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Senator Frank Lautenberg Urges State Not To Hold Bear Hunt

September 29, 2005 | Bears

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Senator Urges DEP Commissioner to Expand Trash Initiatives, and to Let Them Work

United States Senator Frank Lautenberg has asked Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell not to hold a black bear hunt, and to expand upon current State trash management initiatives.

In his letter to the DEP, Senator Lautenberg urges Commissioner Campbell to expand upon recent initiatives to provide residents access to bear-proof trash bins, and to include an organized, enforced approach as recommended by Friends of Animals, and international animal advocacy organization with approximately 17,000 members in New Jersey.

The organization praised Senator Lautenberg's action as "a needed, constructive approach on an issue mired in rhetoric. The only long-term, effective and socially acceptable means of living with bears is managing human trash. Problems develop when bears associate humans with food. Hunting will do nothing to lessen surviving bears' attraction to trash, or to address the nexus of the problem: food."

The Senator's press release follows:


WASHINGTON, DC "“ In a letter sent today to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bradley Campbell, United States Senator Frank R. Lautenberg urged the department to reconsider the upcoming bear hunt.

"I am writing to you on behalf of many concerned constituents regarding the possibility of another black bear hunt this fall. I urge you to reconsider possible viable alternatives to this hunt. This is a divisive, controversial issue in our State and I ask that you do everything in your power to avert a hunt, and to expand upon recent bear-proofing initiatives in New Jersey and give them an opportunity to work," wrote Lautenberg.

In his letter to Commissioner Campbell, Lautenberg argued that removing unnatural food sources is the most important component to reducing the presence of bears where they are not wanted. This requires education and waste management near populated areas. This method may also reduce black bear breeding rates, as black bears breed more successfully and earlier when there is excess food.

"Many experts believe that the hunt will do little to reduce human-bear encounters because the bears are drawn to populated areas by the food supply. Therefore, I urge you to reconsider alternatives to the hunt, including food waste management," concluded Lautenberg.


What I don't understand is how hunting is a sport. Humans have the advantage of guns and long-range weapons, but animals must get quite close to even mark a human. I believe insecure people feel the need to hunt. People who have unfulfilled lives and gain no satisfaction during their daily activities feel the need to stalk unsuspecting game to better themselves. Power. Simply power. If a hunter can't find a way to better amuse himself then he is a sad individual indeed. These people are numb and mindless. They take more than they need and in the most inhumane ways. Tierney, A wolf lover.

New Jersey has an excellent opportunity to explore and accurately evaluate alternative non-hunting Black Bear management options. I urge New Jersey officials to do so.

I think killing animals for their furs is cruel. When seals come out from under their ice prison to play, should we murder them so we can look elegant in a fur coat? When we kill mother seals or father seals, we are slowly killing off the entire seal race. I don't want to offend anyone's relegion, but God did not put seals, wolves, foxes, etcetera, on Earth to be killed for their furs. It is selfish and discusting for anyone to think that they can take advantage of a living creature in such ways. I am ashamed that I can include myself in the "we" that is humans due to their horrible actions.

I am behind Senator Lautenberg, do not hold the Bear Hunt. I am for preserving all animals. I also do not want them slaughtering the horses. I trust that this has been taken care of to not slaugher the horses. Give the animals peace. God put these animals on earth in love and justice. Sincerely, Diane McCan, Scottsdale, Arizona.

four words: thou shall not kill. that goes for everyone.

I agree with Senator Lautenberg and do not want a bear hunt. There must be a better way to deal with people infringing on animal habitat besides killing everything that gets in our way. I also want the (3) foreign-owned horse slaughtering plants permanently shut down in this country. If there are no plants left for the slaughter to take place, then the greedy people who buy horses from auctions for the sole purpose of sending them to slaughter, will not be able to easily profit from this hideous practice. [Blog editors' note: Whether the slaughterhouses are owned by U.S. residents or people outside the nation isn't relevant. The commerce exists because it receives U.S. support, and it's our government that forces the roundups of free-living horses on public lands. That's what needs to be halted so that horses are not fed into a system of ownership and abuse.]

We build homes where animals normally roam freely. We bring our life style with us. To add insult to injury, we leave garbage and other things out in the enviorment where animals have assess to it, than we want to kill the animals for being what they are, animals! We are suppose to be the ones that GOD gave rule over all. So tell me, how come we're not making the ones leaving the garbage for the animals to get into, pay for the mess that their leaving for the bears, and other animals to get into. It's not the animals that's leaving garbage lying around, it's the humans! I suggest you give the ones leaving the garbage, a huge fine, and make men clean up after themselves, useing the correct containers to stop attracting animals. WHY MAKE BEARS AND OTHER ANIMALS PAY FOR MANS MISTAKES.

yo siempre e creido que vivimos en un mundo ermoso que dios nos a regalado a todos pero creo que eso no lo piensa todo el mundo, porque los negosios que venden cosas de piel todo tipo de piel se esta detereorando todas las espesies de animales en nuestro planeta, como los osos del polo norte los pinguinos las focas y muchos otros tipos de animales y yo no estoy de acuerdo,que maten a estos animales que tambien pertenesen a nuestro planeta,como tambien por ejemplo el aire que respiramos, el agua que tomamos,la tierra donde sembramos todo lo que puede pasar si no paran de aser todo esto.

I commend Senator Lautenberg for taking this stand in favor of the bears. We all know that the Division of Fish and Wildlife garners most of its revenue from hunting licenses. This is what it is all about. They like to panic the public into thinking these bears are dangerous. Education is key when it comes to black bears. These are not grizzlies. We had a bear in our area this year. He ate some fruit off a tree and left. They are only trying to survive. Live and let live.

The killing of bears has nothing to do with the safety of any residents in New Jersey. No one is being hurt at all by these bears. There are 10,000 times more people being bitten or hurt by dogs. So maybe we should have a dog hunt every year. The killing of the bears is just a reason for hunters to have a fun time with their shotguns, so they can show friends how manly they are by killing a defenseless bear. Basically they are all cowards, but that's a whole other topic. Unless you live in the mountains and need to hunt to survive, there is no reason to hunt anything.If you need to show what a tough guy hunter you are, make it an even fight, and go grizzly bear hunting with just a knife. Oh, but what about all the accidents caused by the over population of deer in New Jersey, again there are more accidents and deaths caused by bad or drunk drivers, so lets start hunting and killing them too. Sincerely, Bruno Amato


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