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Arctic Refuge Rally on Capitol Hill

September 16, 2005 | Take Action

This fall, Congress will vote on whether to open the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling. The Refuge provides a home for more than 200 species of birds and animals including Tundra swans, caribou, polar bears, grizzly bears and wolves.

The Refuge's unique wilderness exists almost nowhere else. The coastal plain is void of the damage and obtrusiveness of steel oil pipelines, gravel roads, exploration equipment, drilling rigs, processing stations, air strips and contamination from spills which exist in nearby Prudhoe Bay.

Please join Friends of Animals, the Arctic Coalition, and thousands of people from across the country as we rally on Tuesday, September 20, to send a message to Congress: Please help save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Arctic Refuge Action Day
Date: Tuesday, 20 September 2005
Time: 11 AM -1 PM
Location: West (Front) Lawn, U.S. Capitol

For more information, contact Bill Dollinger at FoA's Washington DC office, at (202) 296-2172, or by email at


I live with myself quite well, and it will help put food on my table when I am working up there, and what I mean by that is all the jobs it will create for Alaskans as well as the rest of the United States , and yes it is worth the lost of a caribou or two , or a polar bear,

I quite agree with Amelia, Preserve and Protect! This is not about you Gordon. The animals have rights too. Man has already taken away too many lives of polar bears, caribou, etc., that is all man does, kill. It has to stop! We must preserve our land and let the animals live in peace. Just go away.

it's "greed" and the convenience of making a dollar on our own land...i make it a practice when at ever possible to purchase my fuel from companies that have NOT purchased their oil from other countries, i may pay more then you, but our oil, or the lack there of, still does not hinder the last of a frontier god has set forth for the last of it's kind... Gordon, i understand you need to all mankind eats and breaths alike, i wish you well with your employment, the government provides rations in several situation, not yours? or is killing the wildlife your only means of survival? have you not been given the opportunity to hunt big game, elsewhere?

The posting from Gordon fails to mention that he lives in a cash economy in Alaska and has ample opportunity to work and pay for food just like everyone else. Moose, caribou, sheep and other animals aren't "game," and people who respect wilderness, polar bears, wolves, and more don't react violently, destroy nature, and carry on about the need to shoot the Arctic Refuge's free-living animals. The Refuge should be hands-off. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

how do people who even consider this live with themselves?

well I think they should let the animals live there.Theire taking away a part if their life and they'll probably die from not having a home.I hope that they dont do that and they better think carefully about the wildlife that lives there.especially the wolves and polar bears.there's not many of them in the world today and they should try to save please i hope they dont do anything to hurt the wildlife there.

Gordon, perhaps you should seek a new line of work. With all due respect to the communities surrounding the National Wildlife Refuge, this is one of the last remaining areas of the world untouched by the garbage, stench, pollution, noise, irreparable damage to soils, water contamination and everything else that industrialization brings. As citizens of the United States we owe it to the generations that follow to PRESERVE and PROTECT this national treasure. Instead of exploiting what little natural resources that remain, communities should EDUCATE themselves on better ways to provide the basic neccesities of life (food and shelter). Man only saves what he loves, loves only what he understands and understands only what he is taught. TEACH YOURSELVES before it's too late.

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