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Are They Out of Their Minds in Alaska?

March 08, 2006 | Wolves / Alaska Boycott

You've probably heard about it: They hunt wolves from the air in Alaska. Friends of Animals sued on behalf of the wolves, and in the interest of bringing sanity to Alaska. And the Superior Court said the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme was breaking the law. But within days, the Board of Game concocted new rules. Hunters are back up in the air -- and out of their minds.

That's why, beginning in the 13 March edition of USA Today, the world will see advertisements reading "If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose, you're either out of your mind or in Alaska."

Advertisements will also run in other high-profile publications, including The Nation (3 April), The Progressive (May), and Harper's (May).

wolf ad by Friends of Animals
Boycott Alaska ad, appearing in USA Today on Monday, March 13, 2006

"Aerial wolf-shooting has long been a thrill-seeking opportunity," said Priscilla Feral, Friends of Animals president. "But Board of Game members insist that there's a reason for what they enable."

And here it is: Wolves must be gunned down to stop them from killing moose. That way, later on, other hunters can kill the moose. And this is why they're aiming for 400 more wolves this spring.

You can help. Stay in your right mind, and pledge to avoid travel to Alaska.

A gallery of wolf supporters have converged at So far, a hundred people have posted their photos, and more are coming each day to declare: "We'd rather be here than in Alaska." Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically at the Boycott Alaska web site.


We as human beings should be ashamed of ourselves. These blessed beings have every right to be here. Their food is the moose, rabbits, deer and other creatures. The only take the young, old or ill animals. The weaker ones usually. This makes the stock stronger. Hunters are defeating the purpose of hunting wolves then hunting the moose. Man takes for greed and fur. He does not care about the stock only their trophies. I will never go to Alaska. These poor animals have been hunted for years. They still need our protection. They have family structures and care for the young, old and feel pain and loss. What right do we have to take this away from them!! They have and earned their right to be alive and live a free life from torture and hate and ignorance. Leave them be.!!! Mary in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Isn't it obvious that the big bad hunters are competing with the social, intelligent wolf for eating their focus of their blood sport "the moose" - well, one could say now their blood sport is the wolf. They should be ARRESTED! It is immoral and should be illegal to allow any idiot all rights to do whatever they deem to non-human animals. Give a permit to any sadistic coward to have "sport" with defenseless animals. This world sickens me.

Besides the obvious ridiculousness of this form of legalized hunting and its argument that it's to allow others to shoot more moose, what kind of a person or hunter would even want to fly down on a wolf in a helicopter and shoot it? How could you call yourself a man or a hunter or a warrior or whatever? You are just killers.

I'd like to visit Alaska, but I won't while the present insane and greedy gov't is in power. They have established a pattern wanting to rip the country off by buiding a many million dollar bridge for 50 people, wanting to destroy the pristine wilderness of ANWAR so that there will be more oil to spill on the Tundra or in Macmurdo Bay and killing wolves so the ecology of the area can be damaged by too many moose who will also have to be killed therefore maybe making a few bucks on hunting trips and taxidermy. These are people I want nothing to do with.

this is for the nay-sayers of the wolf hunt,you don't know how ridiculous it sounds to create an air force to control wildlife, if there's any truth to the reasons posted on this site for justifying the kill. after reading them it sounds more like you don't have a wolf problem, but a problem getting supplies and at a reasonable price. 8.00 for milk, 4.40 for gas, nearest store over 100 miles and this is why you're forced to hunt for your meals and do whatever it takes to survive.well i agree with you those prices are a rip off, and i know i would never pay that. and as far as having to travel 100 miles to go to the store, that can be easily solved by having what you need shipped to you. if you receive mail, you can receive packages. you obviously have access to the internet, so there's no reason you can't get what you need at a click off a button. and for the einstein that came up with slaughter the wolf and the moose will flourish, what are you going to do to get that rolling, give the moose viagra? nature takes its good old time to change things,and whenever man puts his hands in the pot, he usually screws things up worse. as far as the moose and wolf is concerned, let nature take its course. nature's been around a lot longer than we have, didn't need our help then, and doesn't need our help now. so when i hear stay out, mind your own bussiness, you don't live here, you don't know what it's like, it sounds like B.S. to me. too late to save the shoes, better roll up the pants. [Blog editors' note: Sounds like bs to us, too. Dillingham, where several of the complainers live, is one of the main commercial fishing towns in roadless SW Alaska. Supplies and tourists arrive by aircraft and boat. Dillingham is the fastest growing city in Bristol Bay, replete with two grocery stores and two banks. It's billed as a "paradise for boating and hunting." Dillingham is also claiming they want wolf control -- so take that all into consideration when their residents whine about the price of gas.

This is outrageous. What is the matter with mankind. Leave the wolves alone. It appears that the people allowing this as well as the people shooting these beautiful animals are heartless idiots and need to get a life of their own.

With respect to the aerial wolf-slayers in Alaska, the pup-killers in Canada, the canned hunters in Texas game parks, the poachers in Africa's wildlife parks, I have concluded that they are not humans at all, but devils in human form. These devils would not only have abandoned the six huskies and two malamutes in "Eight Below," but shot them first--after all, were not those sled dogs (and all dogs) descended from the wolf? The wolf is not the devil.

This is for Dave and the Blog editor: We are not whining or looking for pitty out here in the bush, yes things are expensive. We are fully aware of shipping things out here, but things have been so bad economically that a good majority cannot afford to right now. Most of the guiding lodges around here are all owned by non-native entities. When we kill Moose or Caribou out here we don't waste anypart of the animal. We use the hide for clothing, the meat for food to feed out families. Our ancestors taught us to respect the wildlife and if we do that they will give themselves to us to take. We don't just go around hooting and hollering shooting animals for the fun of it just to it take back as a trophy. We have to many of those kind of people poulting our town in the summer and fall coming out here just to kill an animal for the antlers, isn't that sad, not all the people coming out here are all about that but a majority of them are. So i just wanted to give you another perspective that we're not a bunch of crazy natives toting guns killing every animal we see. Yes I am from Dillinhgam as well and proud of where I live and what I eat. [Blog editors' note: Many villagers in Eagle and Chicken also shoot moose, but vigorously oppose wolf and bear control. You should, too. Dillingham is pressing for wolf control -- as corrupt an idea as we've heard.

If your boycott efforts work, and I must stress IF, you will mainly be hurting businesses which have nothing to do with the decision making process on predator control. You are trying to make a point at the expenses of people independent of the issues at hand. [Blog editors' note: Alaska's ever-expansive aerial wolf-shooting to make moose hunting easier, is a national disgrace. Tourists who contribute to the second most important source of revenue for Alaska come to see live animals, not dead ones. That the Board of Game is now encouraging people on snowmachines to chase and slaughter wolves, in addition to deploying an air force to kill them, should blow any sane person's mind.

What else can we do besides this photo boycott campaign? Blog editors' note: Support Friends of Animals interventions and legal fund for Alaska's wolves through your donations, and encourage others to boycott travel to Alaska until the wolf control program is cancelled.


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