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Call on Canada to End Immoral Seal Hunt

April 22, 2005 | Seals

New York City — More than 260,000 seal pups have been slaughtered since March 29, 2005. Through early May, Canadian seal hunters will club and shoot this season’s share of 320,000 harp and hooded seal pups on the ice floes off Newfoundland’s coast. The Canadian government subsidizes the annual slaughter; subsidies that Friends of Animals says should end immediately.

Tuesday, April 26th from 12:30pm-2:30pm, Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will again oppose this despicably cruel practice at the door of the Canadian Consulate General in New York City. Advocates will gather at 1251 Avenue of the Americas (50th Street & 6th Ave.) to alert New York residents that the world’s largest commercial hunt continues, and to urge Canadian Consulate General Pamela Wallin and Canadian Prime Minster Paul Martin to end the seal hunt now.

Seal pelt exports to Europe and Asia have nearly doubled each year since 2002 — the first year of the current three-year plan to kill nearly one million seals. Each pelt represents the irreplaceable life of a pup who was too young to swim away from harm. The targeted pups as young as 12 days old, are often skinned alive.

Justifications for the hunt have varied. First, we heard that seals ate too many Atlantic codfish. The latest excuse comes from Canadian seal oil salespeople. The Canadian government, since 1995, has spent tens of millions in Canadian dollars to subsidize seal processing and develop new markets for seal products.. If seal oil can be marketed, they argue, then Canadians aren’t just killing for the fur salons of Denmark, Germany, France, Greenland, China, South Korea, Norway and Canada.

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, states, “The world community should oppose Canada’s seal hunt as a matter of moralty. The resurgence of fur is responsible for Canada’s acceptance of the mass killing of seals. Renounce fur — all fur — to help seals over the long term.”

Feral adds, “Canadians should insist that their government stop the hunt subsidies now, and use the funds to build a real economic foundation for Newfoundlanders. Canada banned whale killing, and the economy adjusted. It’s long past time to end the seal hunt “

Friends of Animals’ full page ad against Canada’s seal hunt will appear in Sunday’s, April 24 issue of The New York Daily News.


god skinning 12days old seal alive is dirty who would do that? i think usa need to make new law that can't kill or SKIN animals

I have been on pins and needles since the hunt opened this year; I have campaigned my butt off, and I am eager to see this cruel event ended for good. I'm glad FoA could afford a full page ad!

I think that the slaughter of animals in general is extremely horrid and grotesque! People who agree with this unneccessary killing should be punished for what they are doing. Animals to me are very precious creatures and are harmless to the environment. If they don't hurt people, they should be left at peace.

I'm mortified everytime this happens. Actually if you go to the Debate Club at MSN. and join (I don't know if you can read the posts otherwise) I just had the hugest debate about hunting! I said it's cruel, and some were saying "well, I don't find it cruel"! Be warned: If you do go, there are some tough cookies on there! I am such a huge animal lover and animals don't bother anybody; people have no hearts, I swear.

How can they find it moralistic skinning a 12 day old seal alive? Imagine skinning any sentient being alive. I will never understand how some humans feel it is ok to be so cruel to our Earth. When will all this end?

I live in Toronto, Canada and I have to say no-one ever mentions that this is going on anymore. I certainly didn't hear anything about it at all this year. Put an illustrated ad in a paper here and I think people will be justifiably horrified. They need the reminder. [ Blog editors' note: Thank you, Alana; you are alert. We'll have a feature coming out on this in our autumn edition of the magazine ActionLine. People aren't mentioning it for a reason -- it's hush-hush when the hunt is actually being planned!]

A message has come to the blog editors from "Kohlby" and it says: "Killing animals for fur is CRUEL and should be banned everywhere!" Thank you for writing in, Kohlby.

What right does a human being have to kill any animal. The humans are destroying our earth and everything on it. In years to come there will be no natural life left, everything will be covered in concrete and wild animals will be kept in cages. It makes me sick that we live in such a world.

I come from Australia and I am disgusted to know these inhumane & cruel barbaric people are slaughtering the seals. Shame on you Canada!

I will not travel to Canada and will be boycotting Canadian products until this inhumane practice is stopped by the Canadian government.


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