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Seattle Post -- Intelligencer

November 29, 2004 | Wolves

Update: Alaska's aerial wolf-shootings have begun. Boycott travel to Alaska until the wolf control program is cancelled. As of Dec. 1, FoA has organized 43 new Howl-Ins in cities nationwide. Please join the effort.

Alaska resumes wolf hunts over protests
The Associated Press

Fairbanks, Alaska -- State officials have begun issuing permits for aerial hunters to kill wolves in parts of Alaska in an effort to boost moose and caribou populations.

The first pilot-gunner teams killed four wolves last week after the Alaska Department of Fish and Game began issuing the permits earlier this month. More hunters are expected to take to the air beginning Wednesday.

Officials want to cull about 500 wolves in various parts of the state to control their numbers this winter. Alaska's wolf population is estimated at 8,000 to 11,000 and hunters and trappers kill an average of 1,500 a year, officials said.

The aerial hunting program is being met with protests by several wildlife advocacy groups.

Friends of Animals, based in Connecticut, is organizing a tourism boycott of Alaska and "howl-in" demonstrations in more than two dozen cities. The group organized a similar campaign during last year's aerial hunting campaign.

Washington-based Defenders of Wildlife, meanwhile, has petitioned U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton to halt the program under the Federal Airborne Hunting Act. The group is also collecting signatures on a petition to send to President Bush.

"They have no idea how many wolves are in these areas, yet they're going in with these numbers made up on purely anecdotal information and doing some serious damage to the predator population," said Karen Deatherage, a Defenders of Wildlife spokeswoman in Anchorage.


I support a ban on aerial hunting, but I must say this is a hard battle to win. I grew up in Alaska and I will tell you that Alaskans are stubborn folks, and don't appreciate us from the "Lower 48," telling them how to live. Don't mess with their hunting and fishing. My hope is that folks in Alaska will speak out and contact their elected officials. That's how any change will happen.

This aerial hunting is hard-core Animal Cruelty. These pilot/gunners have a Blood Lust that is anti-God and despicable.

Alaskans voted to prohibit aerial wolf-shooting twice -- in 1996 and 2000. These voter initiatives were overturned by backward state legislators. Worse, the current governor apparently hails from Hell -- wedded to a return to the the 1950s when thousands of wolves were massacred in state-sponsored pogroms. If you belong to Defenders of Wildlife, press them to endorse and support a tourism boycott of Alaska. Then tell Sierrra Club and World Wildlife Fund to stop organizing fundraising cruises to Alaska each summer. Moreoever, encourage animal advocacy groups to take the interests of wolves seriously, and to join FoA's tourism boycott of Alaska until the wolf control program is cancelled. Priscilla Feral President Friends of Animals

Shooting animals from planes is cowardly. If these individuals, pilots and shooters, have no shame we should be howling at them.

They have no reason to kill the wolves. They did no harm. If they can go ahead and kill for no reason then they are just plain cowards.

I live in South Africa were very few people, myself included, have never seen a wolf. I got some of the howlin postcard and me and my best budy, Moggi, are getting them signed and will sent them shortly. Don't let them down.

I am still waiting for you to publish my comment that I submitted last week, the week of Dec. 6th? I feel I am being discriminated against, because I gave my comment that didn't agree with your overall site. I will forward my comment and a copy of this to a few television news stations in Alaska regarding your site being unfair to Alaskans. I will also send a copy to my legislatures. Thank you. And yes, my email address is valid.

As I approach the retirement age, I have been giving serious thought to my life's passions for which I can work and volunteer for that cause. Having been a registered nurse for over 30yrs.,it's now time for me to commit to a new cause-the wolves. So with the same high level of committment, determination and heartfelt passion, I will devote my time and energy to stop the aerial murdering of the Alaskan Wolves. I have already begun verbally educating people and handing out postcards to be sent to Gov.Murkowski. I hope to have a Vermont Howl-In -very soon. The act of shooting the wolves from an airplane is horrific enough. I ask myself and you -- Would like to have the shooter as your neighbor? Anyone who can do such a murderous act is not a desirable neighbor. Think about it... Sincerely, Nancy McNamara

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