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Oil Drilling Stripped From Defense Spending Bill

December 21, 2005 | Environment / Take Action

Yesterday, the Senate refused to include oil drilling in a $453.5 billion defense spending bill. Senators voted 56-44 against passage. The bill, which also includes disaster relief and military funding, would have opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

This is a true victory for the ecosystem of the Refuge and the animals residing there. We at Friends of Animals thank the lawmakers and commend all people who worked quickly to oppose the troubling provision. It's now time to discuss real lifestyle changes and fresh energy policies.

Again, we thank everyone who called their senators to ask that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be struck from the bill.

A few people in Congress should hear from you especially. The following four people voted " yes" to the measure despite pressure from other Democrats not to do so. Especially if you live in Hawai'i, Louisiana, or Nebraska, please express your disappointment with their lack of ecological ethics to these people:

Senator Daniel Inouye D HI (202) 224-3934
Senator Daniel Akaka D HI (202) 224-6361
Senator Mary Landrieu D LA (202) 224-5824
Senator Ben Nelson D NE (202) 224-6551

Especially if you live in Rhode Island or Ohio, please thank these people for not going along with the drilling:

Senator Michael DeWine R OH (202) 224-2315
Senator Lincoln Chafee R RI (202) 224-2921

No matter where you are in the world, feel free to express your views. Because the Arctic Refuge doesn't just belong to the United States. It belongs to our global society, and most of all to the animals who are its original populace.


Once again those who don't live in Alaska or for that matter have probably never even been in Alaska KNOW what's best for Alaskan's. If you all only knew what a small percentage would even be involved. Hopefully you've read Mike and Jimmy's comments and you may know a little more. I'm sure you all have hybrid vehicles, ride a bike EVERYWHERE or walk? I doubt it. Let's just keep getting our oil from the middle east and endure the consequences of that. GOD put the oil in our GREAT state for a reason, but I'm sure you probably have something to say about GOD as well. As an Alaskan for over 15 years I know how much we care and take care of our state. So you all just keep going to the gas pump, filling your tanks and complaining about the cost, just keep it to yourself because this Alaskan doesn't want to hear it! You at this group have such a dislike for Alaskans and you want others to boycott, well I say HIP HIP HOORAY!! First of all we won't miss ya, second it's your loss as this truly is the most beautiful place on earth. So for your next vacation go to Iraq and send some of our boys home! And yes I know I'll get some 'editors' note' but it really is hard to have a battle of the wits with an unarmed opponent. [Blog editors' note: It sure is.]

I cant belive you guys.All of you exept for s rively and PO and everyone against this, is selfish you have to reallize this is serious. If this goes though then the wildlife and land will die and it would be humans' fault and that is really stupid because I cant live with out the beauty of nature and animals.

I know that you meant your little editors' notes as an insult, but believe me I didn't take it as one. You have nothing better to do than add your little side comments actually I added that just to see if you would, so thanks for not disappointing me! Just for the record I am a VERY armed opponent as I have my MBA from USC and I'm currently working on my PhD. I wish you all the best and thank you for NOT coming to Alaska. Now go fill up your tank with gas! [Blog editors' note: Is that an accredited university?]

Whitewolf, please do your homework. i realize the seriousness of this topic, it is far too serious to let our opinions be formed by merely jumping on the environmental band wagon. get the facts and base your opinions on them. the facts will include data that proves wildlife can and does prosper amongst oil development in the arctic. i have personally witnessed tens of thousands of caribou migrating within view of deadhorse. i have seen grizzly and polar bear in deadhorse. the oil fields have become a sanctuary for migratory water fowl as predators are a bit shy about being around people. if the land is disturbed it is reclaimed back to a state as close to natural as possible. as you call us selfish and stupid please explain how anyone, yes i mean you, can use fossil fuels and be against the developing of these fields in an environmentally sound fashion. next time you go to walmart look at the parking lot. its bigger than an oil well pad. urban sprawl has a far bigger effect on habitat and thus wildlife than does arctic oil development, yet the majority of those voicing opinion about such matters either live in the urban areas or support them by shopping there. this topic is serious. it is 45 degrees below zero at my home today and heating oil cost almost $3 a gallon. i think we should get what we can domestically, rather than support the middle east. or should we talk about their environmental policies? how much do you think a culture that doent even respect womens rights feels about animal rights? sorry, i digress. lets stick to the facts. jimmy allen

