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Wolf Advocates Gather Support for Alaska Tourism Boycott

February 17, 2005 | Wolves

BOSTON -- On Saturday, Feb. 19, wolf supporters including the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition will hold a Howl-In to gather pledges in Boston for the Alaska travel boycott.

Advocates will gather from 1 pm until 3 pm at Faneuil Hall, displaying posters announcing that "Alaska is planning a heart-stopping wildlife spectacle" and showing a wolf in a rifle's crosshairs. Residents and tourists will be empowered to sign postcards, addressed to Alaska's Gov. Frank Murkowski, pledging to boycott Alaska $2 billion tourism industry until the state's aerial wolf-killing program is cancelled.

Alaska has been issuing wolf-killing permits to hunter-pilot teams since November 2003. The state gets support from a few people who want to hunt moose and who agree with the idea of wiping out predators who compete with human hunters. According to Friends of Animals, the international animal rights organization coordinating the Alaska boycott campaign, the latest plans of Alaska's officials include a goal to kill as many as 1,025 wolves this winter alone.

"We oppose Alaska's policy of turning one of North America's last great natural areas into one big moose ranch," said Daniel Hammer, Howl-In coordinator for Friends of Animals. "Ending this gruesome business of wolf control will require the commitment of individuals willing to take a stand for free-living animals and their habitat."

Friends of Animals set a goal of 28,000 boycott pledges by the end of February. For this purpose a Virtual Howl-In lets supporters enter their names and addresses into an online form on the Friends of Animals website. The organization will then mail a physical postcard to Alaska's Gov. Murkowski on behalf of each signatory.

To raise awareness about Alaska's aerial wolf-killing scheme Friends of Animals has produced a 60-second dramatization which depicts the plight of Alaska wolves as, one by one, they are tracked and killed by airborne hunter-pilot teams.


Wolves are being hunted enough without the aerial program, if they don't stop there will not be any more wolves in Alaska period!!!!! [message truncated]

If you do not live here in Alaska, you do not know what it is like. We used to see moose in our yards all the time, now you are lucky if you see one in a year. The wolves are sick, they have diseases you are never told about, and the only cheap way to get rid of the sick ones is to hunt them. Trapping them is too much of a chance that you will only get the healthy ones. So maybe you should check into things more before you start and uproar.

No, I do not live in Alaska. But I do understand that every creature on this earth has a purpose and deserves to live like the moose and the wolves. I, for one, will not be visiting Alaska until this terrible slaughter is ended. How could anyone in their right mind not be opposed to senseless slaughter?

It's possible to live in Alaska and not share Debi's upside down reality that refers to wolves as sick, full of diseases, and, as a result, in need of shooting. Debi's declaration is hateful. Moose and wolves have a tough time trying to survive in Alaska due to extreme weather conditions coupled with the state's Draconian measures that are best left for snow removal. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

I must agree with Priscilla. Debi's view is myopic. What Alaska is doing is slaughtering the wolves so that hunters can, in turn, slaughter the moose and caribou. The wolves need space to roam and they need to be left alone to their own devices and hunting and trapping should be banned everywhere.

'Wolves are sick, and must be hunted'....that sounds like the 'cats are bewitched, and must be killed' superstition of the Middle Ages.

I am an Alaskan. I believe what all these Fish&Game wildlife people,and our goverener are doing, is the most unhumane thing that I have ever heard of. It is a complete slaughter house, and I am disgusted w/ these people. I feel that they are all in it for the thrill of hunting. The moose and wolves will balance themselves out,it's called nature.

yes it makes me sick as a mom to have to teach my kids to love and respect all gods creatures big nor small
cause they were all here for a reason and that reason is'nt to be killed
what is wrong with this world that we live in
were men need or feel
they need to grap a gun and kill a animal
good question
i dont think they even know
cause there is no damm reason to kill an animal
none none none
and for those of you who think its ok
i really feel sorry for you
cause you have major problems

try not to forget that wolves and bears and humans are about the only animals in the world that actually sport hunt. but we humans will actually take steps to regulate our hunting so as not to completely wipe out a species.we've actually learned from some mistakes our forefathers have made. If you think that boycotting our beautiful state is going to have any influence on this desperate situation we have going your wrong.

What did wolves ever do to people they are just trying to live. If people don't be careful we are going to destroy this world and everything on it!!Killing wolves is wrong when this animal is so close to being endangered!!


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