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New York City Rally to End Canada's Seal Hunt

March 15, 2005 | Seals

In the coming days, Canadian seal hunters will proceed to club and kill more than 350,000 harp and hooded seal pups on the ice floes off Newfoundland’s coast. On March 15, more than two hundred activists rallied in front of the office of the Canadian Consulate General in midtown Manhattan to call for an end to this hunt.

Using three videotape monitors, leaflets and petition postcards, Friends of Animals members and supporters educated thousands of New York residents. We urged them to call upon Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Consulate General Pamela Wallin to end the hunt.

Seal Protest

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, stated, “The seal kill cannot be morally justified. Seals are not resources or commodities to be traded for convenience or profit; they’re entitled to be left alone. We deplore the seal hunt for the suffering and death it imposes on every single seal.”

We will continue to hold leafletings and protests at the Canadian Consulate General until the government of Canada puts an end to the hunt. If you would like to be informed of such events in New York, contact Edita Birnkrant at (212) 247-8120, or by email at .

Please urge Canadian Consulate General Pamela Wallin and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to end the seal hunt now:

**Pamela Wallin, Canadian Consulate General**
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY, United States 10020-1175
Telephone: 1-212-596-1628
Facsimile: 1-212-596-1790

**The Right Honourable Paul Martin Prime Minister**
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa Ontario Canada K1A 0A2
Facsimile: 1.613.941.6900


I just found some of the footage of the hunts and I thought it was important that they (my kids) see what goes on in thier is the most disgusting thoughtless @#%*!!! thing I've ever had the misfourtune to witness.....good night irene.....

This comment is in regard to Johnnie's comment above. I can tellyou when I was a child my father showed me videos of a slaughter house... I was too young and it had an extremely upsetting impact on me. I think you may want to re-consider showing your children such violent and heartbreaking footage.

The WHOLE thing just discusts me, and how hard it is to STOP it also discusts me!!!! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! People, let your voice be heard,EVERY single voice helps!!!!!!!!!! We need to be these Seals and all other Animals voices, they need us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!!! THANKYOU!

I believe it depends on the child's age. Besides, how much violence are kids subjected to through tv? At least they start knowing the world as it really is, and they will be able to do something about it.

These seals are doing no harm to anyone. I just don't understand why most humans think that they are so superior that this is alright to do. I don't know how these "men" can sleep at night knowing that they have looked into the eyes of a defenseless creature and still do what the do(for money). I guess its the mentality of if its in our way just exterminate it.

Regarding Christine's comment about having been too young to see slaughter house activity. I hope the extremely upsetting impact it had on you was to make you a vegetarian. If you are not a vegetarian, you weren't impacted.

Seal hunts are pathetic and immoral. To think that the government of a first world country could condone such barbarism in this day and age is beyond belief. Another thing, children are never too young to learn of right and wrong. The killing of the seals, slaughter houses, hunting...they're all barbaric and cruel and wrong. As mentioned in one of the emails, children are exposed to so much now days on TV,for them to see the true state of the world and the suffering brought on by members of their own species is necessary if we ever hope to stimulate their emotions and provoke action from them later, when they will be the decision-makers of the world, to end such suffering.

I can't believe that this still continues in Canada in this day and age. SHAME ON CANADA!!! This is sick, very sad and totally disgusting. There was a time in my life that I was proud to be Canadian , but now I have to say that I am embarrassed to say that I am Canadian. It also makes Canada look bad to all the other countries that are against this. This has to stop and stop right now.

This is hideous and barbaric! Not only that, but it is totally unjustifiable! These people are not going to eat the seal meat, they are just doing it for fun and money (the pelts). They think they're macho. It makes me sick.

I hope Friends of Animals or another animal group plans to put ads, including a compelling picture, in major newspapers to call attention to the Canadian seal hunt.


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