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NYC Howl-In at Rockefeller Center on Behalf of 580 Wolves

December 02, 2004 | Wolves

"We'll Howl Until Frank Murkowski Wakes Up," Says Protester

New York City -- Friends of Animals, an international animal advocacy organization, will be taking our Alaska tourism boycott to Rockefeller Center -- the southwest corner of 49th St. and 5th Avenue -- on Saturday, December 4th, from 12-3pm. The NYC protest is one of more than 43 new Howl-Ins planned for cities across the country and designed to impact Alaska's summer 2005 tourism season.

Since November of 2003, pilots have obtained permits from state officials. One by one, with the assistance of low, slow-flying aircraft, airborne hunters have traced, tracked, chased, and killed over 150 wolves.

See our new video describing the chase here:

Although we oppose all killing methods, we note that this method of killing wolves had not been used since the late 1980s and is normally illegal in Alaska. But in spite of votes in which Alaskans opted to end same-day use of aircraft for public wolf hunting and trapping, the killing permits have Governor Frank Murkowski's approval.

Last year, outraged when the state instituted this wolf-killing scheme, over 200,000 people pledged to boycott Alaska's $2 billion-a-year tourism industry. But this winter, Alaska's aerial wolf shooting has started up again, with a current target of up to 580 wolves.

"Frank Murkowski has a personal responsibility for each and every wolf killed," said Edita Birnkrant, Campaign Coordinator for Friends of Animals in NYC, "And we'll howl until Murkowski wakes up."

Volunteers in the effort to stop this killing will collect New Yorkers' signatures on post cards -- cards which will later be sent to Frank Murkowski. Each card, deposited into a mailbox marked "Special Delivery for: Governor Frank Murkowski, Alaska," is a pledge to boycott travel to Alaska until the state-sponsored wolf-killing ends.

Dogs who are comfortable in a busy city environment are welcomed to the event. One dog, a husky named Twig, has already reserved a spot at Saturday's Howl-In.


How can I help save the wolves in AK from aerial shooting? I have sent a letter, or will soon to Murkowski and other AK Congress people. Other than boycotting, sending letters, and calling into Murkowski, what else can I do from Vermont? I wonder if there are any howl ins up here in Vermont land? Thanks. Glenn Sousa, Calais, VT 05648

Glenn, There's a possible Howl-In planned in Briston, Vermont, but we don't yet have a date. If you'll organize one for us, that would be delightful. Please call (212)247-8120 and ask for Edita at FoA's NYC office. She handles Howl-Ins for the Vermont region. Otherwise, e-mail us at Many thanks, Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

Thanks soooooooooo much to all of you on behalf of the Alaskans, like myself who have voted TWICE to reject this program. Please remember Alaska and it's wildlife is a NATIONAL treasure not the domain of the good ol' boys up here. Please come visit when you're voices are heard howling against the horror of this slaughter (do you know how easy it is to find the packs from an airplane when you follow their tracks to and from the dens?) Please know they are also considering doing the same to the grizzilies here. Do you really want to spend your vacation and tax dollars supporting this and other practices like trapping in a National Park? opening the Artic National WILDLIFE REFUGE? in a state that generally has the highest rates of rape, alcoholism, child and sexual abuse, suicide and domestic violence of all 50 states? Thanks for your compassion. Thanks for being there!!!!

hello from Boise, Idaho I am very upset about what is occuring in Alaska----is their governor out of his mind?????--how might I help stop this slaughter???????????

Hello to Cathleen, Please write to organize a Howl-In in Idaho for Alaska's wolves. Please spread the word to boycott travel to Alaska until the wolf control program is cancelled. Protests should go to: Gov. Frank Murkowski -- e-mail: Donations to Friends of Animals can be earmarked to sponsor FoA's 60 second TV spot to publicize the message. The compelling ad is now airing in Alaska and Oregon. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

To all- If there is any doubt about the intelligence and family bonds that these incredible animals share, please read the book "Wolves at our door" by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, we need more people like them. The Wolf, as well as all other animals are meant to be hear and not live in fear. Thanks

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