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The International Day of Protest Against Canada's Seal Hunt at the Office of the Consulate General of Canada

March 15, 2006 | Seals

New York City- On March 15th, from Noon to 2pm, Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will come to the door of the Canadian Consulate in Manhattan, in an international day of protest to alert New York residents that the world's largest commercial hunt is set to continue this spring on the ice floes off Newfoundland's coast. Advocates will gather at 1251 Avenue of the Americas (50th Street & 6th Avenue) to urge Canadian Consulate General Pamela Wallin and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end the seal hunt now. Activists across the world will hold vigils in solidarity with the seals.

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, states: "Regardless of the numbers of seals targeted, or Canada's assurances that the battering is 'humane,' the seal slaughter is immoral. Seals are not resources or commodities. They're entitled to be left alone. Friends of Animals opposes the killing of seal pups for the death and suffering it imposes on every single seal."

The Canadian Department of Fisheries is set to unveil a new plan to dispose of hundreds of thousands of seals. Over the last three years, about a million seals were slaughtered on the ice, mainly for their fur. Canada's government supports the annual slaughter by establishing quotas for the kill and providing assistance on the ice. Federal funds are used for seal processing plants, to market seal furs and other seal products, and to develop new products from dead seals.

Seal pelt exports to Europe and Asia have risen as Canada continues marketing efforts. The pelts comprise a lucrative market in Russia, Denmark, Norway, Greenland, and China-not to mention in Canada itself. Each pelt represents the irreplaceable life of a pup who was too young to swim away from harm. Mother seals defending their pups may be killed along with the youngsters.

Foreign tourism brought in $18 billion in revenue to Canada in 2004, with a large portion coming from New England visitors. 78 million dollars was spent by Ottawa on the Canadian Tourism Bureau to boost the tourism industry-a figure far larger than the annual revenues from dead seals, which are $16.5 million. A foreign-tourism boycott supported by national animal advocacy groups would put pressure where it belongs-on the Canadian government-to end the seal hunt, and the federal subsidies that support it.

To act immediately on behalf of seals, you can join us this week, Wednesday the 15th, in New York City.



FRIENDS OF ANIMALS' PROTEST UPDATE--NYC The protest was a great success! We had a huge turnout, with over 200 supporters who came out today-handing out all our flyers and getting all the postcards filled out by passerby. I was interviewed on camera by an AP reporter, so be on the lookout for coverage on TV. Nellie Mckay, the singer/songwriter/animal activist came to the protest and she was leading chants on the megaphone, and Joan (FoA staff) also led chants in five languages to represent the International support for the seals. Photos will be posted tomorrow. We attracted a huge amount of attention, educated many, many people, and broadcast our seal hunt footage so the public could see for themselves what the seal hunt really is. Today, we stood in solidarity with the seals, and Manhattan heard us. Our voices need to continue to be heard, by Prime Minister Harper, and the rest of the world. Edita Birnkrant Campaign Supporter Friends of Animals

Boston, MA. also held a protest today on behalf of the helpless seals.....We had a great turnout and hope that this inhumane act of cruelty comes to an end soon... God Bless those that care and showed their support. We urge those who are not involved to GET INVOLVED. These helpless and defensless creatures do not deserve this mistreatment by such ignorant so called human beings. On behalf of those who cant speak, please take a minute to EDUCATE YOURSELF. TIME IS RUNNING OUT and the SEAL SLAYINGS will BEGIN March 28, 2006 as scheduled. Let's PUT AN END to this TODAY!!!


Boston, Massachusetts This is a great cause - we need to keep up the good work on educating people about this terrible thing they do to the seals.

