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Alaska Wolves Public Service Announcement

November 01, 2004 | Wolves

Friends of Animals would like to announce the release of a new public service announcement, now available. The name of the video is Alaska Wolves.

Alaska Wolves brings to viewers a dramatized scene of aerial wolf hunting. The practice was ended in Alaska in the 1970s, and the state’s residents have actually voted twice to end same-day use of aircraft for public wolf hunting and trapping. Yet pilots in search of prey have come back to haunt North American wolves under the Governor Frank Murkowski’s undemocratic leadership.



It is now clear that the Alaskans who want an end to the hunts need outside support. Alaska seems remote to many, but we believe that people will be motivated to intervene on behalf of the wolves once the world sees what is happening.

If you are a member of the media and are interested in airing this public service announcement copies can be made available upon request. Please email us at

Friends of Animals would like to thank the following individuals who contributed to the creation of this public service announcement: Chooi-Leng Tan, Todd Kuehnl, Arnold Gallardo, Scott Moran, Nathan Searles, Barbara LaRue, Leo Keeler, Dorothy Keeler, and Josh Schaerti.


I dont know what to say but it is exceedingly sick how ill mannered the world is acting. I dont know how people can just take lives away like that and in that fashion its SICK. you have to be a very unsecure and ill minded person to do it. I sent an e-mail... lets help the wolves!!!!

I was born and raised in alaska for 22 years, I now live in reno nevada. My mother sends me these emails about the wolves and it makes me want to cry.....these people have no hearts. I dont agree with this at all and believe that this should be put to a stop, this is there food, they have more right to it than we do.....

I am from Reno NV and I find this to be very disturbing. This is Poaching, there is no other word for it. We need to help the wolves and send these sick individuals to jail. Lets do it people, together we can and will make a difference.

The people that hunt wolves are savage idiots. They have no right to kill wolves who are hunting to live, not living to hunt.

i think this is wrong and and stupid how would the poachers like us to kill them just because they are eating some food we have to LOOK for in the grocery store i think killing any animal just beacuse the think its fun is the most distcusting thing that U.S.A. actually ALLOWS

I cannot believe that in what we call a civilized society that such heinous acts of cruelty still exist in the year 2004. What has man learned of his past, nothing! Man continues to bully and kill the innocent. If they want the thrill of the chase and the kill, then I say "let them, with what God gave man, two arms two legs and nothing else." Then lets see how thrilling the kill is when armed with no weapons or place to hide."

There are alot of us right here in Alaska that are angry about the wolf aerial hunting. The problem is that we don't know who to get ahold of to try to stop this. There is also a new project taking place where they are going to kill off up to 80 grizzlies to (so they say) rejuvinate the moose population for the hunters. I would imagine alot of people are against this and would like to know how to get ahold of the people in charge, we need some info. Thanks

Well folks I live in Alaska. Did you hear that I live here. I don't tell you how to live don't tell us how to live. The wolves decimate the moose population. Wolf populations are higher than the populations of animals they prey on. These wolves are killed and used, they arent slaughtered and left to rot. It isn't poaching either. poaching is unlawful. I dare anyone in the lower 48 to make claim their state has harsher hunting penalties than Alaska. Like I said earlier worry about where you live we will worry about where we live. Thank you

Well, folks I too live in Alaska. And I am sick and tired of being ignored by a majority republican aka corrupt government that doesnt give a second thought to democracy. Also, did you know that for every $1 Alaska put into the country Alaska gets $1.90 back? That means that each American is more economically vested in this state than even Alaskans. So, Jeff...stop being anti-American. This land belongs to all Americans, not just a few thickheaded morons.

Jeff, its not about other people telling you how to run your state. It is about how you don't have the right to slaughter wolves in the first place. It is not your place to police nature and interfere with other beings right to life. The wolves and ungulates where there long before our kind where. Whether or not you use what you kill makes no difference to the wolves, they are dead. It is not about our interest, it is about the animals intrest.


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