I spent several days in Deadhorse one August a couple of years ago to see Prudhoe Bay(a hideous industrial complex), fly over the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge, and to visit Barrow and other villages. The only polar bear in Deadhorse was breaking into people's cars, and employees at the hotel were threatening to shoot the bear. It's no sanctuary, and the worst example of what happens to wilderness after the oil companies intrude. My tour of Deadhorse (aptly named) produced a sight of one fox, one or two caribou, and a few birds. Jimmy must have been dreaming when he claims to have seen tens of thousands of caribou migrating around the pipeline, or perhaps the goal was to get the Hell out of there. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

For Jimmy: It was late August, and polar bears were also coming close to Barrow, the native village that especially benefits from oil revenues because of its proximity to Prudhoe Bay. What's sensible about the Arctic Refuge is that bears don't have to pay a price for being drawn to food. That's another reason why wilderness should remain without roads, gravel pits, oil rigs, housing, cafeterias, and other human intrusions. Yes, we use fossil fuels, but with less reliance and enthusiasm. Alternative energy sources should be pursued by everyone. Moreover, the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge should never be commerically exploited, and if the possibility didn't spell huge profits for Alaskans who want the rewards of another gold rush, no one there would be so excited about seizing whatever small amount of oil could be found after plundering the environment for a decade. Homo sapiens are but one species on earth, and it's high time we curb our invasiveness. Thank you for the offer to be our guide in Alaska. I make a few trips to Alaska each year to meet with a wolf researcher and others. The next trip will likely be a victory party for wolf advocates in Anchorage. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

if you would like to see the migration it happens the first part of july every year. the hunters who gather there that time of year count on it. you may be lucky enough to view a small herd of musk ox at the same time, we were last year. a polar bear in deadhorse in august is a real rarity. usually the ice pack, which is where they live, is too far out for them to swim to the mainland that time of year. it was more likely a grizzly bear and they do cause problems sometimes by entering buildings or vehicles. i am sorry you did not encounter more wildlife on your visit. it is a huge place and there are not always animals within site. you could have been dropped off in the middle of ANWR for a week and not seen many either. it doesnt mean they are not there. now that the boycott is over perhaps you should visit again. let me know, i would be happy to guide you to any species you wish to see. would you agree with me that in todays world fossil fuel use is necessary? of course you would, we all use it. even you. perhaps in a perfect world we would be using the sun and wind more, but the fact is today we need fossil fuels. if we are going to use them we need to get them somewhere.

It seems you want to make those who do not agree with all of what you say to seem like idiots. Well I have written twice since your sarcastic remark about my education being from as you put it an 'accredited' university and since my MBA is from one of the top universities in the country you have chosen NOT to include any of my last comments. Is that to make yourself 'appear' more intelligent? As I've stated in my past comments my degree is from University of Southern California and yes it is highly accredited. I do not disagree with all you stand for, just would like you to do your homework before judging Alaska and Alaskans'. Just for the record we do not get HUGE profits these ventures, at the moment the only person who seems to be getting HUGE profits is our Governor (and I respect him as our Governor, as I was taught by great parents to respect my elders and those in authority. However, I'm not a HUGE fan, and thank God I live in the great USA where I can say that freely as it's my right), we just have something that not only America needs, but the world. I would love to see a world in which war, pollution, global warming and the killing of not only innocent animals, but innocent human beings does not exist. However, at the moment it's not the case and is something we need to work on. In the meantime perhaps at least trying to get along would be a start. Perhaps you're not a fan of USC, (that's Univ. of Southern CA) but as far as accredited, well for the record, IT IS! I live in Anchorage, so if you do make it here please be nice as my city is my home and is beautiful.

For Debi -- Your messages lately have been off-topic. We posted yours above although it's substantially off topic, but that's not happening again. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

Hello Jimmy Allen: Regarding the facts on the North Slope. As you might be aware, oil enterprises there annually emit an estimated 56,000 tons of nitrous oxides, which, according to the government records I've read, have over 300 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. The North Slope oil industry releases tens of thousands of tons of methane, a greenhouse gas over twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide. It seems we would want to think hard before adding to that. Your winter heating is particularly costly indeed. About relying on oil until we are able to come of with replacement energy, here's an article that might be of interest about Venezuela providing for discounted home heating oil. Don't know if Gov. Murkowski would go for this. Lest I stray off topic, I'll leave you with the link. Have a good evening. Lee Hall Friends of Animals


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