see animals made into coats. I would never wear a coat made out an animal.

Because I love animals...

I just read today's paper. The Bush administration is proposing to remove the grey wolf from the endangerd species in Michigan.

Ok, Here I go again. This is a discussion my B/F & I have often. It usually ends in an arguement. We live in Alaska & he is FOR the wolf hunts & I am AGAINST them. This year when Anchorage allowed the hunt for moose because of over population; although it was only a few moose killed, it made me shake my head & ask what the hell is wrong with these people??? Shooting moose in Anchorage, too few moose in some places, & moose STARVING to death last year in Kenai & Soldotna. Now doesn't that make ya shake YOUR heads? I know several people that hunt, that every year they have to throw moose meat away just so they can go hunt another moose! Mostly for the antlers I think. I know people that have SEVERAL antlers already in their back yards that are just sitting there. But maybe this year they'll get the BIG one? OK, for my 2 cents worth on the people/natives that HAVE to hunt for subsistence; why do most of them have brand new snowmachines? Didn't they use the wolves ages ago for transportation? Shouldn't they be for saving the wolves? Mary Ann S Kenai Alaska

I am a wolf fanatic and it pains me to know people treat these gorgeous animals like they do. They are just trying to survive like everyone else. I admit I have always wanted to go to Alaska to visit but have now changed my mind. If this is the way they treat wildlife, how do they expect me to believe they treat people better? I takes a weak indidvidual to shoot a wolf from the air than to face it straight on. They are COWARDS!!!!!! If I could bring a few down to where I live they would be more than welcome. Some people have no heart and no brains. I am going to donate to the cause and will try to do my part to help these noble creatures because I'd rather be ANYWHERE than ALASKA!!!!!! Mark S. Collins


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