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Wolves Win!

January 17, 2006 | Wolves
Today, the seventeenth of January, 2006, the Superior Court of Alaska decided that the state's aerial shooting of wolves is illegal. Friends of Animals initiated this lawsuit on behalf of free-living wolves in November, 2003.

The decision indicates that the state's Board of Game flouted its own regulations when it adopted the wolf control plans to boost caribou and moose populations for human hunters.

Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, said, "We're very pleased. I'm still taking this in right now. I just want to thank the people who have supported us steadfastly and believed in this intervention. Thank you."

Victor van Ballenberghe and Gordon Haber contributed to this success. Related articles can be found here.


This is a such an extremely happy shock! Minutes after arriving home (from getting a wolf tattoed on my arm!), I look to read this rapturous news. It goes to show that if enough people put their miinds towards something (via prayer, letters, protest...) good things can happen. The world just lightened up a shade... PS- Thank you Friends of Animals! I hold you and your supporters in highest esteem and gratitude...

Thank you for your work on behalf of the wolves. I am delighted to hear that they have stopped this barbaric killing.

I'd say this is really something to howl about!

This is a true victory for wolves. Congratulations! [Blog editors' note: Thank you so much for your backing for Alaska's wolves.]

Thousands of baby caribou and moose will now die because of this decision. Wolves and bears kill 80-90% of the baby caribou and moose some years in various areas of the Alaska. These baby animals deserve Alaska's protection from wolves and bears. [Blog editors' note: It is true that primarily carnivorous animals eat other animals, including young animals. We appreciate your concern for them. This, though, is not a reason to kill animals who are carnivorous. The relevant question for humanity is whether we ourselves can envision alternatives to killing animals such as moose and caribou (of any age).]

Congratulations! And thank you for all work you do for wolves! Nordulv, Sweden

I'm really glad for the wolves.... but is their any way I can make a donation that will still go to help the or some other wolves in differant parts of the world? Is there any other wolves in need?

That is a good thing. It is wrong to kill any animals.

WOW!!! How awesome and amazing! I have been following this story, and have contributed to various animal advocacy organizations to help stop the aerial gunning. I hadn't been aware, however, that the Friends of Animals were responsible for iniating a lawsuit to stop this practice... so, THANK YOU, in particular, for all of your hard work and focus- for making a profound difference in the lives of the wolves. We are ALL better off as a result of these humane actions.

Hello! This is great! Incredible! I just declared 17 of January 'Happy Day' in my household. Lol. This is such good news in my life. I prayed everyday for this!. THANK YOU to FoA and everyone who was part of this wonderous event and contributed in anyway! Lets keep working for miracles like this to happen everday for all the animals in the world! Have a nice day everyone!


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