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Are They Out of Their Minds in Alaska?

March 08, 2006 | Wolves / Alaska Boycott

You've probably heard about it: They hunt wolves from the air in Alaska. Friends of Animals sued on behalf of the wolves, and in the interest of bringing sanity to Alaska. And the Superior Court said the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme was breaking the law. But within days, the Board of Game concocted new rules. Hunters are back up in the air -- and out of their minds.

That's why, beginning in the 13 March edition of USA Today, the world will see advertisements reading "If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose, you're either out of your mind or in Alaska."

Advertisements will also run in other high-profile publications, including The Nation (3 April), The Progressive (May), and Harper's (May).

wolf ad by Friends of Animals
Boycott Alaska ad, appearing in USA Today on Monday, March 13, 2006

"Aerial wolf-shooting has long been a thrill-seeking opportunity," said Priscilla Feral, Friends of Animals president. "But Board of Game members insist that there's a reason for what they enable."

And here it is: Wolves must be gunned down to stop them from killing moose. That way, later on, other hunters can kill the moose. And this is why they're aiming for 400 more wolves this spring.

You can help. Stay in your right mind, and pledge to avoid travel to Alaska.

A gallery of wolf supporters have converged at So far, a hundred people have posted their photos, and more are coming each day to declare: "We'd rather be here than in Alaska." Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically at the Boycott Alaska web site.


I agree with Nathan. I would love to see the people that started this organization to move to the most remote village above the Arctic Circle and try to survive for a year. Vegetables won't grow for most of the year because of the snow and cold weather. No Kwik-E-Mart out there for you to go buy supplies, either, and the only way to get to a town with stores is by plane. So how will you all eat? The only answer is to hunt for whatever animals you can get, and most of the time only moose and caribou are available. .. [Blog editors' note: The stories are really spinning now. The state's wolf control program isn't in the Arctic Circle, for starters. Dentists and lawyers fly their planes into wolf control regions for the joy of smashing the life out of an animal that has a much tougher time trying to eke out a living in Alaska than any of the dentists, lawyers, or story-tellers who post here.]

Only man could come up with such a ridiculous plan. Amazing, kill one animal so we can kill more of another kind of animal. I pray somehow this plan can be "aborted".

The truth is if we do not help to control the Wolf and Bear population, even those 2 animals will suffer from starvation or even canabalism. and since the bears and wolves dont know/care about the population of moose, caribou, deer, and other defenseless animals, they will just keep eating and eating those animals untill they are no more, and after that they will start eating their young, then they will turn on themselves for food (doesnt that sound worse than controling the problem, before it gets too bad?). .. if you spent as much time as the people that work for the Fish & Game Board for alaska on this subjsect then you might know the severity of the problem, untill then why dont you worry about the problems ini your own states, like the Growing Murder Rate in our country (which I must say, there are more than 600+ people killed everyday in this country of ours, why dont you boycott the murder of humans? or is that not even a problem to you?) or polution of your huge citys, global warming...

We should not interfere with nature. And it seems that when we do, it causes another animal to become threatened or to suffer. I wonder if the Government told the public the same thing as they are saying now.........when they completely wiped out the entire population of Gray Wolves and Mexican Gray Wolves in the lower 48 states. Such a shame.

Open Letter to Governor Murkowski, Alaska's aerial wolf control program is unconscionable! I would respectfully suggest that you could at least publicly explain why other humane measures cannot be employed, or if in fact Alaska has tried other measures without success. Years ago, our family toured Alaska and considered it the best trip we ever took. We'll never forget the tour guide in Denali National Park saying that "we never lost a species in the park; ours is a completely natural ecosystem and we never interfere with the animals." I would also respectfully suggest that you consider what a positive national and world-wide impact you would have if you thought "outside-the-box" to find a way to end this diminishment of humanity. We'd love to return to Alaska someday, but obviously we cannot in good conscience, until this horror is ended. Sincerely, Joseph Pastore Flushing, NY

Why must we constantly be hunting something? Ever hear "live and let live?"

This is soooo cruel and unecessary. We need to preserve the wildlife not destroy. Something must be done to help the innocent slaughtering of our wildlife.

Great ad of the Alasks Wolf slaughter. Why not reposition the lettering a bit, and offer it as a bumper sticker?

Here's my issue. Leave the moose and the wolves both alone. Nature works everything out on it's own. Ever take science class? If you did you would understand. It's called a food chain. If hunters didn't go to kill the moose for sport (killing for food is a different all together) the wolves would have food. There would be no shortage on young moose. But people always interfer. How many rich people go to Alaska, or Africa, etc. just to kill for sport. They want a trophy. DON'T put the blame where it doesn't belong. Humans have always ruined wildlife.

Come on people if you wanna go and kill things join Bush.Go to help our soldiers and help them out.Leave the animals alone and let nature have a hand in it. What came first the chicken or the egg? I believe the wolves have been here a long time before us and they are very spiritual animals.


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