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Are They Out of Their Minds in Alaska?

March 08, 2006 | Wolves / Alaska Boycott

You've probably heard about it: They hunt wolves from the air in Alaska. Friends of Animals sued on behalf of the wolves, and in the interest of bringing sanity to Alaska. And the Superior Court said the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme was breaking the law. But within days, the Board of Game concocted new rules. Hunters are back up in the air -- and out of their minds.

That's why, beginning in the 13 March edition of USA Today, the world will see advertisements reading "If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose, you're either out of your mind or in Alaska."

Advertisements will also run in other high-profile publications, including The Nation (3 April), The Progressive (May), and Harper's (May).

wolf ad by Friends of Animals
Boycott Alaska ad, appearing in USA Today on Monday, March 13, 2006

"Aerial wolf-shooting has long been a thrill-seeking opportunity," said Priscilla Feral, Friends of Animals president. "But Board of Game members insist that there's a reason for what they enable."

And here it is: Wolves must be gunned down to stop them from killing moose. That way, later on, other hunters can kill the moose. And this is why they're aiming for 400 more wolves this spring.

You can help. Stay in your right mind, and pledge to avoid travel to Alaska.

A gallery of wolf supporters have converged at So far, a hundred people have posted their photos, and more are coming each day to declare: "We'd rather be here than in Alaska." Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically at the Boycott Alaska web site.


Seems there are a lot of "subsistence hunters" in Alaska -- they hunt to survive, not for sport. I'm a "subsistence worker" down in the lower 48 -- I work to survive, not for sport, and certainly not for fun. I've seen tough times too. Difference is, if I am living in a place where I can't make a living, I have to say good-bye to friends and move the family to where I can find a job. I don't ask or expect the GOVERNMENT to make a job for me -- yet some of these Alaskan subsistence hunters want the GOVERNMENT to manipulate wildlife populations just so they don't have to move. From where I sit, that just doesn't seem fair. And anyone who has lived in Alaska for a long time knows that's not how it used to be.

We really did cancel a trip to Alaska because of the wolf killing. We sent a copy of our letter to the travel company to GOV. Murkowski and the Alaska Tourist Board. We didn't hear from them but an Alaskan newspaper called to interview us. A lot of good it did! We're back to square one. [Blog editors' note: We share your frustration. When good people do nothing, the governor says nobody cares. That's why action matters; dissent counts and economic boycotts carry weight. Over history, sometimes boycotts have taken years, even decades to produce change. The governor's term will expire in two years and wolf and bear control should be an issue for the gubernatorial campaign. ]

what Alaska is doing to the Wolves is so barbaric and should be stopped once and for all. the air and shoot method is extremely cruel and unfair to the wolves, they do not stand a chance to survive via this method, only cowards, which many hunters are, will hunt this way where the animal does not stand a chance to survive. please put an end to this cruel air and shoot hunt now! let the wolves be to live in peace.

Re the dentists and lawyers the blog editor referred to in response to Erin Murray's March 14, 2006, post: I would rather have my teeth rot than patronize a thrill-seeking hunter/dentist, and I would rather stand trial defending myself than pay a thrill-seeking hunter/lawyer. EDITOR: Your advertisement is compelling. QUESTION: Have you thought about running it in The American Conservative magazine, to awaken conservatives' humane-ity? When we love animals and THEIR environment as much as we love ourselves, there will be no need to stay away from Alaska. But if we keep up the killing, and bring in the drilling, we won't even WANT to visit. Meantime, I'm on board the boycott.

I'm a preschool teacher and I tell my children that all "creatures great and small" are cherished. We even save spiders at my school. Why harm such a beautiful animal as the wolf? Man is to blame for most of the Earth's wonderful creations. Nancy Levine

What they are doing to the wolves in alaska is so unbelieveble it is so barbaric and cruel that its totally out of my mind me and my family will not be traviling to Alaska until this barbaric act is stopped

This is so sad. There is something mentally wrong with anyone that can do something like this. They should sit these people down and show them documentarys on female wolves taking care of young that does not even belong to them.

Absolutely inhumane and cruel behavior. I can assure you that I will not be travelling to Alaska to give them any of my hard-earned money. Maybe an international broadcast would put a dent in their tourist industry, especially the cruise ships that travel there.

How can an individual call themselves a hunter when they use mechanized vehicles to chase the wolves to exhaustion then shoot them. I have immense respect for what FOA is doing and support them 100% even tho I do not share all of their philosophies. My husband raised our boys that if you shoot it you eat it. I am not a supporter of sport hunting, killing for the sake of killing, however I do understand that in many parts of the world hunting for food is a necessary evil. In our own lower 48 we could have learned so much about ethics and morality from our Native Peoples but we wiped them out too. I understand that the Native population in Alaska have the same respect in most cases, you use all of what you hunt. What about the old Alaskan Native belief that the wolf means healthy populations of food sources. We as a society should be ashamed that we now believe that we are the most sophisticated species on Earth, boy do we have alot to learn. Science and the natural workings of the environment are very clear. We the human species are indeed Nature's Cancer. If we showed some respect for the circle of life Mother Earth would not be in the intensive care unit as she is today.. As far as we in the lower 48 having no right to comment or act, bull, the last time I checked we are all inhabitants of one world, one Earth.

I can't understand why people have no hearts for animals. Everyday we see sad stories on the news. I will not go to Alaska until this stops. I also have a friend who was going in April but now she won't. Unbelieveble. I'm for BOYCOTT ALASKA!!!


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