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Friends of Animals: BOYCOTT IS BACK

February 15, 2006 | Alaska Boycott / Wolves

Darien, Conn -- Friends of Animals just renewed a call to the public to avoid Alaska this travel season.

The recharged boycott follows a ruling by the Superior Court of Alaska that the state's aerial wolf-shooting scheme is invalid. Rather than stop the gunning, the state's Board of Game hastily made up new rules and started offering permits again.

Supporters worldwide can endorse the Alaska tourism boycott by joining the "I'd Rather Be Here Than in Alaska" campaign. Photographs of boycott supporters holding signs reading "Boycott Alaska," "I'd Rather Be Here Than in Alaska," and similar statements will be featured on the webpage (to be activated on 17 February 2006).

The idea, brought to the Friends of Animals' blog by Francis Murray of Juneau, Alaska, follows a lawsuit brought by Friends of Animals and individual plaintiffs which temporarily halted Alaska wolf control in January.

On the 17th of January, the airborne hunting permits were recalled following the Superior Court ruling that the Board of Game failed to follow its own regulations. With the permits withdrawn and the hunter-pilot teams grounded, the boycott on travel to Alaska was suspended.

Needless to say, the Board did not appreciate being told "No." On the 29th of January, the Board called an "emergency" meeting. In addition to repealing all requirements and limitations that apply generally to wolf control -- the basis for the Court ruling that the aerial wolf control scheme was invalid -- the Board also barred related public notice and input.

One-hundred fifty-seven gunners and pilots may now get back in the air, chase wolves to exhaustion, and then shoot them. Having already killed nearly 450 wolves under the airborne hunting permits since 2003, Alaska officials want 400 more dead this season.

Friends of Animals' new webpage will unveil the highs and lows where folks would rather be than in Alaska. Pictures are arriving from individuals and groups near iconic landmarks and destinations, lines at local banks and post offices, and packed subway cars.

"I'd Rather Be Here Than in Alaska" pictures can be submitted electronically on the web site.

Or submit photos by mail to:

Friends of Animals
777 Post Road
Darien, CT U.S. 06820


If there is anything I can do to help let me know. My friends know if they make fun of ,hurt,or kill a wolf they will answer directly to me. I take Wolves lives very serious. And what these people are doing is very wrong. I may only be in third grade but I know more about wolves than most people. I have visited the Lakota Wolf Preserve in NJ and sponsor a Black wolf named Shilo. I have dedicated my life to wolves,and it hurts me to know that some people don't think before they take another's life. I can feel their pain as they fall, beaten. Why are people so cruel. What have wolves ever done to us? Forget the myths. Think. Just think. We've taken their homes,food...and now senslessly, their lives. Some nights I wake up with nightmares that wolves have become extinct and that mankind was the cause. These dreams are so scary because if wolves keep getting killed these dreams might become a reality.

I think is great that you guys are working to save animals.... I am going to try to support you guys that are helping animals.

Dear Friends, My family has been long involved in the environmental movement with my sister Erin, holding the position of Commissioner of Environmental Conservation in NYS for many years. I was a pilot in the Air Force for 15 years and have just purchased what used to be a "hunting lodge" in the wilderness outside the Denali Park. We are presently, working to convert the 22 cabin property to 100% renewable energy while providing the next generation of conservationists and environmentalists with the opportunity to learn more about what is at stake here in Alaska - and specifically with the present wolf 'management' system in place. By boycotting the entire state's tourism - you are including in your sites some of the very people that are on the front lines of trying to show that these animals are far more precious to us alive - than they ever could be 'managed' in a trap. Our fight here in Alaska is one of education and pursuasion of the next generation to break the lines from the past - to think in a more deliberate and clear manner about even the act of trying to 'manage' a 'wild' system in the first place. I am all for boycotting those who's business in the winter is associated with the taking of wolves - while in the summer they cozy up to the tourists who know little about what they do during the winter months. Publish the truth and the truth will set you free. When it became public that a local tour operator in the summer was part of the trapping of the Toklat pack in the winter - even baiting the pack outside the boundary of the park to trap - a major cruise line suspended the partnership they had with his company. Acting in this manner the cruise line was presuring change right at the source - "There will be no business as usual - make a choice - Us or the wolves." Instead of boycotting all of the tourism industry here in Alaska - even though that might be a much easier tactic - I suggest that you solicite partnerships with those companies that support your stance and fiscally punish those that do not. It might not be as easy as casting a blanket over all of us up here in the Great North - but it certainly might, in the long run, present your organization with the victory in this battle you are so galantly fighting. I also would like to offer a discount for an entire week at the lodge during our last week of operation from the 4th to the 11th of September for a week of intensive study and debate about the plight of the wolves here in Alaska. I will try and work through a very good friend of mine who takes his own life in his hands flying the plane Gordon Haber studies and takes his pictures from to see if Gordon himself would be interested in being the keynote speaker. I will contact the local environmental writers in the area - as well as, put an offer into the environmental reporter for NPR in Seattle to come and join us free of charge - The point in all this - is to mobilize and respond to the threat at hand with a concerted effort to push forward an agenda that will not destroy those within the tourism industry in Alaska that support your cause. Sincerely, Sean Crotty Owner / Operator Denali Wilderness Lodge [Blog editors' note: We certainly appreciate your help in organizing and motivating Alaskan voters. FoA's supporters have been working to change stubborn attitudes for years. Although wolf control proponents comprise a minority voice, they have won Gov. Murkowski's ear. The upshot is a type of governance that shames our country as a whole.]


I had planned to visit Alaska this fall. I was really looking forward to it as the trip of a lifetime. My dream vacation, which I have worked months to save for, has now been cancelled. BECAUSE OF THE MURDEROUS SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENT WOLVES I WILL NOT VISIT ALASKA and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to encourage my friends to do likewise.

i have been a lover of the wolf for ages. i have studied as much as possible. how anyone would want to shoot such an animal is beyond me. each and every living being has a purpose, when one dies out the system is messed up. think about it.what will happen when the animals are gone? explain that to your kids.

I am an animal lover and the wolf has been my favorite forever. I have always wanted to travel to Alaska and see the scenery and animals in all their natural majesty. I am saving my $5,000 that has taken me years to save up and going elsewhere. Somewhere where they don't allow this senseless killing of innocent animals, just being themselves. The people that actualy fly these planes and do the shooting should be ashamed of themselves. It does not make you macho if you think it does. You are not even giving the animal a fighting chance. I pray that those who condone this and participate in it someday have to pay. What goes around, comes around.

I just can't believe that the govenor continues to support wolf shooting. She obviously has no heart -- just a hunger for money in the coffers. I am so against the killing of wolves, they have a definite purpose in the chain of life. We humans are always screwing up the cycle of life. Get with it your eyes and ears......we are on a fast road to distroy our beautiful circle of animal friends. All over the world we are crowding out natures beautful furry and feathered friends. STOP STOP STOP. Margaret Geisler


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