My letter to the San Francisco Bee: Dear Elizabeth, I do not normally like to get into public fights with fellow Canadians, especially in international media, but I have to write about the shocking and shameful letter which was written to your paper by Tristan E. Landry, Consul and Head of Public Affairs, Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco. Has our head of public affairs in San Francisco even BEEN to Newfoundland? I am a Newfoundlander with a Seal Hunting heritage. I am also a Canadian who wants the best for the people of my country. The Government of Canada does not allow members of the media or the general public to go out onto the ice floes and witness the kill. It's no wonder, when you know what actually goes on, as I do. I know from stories told by my own family members who have partaken in the hunt, that it is a brutal mass slaughter. It's a bloodbath on the ice. And for what? A fur coat and some stinky seal meat? The Government and media likes to portray the Seal Hunt as 'humane'. The fact of the matter is that there are not enough veterinarians employed to oversee this type of hunt. Who can possibly regulate anything at all on a moving and dangerous ice floe, in strong and bitterly cold wind, with blowing snow all around you? While this Seal Hunt may bring temporary income to a few struggling Newfoundlanders with little education, it does not take away the fact that this is not a sustainable hunt in the long term. A mere few weeks ago, Canadian media reported a 'sad story' about mother Seals having no ice on which to have their babies! The 'experts' at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans said that the lack of ice was 'possibly' due to Global Warming... Not only is the hunt ecologically unsound, the international backlash against Canada will be far more detrimental to our country than the $16 or so million dollars that this pathetic hunt will bring in to a few of my fellow Newfoundlanders. The international business community, as well as caring individuals from around the world, now have the impression that we are all hideous animal abusers in Canada. Why is this happening in an otherwise intelligent and humane country that is known everywhere for being so friendly? It is because of people (like Tristan E. Landry) with ill-informed and outdated attitudes towards solving unemployment issues in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Nadine Saunders Vancouver, BC Original letter from Tristan E. Landry can be found online.

Blog Editor: Considering you can offer such a rude retort to my comments..I wish to clarify something. Yes, I do live in Alaska but am from Northern Canada where the seal hunts occur as well as in Nfld. You obviously do not agree that seals are shot..well I know different. I wonder if you or anyone else is aware of the climate in the far farm land...outrageous food prices (lets see you pay 5$ for a gallon of milk!) Not to mention that hunting is a traditional way of life. You must know that Inuit do not go out and kill seals and then discard the meat...right??? Do I want to see pups beat to death for fur? of course not! As far as the Inuit in northern Canada...this is there way of life and it will not change. Now...regarding the hunting comment...its not bizarre. Its just fact. I suppose now you will come back and tell me the way it "really" is in the north..right? Don't believe me, I've only lived there for 40 years. [Blog editors' note: Seals are clubbed and seals are shot. It's all vile, and your sense of entitlement is ridiculous. If you don't want seal pups clubbed to death for fur then stop defending this bloody commercial massacre of a huge magnitude. It's conducted by residents of Newfoundland; we're not now addressing the killing by Inuits who also kill marine mammals. It's homo sapiens who are overboard, and after 40 years of living anywhere, you should have a grasp of that concept. ]

Prime minister is very heartless,I'm a canadian and very ashame of my country for allowing this to continue.I hope everybody from the states BANS canada.I love seals they have right to live just like us.SHAME ON HARPER AND MY COUNRTY!!!

How can you shame our great land, you call yourself a canadian. If everyone banned canadian seafood, the poor fisherman in Newfoundland wouldn't be able to pay the bills. To those of you who think that the seal hunt represents such a small amount of the average newfoundlanders income. Tell little johnny that his family won't be having christmas this year, because dad can't afford it anymore. Seals don't have as much of a right to live as us. They don't have feelings. We do. Simple as that. [Hello JJ. We've got news for you. Seals are sentient; they've got brains, feelings and interests in their own lives. Tell your government to call the massacre off, and to act like a civilized nation that's privleged enough to also be a major economic power. Until that happens, it's not fish that we're boycotting -- we advocate vegetarianism -- it's foreign travel to Canada out of respect for seals and much more. ]

man that really sucks...canada sucks.....those poor seals!!!


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